9 signs your home interior is stuck in a time warp

From floral pelmets to wood chip wallpaper, if you recognise any of these (and not from your Grandma's house) a update is most probably required!

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Do friends and family ever comment on your ‘unusual’ sense of style? Or leave copies of Real Homes lying open in your house? If so, the chances are you could be living in a bit of an interior time warp.

If you last redecorated when Changing Rooms was essential viewing and ‘ragging’ was still a popular paint technique, you’ll probably find yourself agreeing with at least one thing on this list…

1. Two words: woodchip wallpaper

interior woodchip wallpaper

You thought woodchip was a smart idea. No need to prep bumpy interior walls if you’re covering them in bumpy paper, right? Now you’re stuck with it… literally. Removing woodchip wallpaper is akin to having your fingernails pulled out, which is why you still have it 20 years on.

2. You’ve got beads hanging in at least one doorway

beads in an interior doorway

Ducking through the grubby strands of a beaded curtain should have been left in the 1970s, along with those floral shirts and flares… please tell us you’re not still wearing those too?

3. Your conservatory is never used

dated conservatory interior

See what this house looked like after the conservatory was replaced with an industrial-style extension

Remember when you first got a conservatory and thought you’d use it every day? Truth is, it’s boiling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. You often wonder what it’s like in there, but you can’t be bothered to open the doors and experience Siberia/the Sahara, so it stays locked.

4. There are some serious colour clashes going on

bedroom interior with clashing paint

This place looks completely different after a stylish makeover

Green, yellow, two floral prints and a blue bedcover? Seriously, we’ve got a headache just looking at this. We’re all for eclectic interiors, but a little bit of colour planning never did any harm.

 5.  Your kitchen looks like this…

dated kitchen interior

Carpet tiles? Fussy cupboards? LED strip lights? Your kitchen interior may have been bang on trend in the 90s, but, newsflash, that was half a quarter of a century ago. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these striking contemporary kitchens.

6. You’ve got an ornate pelmet

living room interior with terrible curtains

The ultimate in grandma-chic. We know trends come back around, but you’re not doing yourself any favours by holding on to this bad boy. And don’t get us started on the dust and spiders you’ll find when you pull it down.

7. Your kitchen work surfaces are tiled

kitchen interior with tiled surfaces

Click here to see how this kitchen looks now

Utterly unhygienic and generally funny looking, those crevices are a magnet for crumbs and grime. Plus, every birthday card/shopping list you write ends up with wobbly writing thanks to the pesky dents.

8. You’ve got carpet in your bathroom

bathroom interior with carpet

Patterned or plush, carpet in the bathroom is just plain wrong. We can literally see the germs crawling all over it. If you think your bathroom is the main offender in your house, take a look at these signs you need a new one.

9. There’s artex on your ceilings

interior artec ceiling

Artex was the height of fashion in the 1970s — heck, it was basically an art form. Sadly it’s now just an eyesore that instantly dates any room. Time to call in the plasterers?

Are there any we’ve missed? Let us know by commenting below or emailing realhomes@centaurmedia.com