12 garage storage ideas – make it useful for more than just parking the car

Smart garage storage ideas will not only make your garage look neater it will help you make the most of all that extra storage space

Garage storage ideas
(Image credit: Dura Fitted Garages)

A tidy garage is a productive one, and with our brilliant garage storage ideas, you will find yourself using the space so much more effectively. While many convert their garages into extra living space, there are those of us who prefer to retain them for their intended purpose – a place to park the car. With off-road parking adding value (and convenience) to a property, it makes sense to keep your garage as a garage if you don't desperately need more rooms.

But as many of us find, the garage not only becomes a home for your car, but also a whole host of other items. Bikes, ski gear, tools and even the Christmas decs can all find themselves jumbled in the back of a dusty garage. 

Which is why being organised is essential. So, here are our top garage storage solutions, to help you take your garage from a cluttered mess to the pinnacle of tidiness.

If you do want to take things even further and convert your garage, head to our ultimate guide to garage conversions for all the information  you need. 

What is the best garage storage system?

We are big fans of customisable garage storage systems (hence why its our number one garage storage idea), purely because, from one garage to the next, no clutter is the same! So you can tailor make yours to suit your garage shape and its contents, plus, if you find that somewhere down the line you need to add an extra shelf or hook, you can just purchase the additional section that you need, rather than have to rethink your entire garage organisation system from scratch. Check out all our options below to get an idea of what garage storage will suit your space.

1. Build a holds-everything garage storage wall

Elfa storage wall with shelf and brackets

(Image credit: Elfa)

Get everything up off the floor with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Open garage storage systems (using moveable brackets on fixed runners) can store everything you need, and maximise every last inch of space.

Elfa's customisable garage shelving systems include different types of storage for hanging, stacking and hiding things away. They also offer a pegboard style wall panel to hold all manner of objects. Elfa storage systems can be designed to specification so prices will vary, but a similar array to the one seen below would cost in the region of £650.

2. Line garage walls with tool racks

store n slide tool rack

(Image credit: The Container Store)

We've all seen the Chaplin-esque comedy sketches of people stepping on rakes, and leaving long handled tools like brooms lying around will invite this kind of continuous tripping hazard. So copy this garage storage idea and get tools up off the floor with a garden storage rack. You can also find smaller versions for screwdrivers, hammers and chisels to save you from rummaging in drawers of sharp tools.

Find loads of similar products on Amazon

3. Look for garage storage ideas that clear the floor

bike hoist in a garage

(Image credit: Delta)

Garage storage on a ceiling can come in many forms, but all of the options save valuable floorspace, leaving room for a car and garage storage cabinets. A hoist is a great way to create garage storage overhead or for garage bike storage. 

This contraption by Delta uses a pulley system to efficiently lift and lower items. Seen here holding a bike, it could also be used for ladders or kayaks.

For more bike storage ideas check out our feature. 

4. Smarten up your garage storage with stylish shelving

String shelves making a tack room from Skandium

(Image credit: Skandium)

Even if you use your garage as a dusty workshop, there is no reason why it can't look great with the addition of some simple garage storage systems to help you get organised. In fact, if you spend a lot of time in there – perhaps making furniture, or restoring a beloved sports car – then you should make the space as appealing and welcoming as possible.

This garage storage idea from String (sold on Skandium) features open shelves for items you need to grab in a hurry, glass door cabinets for prized possessions and closed cupboards for hiding odds and ends. Seen here in walnut with black side panels, parts start at £42 and you can easily adapt it as your storage needs change. It is being used for a tack room here, but that just goes to show that even the muckiest of spaces deserve stylish storage.

5. Use pegboard for small garage storage ideas

peg board storing cleaning and laundry materials

(Image credit: Kreisdesign)

A handy pegboard is one of the most versatile garage storage solutions out there, and perfectly suited to the wide range of things we need to store in our garages. Use them for hooks to hang paintbrushes, rollers and cleaning paraphernalia, or add pegs to suspend garden tools or brooms. You can also easily add small shelves to them.

The Little Pegboard from Kreisdesign comes with one shelf and six straight pegs. It is available in a range of colours including grey, blue, green and orange and costs £115.

6. Make shelf brackets multitask

Garage organisers: shelf support with tool hooks

(Image credit: A Place for Everything)

To make the most of a set of garden storage shelves, incorporate extra storage potential into the brackets. Hook items on to the brackets, or thread them through to be supported at either end.

