Creating the perfect little girl’s bedroom

In her latest blog, aspiring interior designer, Hannah Davey, explains how she created the perfect bedroom for her seven-year-old daughter…

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A few months have passed since my last blog – so without writing an entire website on what’s been happening at the house – things have been complicated! Dismissed builders, faulty electrics, a leaking heating system, a hospital stay (not as a result of aforementioned), school holidays, and, luckily, a wonderful dose of travel have all delayed progress somewhat.

It’s always useful to pick up where you left off, so that’s what I will do!

Jemima, my seven-year-old, has now moved into her bedroom – no electrics, but who needs power when you have ombre fabric! Joking aside, she and I are thrilled with the room – it’s been a long time coming, but it’s the perfect mid-way point between ‘little girl’s room’ and ‘big girl’s room”.

Little girl s bedroom

I spent a long time sourcing a fabric that would stand up to some growing up, be fun, and hold out against the odd stain or two. I went with Designers Guild Padua in Peony. The first two requirements are smashed – the stain resistance is yet to be tested!

Little girl s bedroom

We added in a few treasures that have been picked up on travels over the last few years, a couple of neon baskets for the VIPs (teddies!), and some precious artwork handmade by Jemima.

Accessories in little girl s bedroom

As is a well trodden road for us now, we are ‘nearly’ there on this room – electrics will be finished this week (is there an emoji for ‘if not I may very well retrain myself’!?), another blind and mirror will go up and, eventually, I will decide where to put some pictures.

In other news, the picture window for the study is finally in. Measuring 2.4m by 2.1m, it was a four-man-job to lift it, and, as luck would have it, I was counted as a man that day when only three showed up – yes, that is just our luck!



I love it, and, as I write this, I can squint and blur out the unfinished floor and walls and just enjoy the view…. (well sort of!)

Hannah Davey is an aspiring interior designer who owns and runs a performance brake disc manufacturing company. She lives with husband Robert, a relationship director at a bank, and children Claudia, 17, Jemima, seven, and Rafferty, five.