23 garage storage ideas to create a place for everything

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Let's face it: the garage ain't the most glamorous space in the house. That being said, it is a fab space for organizing and storing large items that won't fit elsewhere.

Ladders, tools, bikes, sports gear, gardening supplies, lawnmowers, home gym equipment and more — along with your vehicles — can be stashed in the garage, with the right solutions in place.

But it’s not just a question of finding a home for all your items: they also need to be easy to locate and grab. Whether we’re talking outdoor power equipment, hand tools, or holiday decorations, you don't want to spend forever finding them. This is why having handy garage storage solutions is a good idea.

From small items to big items, hanging and standing, we've got you covered with plenty of inspo. Scroll on through for our fave ideas for getting your garage organized...

Garage storage ideas that are cool and functional

Is your garage where you keep your of DIY equipment and outdoor stuff, along with excess items from the house? Yep, that's a lot of items to go through.

Before you begin, take time to assess what’s in the garage now. "Be sure the item something you use or want to save for the future," advises Sarah Dunn of Get it Dunn professional organizing. "Be discerning when decluttering, because it’s always easier to organize when you own less things."

Once left with everything you really do need, you can use these garage storage ideas to create a place for them all.

1. Build a holds-everything wall

Garage storage wall with shelf and brackets, full of tools, wells and work equipment

(Image credit: Elfa)

Get everything off the floor with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Open garage storage systems (using moveable brackets on fixed runners) can store everything you need, and maximize every last inch of space. The Home Depot has some great garage shelving  to shop.

This garage shelving system (above) from Elfa includes different types of storage for hanging, stacking and hiding things away. It also offers a pegboard-style wall panel to hold all kinds of objects.

2. Line walls with tool racks

tool rack full of tools

(Image credit: The Container Store)

We've all seen those old comedy sketches of people stepping on rakes and bopping themselves on the head  —  and trust me, you don't want that to happen IRL. So copy this idea, and get those tools up off the floor with a garden storage rack. You can also find smaller versions for screwdrivers, hammers and chisels to save you from rummaging in drawers of sharp tools.

If you haven't got a rack already, StoreYourBoard's is Amazon's Choice and just under $50.

3. Use stylish, open shelving

String shelves making a tack room from Skandium, in a garage with a chic wooden wall

(Image credit: Skandium)

Open shelves make it super easy to see what you already have, saving you time scrambling around looking in boxes.

This idea from String at Skandium features open shelves for items you need to grab in a hurry, glass door cabinets for prized possessions and closed cupboards for hiding odds and ends. 

4. Use a pegboard for smaller garage necessities

a peg board storing cleaning and laundry materials such as detergent and a brush

(Image credit: Kreisdesign)

A pegboard is one of the most versatile garage storage solutions out there, and perfectly suited to the wide range of things we need to store in our garages. Use one with hooks to hang your best paint brushes, rollers and cleaning paraphernalia, or add pegs to suspend garden tools or brooms. You can also easily add small shelves to them.

Over 11,000 Amazon shoppers love this steel pegboard, which you can also get in a variety of colors.

5. Make shelf brackets multitask

Shelf with tins and bottles with supports with power tools and hose hanging on them

(Image credit: A Place for Everything)

To make the most of a set of shelves, opt for hooked shelf brackets that will hold some of your more awkward essentials. You can hang hoses and power tools from the brackets, or thread garden tools through to be supported at either end.

6. Find fixings fast with multi drawers

four-drawer clear chest with tools inside the drawers

(Image credit: The Container Store)

While organizing your garage, don't overlook all the little bits and bobs that need somewhere to live. You'll never be scrabbling around for a bolt, screw or nail again with this clever storage drawer from The Container Store. The four drawer storage chest has divide, as well as a handle so you can carry it from room to room. 

7. Create a workshop with fitted cabinets

a landrover in a garage fitted with black steel cabinets and hiking gear, with a window on the far end

(Image credit: Dura Fitted Garages)

If you use your garage a lot, think about designing it in a similar way to your kitchen. To put an efficient garage storage system in place, you will need cabinets for storage, countertops and, of course, a sink for washing your hands, dirty paintbrushes and tools in. If you have the dollar, a specialist garage storage company will be able to do this for you. 