These shelf supports from A Place for Everything include tool hangers and can be used for tools, hose pipes, or cycling helmets. They measure H30cm x D25cm and cost £28 for a pair.

7. Find fixings fast with multi drawers

four-drawer chest

(Image credit: The Container Store)

While finding a spot for all the large, bulky tools and sports gear, don't overlook all the little bits and bobs that need somewhere to live. Never be scrabbling around for a bolt, screw or nail again, with this clever garage storage idea – keep them in a multi drawer.

Time for a bit of DIY? This four-drawer storage chest from The Container Store has a handle, so you can carry it from room to room. This is one of our favourite messy garage solutions as you can say goodbye to pockets full of rawlplugs! The unit includes eight drawer dividers, should you wish to sub-divide each drawer, and costs £37.33.

8. Create a garage workshop with fitted cabinets

a landrover in a garage fitted with cabinets and hiking gear

(Image credit: Dura Fitted Garages)

If you use your garage a lot, think about designing it in a similar way to your kitchen. And to put an efficient garage storage system in place, you will need cupboards for storage, worktops and of course a sink for washing your hands, dirty paintbrushes and tools in. One option is to use a kitchen designer, but a specialist garage storage company will be able to supply drawers that are strong enough and appropriately sized for tools and hardware.

Garage storage experts Dura design and fit luxury garage storage solutions including drawers, wall cabinets, shelves and their handy storage wall. They also provide hardwearing flooring, work surfaces and sinks for a complete, bespoke garage. Custom built to your requirements so prices will vary depending on specification.

9. Pack and pile storage boxes with this simple garage storage idea

Garage organisers: weathertight totes stacked on shelves

(Image credit: The Container Store)

Keep everything from tools to out-of-season clothes dust-free but visible in a set of clear storage boxes or bins. These can either be stacked on shelves or in a corner out of the way. They will also protect your possessions from mould spores and potential damage from pests, such as moths or mice. Clear boxes are best so you can see what is stored in each, but if you use opaque ones, make sure you label them clearly.

Choose boxes and bins in a range of sizes to accommodate different items. These weathertight totes from The Container Store have strong latches and an airtight seal. Prices start at £5.22 for a 17 litre box.

Samla storage boxes from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

The Samla range from Ikea comes in eight different sizes (from five to 130 litres) but they are all proportionate to allow easy stacking. Lids are sold separately, as are clips to keep the lids in place (although these aren't necessary unless you have a habit of cramming the boxes to the brim). You can also buy a tray insert that has two compartments, perfect for organising things within the boxes.

10. Quick, no-fit garden storage ideas? Get garage racking

InterMetro gardening storage solution

(Image credit: The Container Store)

Versatile, hardwearing and affordable – there are plenty of reasons why racking is a popular garage storage idea. You can fill the entire rear wall of a single garage with racks for under £100, then add small drawer units, tool boxes and storage bins for a varied and inexpensive solution to all your storage needs.

Racking is a great option for garages, sheds and utility rooms. Hardwearing, ventilated shelves and sliding under-shelf drawers create enough space for the usual garden, car or workshop paraphernalia. 

11. Find sports gear storage solutions for your garage

Board rack

(Image credit: The Container Store)

Piling sports gear in a cupboard is not the best way to look after it. Fortunately, there are plenty of specially designed options for all of your sporting needs.

Keen skateboarder? This board rack from The Container Store safely supports up to three boards and has handy holes for suspending bags or helmets from. It's a good storage solution for kids' scooters, too.

storage for all sports gear from Elfa

(Image credit: Elfa)

Or build a sports storage wall to your exact requirements with this solution from Elfa, available at A Place For Everything. A similar sports storage system would cost from £536.

12. Save space with overhead garage storage ideas

Overhead racking from Garageflex in a storage garage

(Image credit: Garageflex)

Your car dominates the garage and cabinets take up what little space is left, so it might feel like there isn't much room for anything else. But – look up and think again. Overhead racks, suspended from the ceiling, offer another area to stow things away. Just make sure they don't interfere with your up-and-over door. 

They are better suited to lighter items to avoid the risks of lifting anything heavy over your head or up a ladder, or use them to support longer items that have no place on the ground (planks of wood, spare piping, skis even boat oars).

Garageflex provide a number of garage storage solutions, including the overhead mesh shelves seen below.

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