British furniture: sofas and chairs

If you're looking for the perfect sofa or chair to fit your scheme and budget, but don't fancy a trip to a monolithic high-street shop, there are many masterfully handmade options out there

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Hand made British furniture has seen a revival in the past several years. Companies are seeking the expertise of master craftsmen and artisans that still exist in Britain. It is no longer the case that affordable pieces can only be bought on finance from high-street warehouses, or that furniture with character can only be bought for a fortune from specialist antique dealers.

There are plenty of furniture companies around the country, building by hand, that are often cheaper than on the high street. Not only can they boast greater quality and better value, they are usually highly customisable, from the particular shade of the fabric, down to the finish on the wooden legs. If you’ve got an awkward space to fill, you will no longer need to trawl furniture stores with a tape measure and a note pad in the hope that the particular item you want will slot comfortably into your nook. Most of these British furniture manufacturers offer several different sizes in each style, from armchairs to large four seater options.