8. Pick strong racking shelves

a white shelved rack full of things like garden essentials, pots, soil and cleaning solutions

(Image credit: The Container Store)

Versatile, hardwearing and affordable — there are plenty of reasons why racking is one of the most popular garage storage ideas. You can fill the entire rear wall of a single garage with racks at low cost, then add small drawer units, toolboxes and storage bins for a varied and inexpensive solution to all your storage needs.

This Amazon Basics shelf has five tiers, which is perfect for fitting all your various boxes onto.

9. Find sports gear storage solutions

a board rack used to store multiple skateboards, a snowboard, and a blue helmet

(Image credit: The Container Store)

Piling sports gear in a cupboard is not the best way to look after it, nor is it the best way to access it. Fortunately, there are plenty of specially designed options for all of your sporting needs, like this board rack from The Container Store. It safely supports up to three boards and has handy holes for suspending bags or helmets from. 

10. Save space with overhead storage

Overhead racking from Garageflex in a large white neutral garage

(Image credit: Garageflex)

Your car dominates the garage and cabinets take up what little space is left, so it might feel like there isn't much room for anything else. But look up, and think again peeps. Overhead racks, suspended from the ceiling, offer another area to stow things away. Just make sure they don't interfere with your up-and-over door. 

BTW, they are better suited to lighter items to avoid the risks of lifting anything heavy over your head or up a ladder. You could also use them to support longer items that have no place on the ground, such as planks of wood, skis or boat oars.

11. Opt for sturdy shelving 

a large black shelving unit, one of our favorite garage storage ideas, full of sporting items such as golf balls, wheels, bowling balls and garden pots

(Image credit: Ikea)

When it comes to garage storage, don’t opt for flimsy shelving. Whatever you choose, it needs to be tough and sturdy to withstand all manner of items. Ikea’s BROR range is easy to assemble and robust. It can cope with all temperatures, it won’t warp, and it can hold a load double that of a standard shelf. Woah there.

12. Invest in a workbench 

a biege and black workbench, with a pegboard for storage and a tall ledge for working on

(Image credit: Homebase)

Into your DIY? Workbenches are a good asset for any garage if you are. Even if your garage is on the slim side, you should be able to find one that is narrow enough to fit along one of the walls. Look for sturdiness too; DIY benches need to withstand plenty of weight. Amazon's Choice is this 48-inch WEN one, which has a power outlet and lights.

13. Go for horizontal yard tool storage

a DIY garage storage rack full of yard essentials such as a spade and a rake

(Image credit: Etsy)

Keeping the floor space of your garage free is key as you don’t want to be tripping over things, or running them over when you drive your car in. The solution? Opt for specialized horizontal yard tool racks to optimize space and keep essentials out of the way. 

14. Utilize the space efficiently

Garage with fitted shelving and racks and woman reaching up to access suitcase

(Image credit: Elfa)

It’s a bit of a misconception that a garage can only store ‘outdoor’ items like the mower, sports equipment and DIY. In fact, they are also fabulous for household items that aren't being used. "Keep things you need regular access to at eye height and below. Things you don’t need access to regularly, like sentimental boxes, should be kept on overhead racks or the top row of a shelving unit," says Dunn.

15. Lock up your tools

a bright red tool cabinet with doors and drawers

(Image credit: Halfords)

If you’re a keen mechanic or simply love tinkering away at the weekends, keeping tools safe and in the right places is key. The best storage always has a mixture of shelves and drawers, so opt for designs that tick that box. Another good tip is to buy something that’s lockable for security, just in case of break-ins.

This Goplus one from Amazon ticks all those boxes, plus has wheels to make moving it around a total breeze.

16. Try motorized shelves

black motorized shelves with boxed on top of them, and a black remote

(Image credit: Garage Pride)

It’s always worth utilizing every inch of space in your garage storage ideas, but sometimes that can seem impossible. Or, you have to risk climbing up ladders whilst carrying a heavy box — neither of which are safe or ideal. Motorized shelve could def solve the problem. All you need to do is place your boxes on the shelves and let the remote-controlled, high-quality motor raise them up for you. So easy. 

17. Think about custom-built tool storage

a custom wooden shelving unit full of power tools

(Image credit: Etsy)

It’s always good to support local craftsmen, and with a bespoke tool storage unit you’ll end up with a unique storage system that will last for decades. While you should go for a system that works for you, here's some inspo to get you started. This ingenious cordless drill organizer has purpose-built slots for drills, chargers, batteries and screws. Now that's a whole lot of innovation. 

18. Put spring grips onto the wall

Tool storage hooks on wall

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If you have a few spare inches of wall space, try screwing in spring grips (these are Amazon's Choice, BTW). They are the perfect hook for holding a torch, rake, broom, mop — anything with a handle basically. Just snap it into place, and you're done.

19. Mini storage is essential

a mini storage chest with small clear drawers

(Image credit: Homebase)

It’s not always large items that need to be stored in a garage: nuts and bolts need a home, too. Opt for a multi-drawer storage bin to tidy small items, and consider a version like this with different size drawers to suit all you need to keep to hand. 

20. Opt for flexibility

Garage wall with storage system and hanging tools, ladders, and appliances

(Image credit: RYOBI at The Home Depot)

Always using the garage? Go for a system that makes it real easy to take tools and more from storage to where they’re needed, and put them back neatly when they’re done.

With a common interlocking system between the wall and mobile storage, the RYOBI LINK modular storage, available at Home Depot fits the bill. The walls rails are compatible with hooks, shelves, bins and tools in the same range, and the rails can also support ladders, bikes, power equipment and more.

21. Make use of a high ceiling

a garage roof with ceiling storage rack, with wall storage full of yard essentials

(Image credit: Overstock)

Got a garage with a high ceiling? Don’t let it go to waste. A deep ceiling rack, like this one from Overstock, will allow you to store a whole lot more than you can by using the floor and walls — and might make the difference as to whether your car fits into the garage. Our top tip is to look for a rust-resistant finish to keep your storage items in great shape.

22. Keep it neat with cabinets

Corner of garage with bike, tool box and cupboards filled with boxes and other items

(Image credit: B&Q)

Just like inside your home, it’s worth including cabinets in your range of garage storage so you can shut the doors on your stuff for a neater impression. Items can be stored loose on shelves inside or put inside them lidded boxes. If you’re adding cabinets to the garage, look out for features such as adjustable feet so they can be leveled on an uneven floor.

Loving this idea? Home Depot has plenty of Ready-to-assemble picks.

23. Divide and conquer

Corner of garage with racks with garden tools, ladder, mower and bike

(Image credit: GearHooks)

What's the best way to go about storing everything? "Tins of paints and boxes of bits and pieces can go on shelves, but big things like bikes, golf bags and garden tools are more difficult to store," says Luis Prtak, founder of GearHooks.

So, if an item takes up space vertically, designate it for a wall rack. "That keeps everything safe and sound, neatly organized and frees up the floor for bigger things like a mower or a BBQ, or even the car," says Prtak.


How can I organize my garage cheaply?

To organize your garage cheaply, opt for open shelving, which is an affordable way to make use of the space around the walls. Take a look at plastic boxes with secure lids, too, as these are also a low cost choice.  

How do I maximize garage storage space?

To optimize garage storage space, you need to use walls, the floor, and the ceiling. "The key to maximizing garage storage space is to think vertically,’ says Dunn. "You can buy garage storage systems that attach to the ceiling or the wall. I also love to install metal bin storage racks that hang from the ceiling and allow you to stack storage tubs underneath or on top."

How much does garage storage cost?

The cost of garage storage comes down to what kind of storage you are after. You can pick up freestanding shelving for less than $70, and create your own storage wall with boxes and hooks. But if you are after something more bespoke that you have to pay someone to install, you could be looking at paying from $1,500 upwards. 

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