It's official: These are our favorite small sofa beds for style and comfort

Who said bigger is better?

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Making do with less space is a perennial task for any first-time buyer, renter or student. But why should it be such a drag? After all, if the news that family or an old friend is in town fills you with dread, something is clearly up. And trust me, I get it. Finding a bed to put up the unannounced guest can be tricky, especially when your humble abode is closer in size to a postage stamp than a mansion. I mean, honestly, if you're packing more than a single bedroom, I want to know about your side hustle pronto. 

Luckily, there is reason to smile. With just a few savvy furnishings, hosting becomes a joy, not a burden. At least, this is how I feel now that I've seen the light in small sofa beds. By using this smart way to maximise your space's potential, you can double up your living room as a spare bedroom. True to your needs, I've picked out a selection of sofa beds that err on the littler side, so that you don't find your mini living room gridlocked. Once you're all set, you can then get well underway with decorating – our small living room tips are just the ticket.

Now, when I hear that my old pals are visiting, I beam, safe in the knowledge that I can accommodate. Guests aside, though, it's also nice to have a smaller sofa that doesn't clash with my other decor decisions. Indeed, subtle elegance goes a long way here, while the option to host is a neat bonus. Because mi casa es su casa.

Our favourite stylish yet small sofa beds for your tiny space

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How did we choose these sofa beds?

We've carefully selected these small sofa beds based on a number of criteria to ensure they're the best bet for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. With the whole small space angle in mind, we've only featured fold-out or click-slack sofa beds in this guide, because ones that have a built-in mattress are bulkier by nature. And they are a lot more expensive.

With this in mind, our freelance writer Joe went shopping and has chosen a bunch of small sofa beds that are rated comfortable, high in quality, and reasonable in price. After all, Joe has just bought his first flat and is in the market for more than a sofa bed right now, so he's in the same boat.

Talking from experience, our head ecommerce editor Annie explains what you need to consider when buying a sofa bed:

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Annie Collyer

"Deciding which sofa bed to buy is hard, especially if you are on a tight budget. Sofa beds with built-in mattresses will automatically be more comfortable, and ones without might require a mattress topper to use with them to make them bearable. I always go for looks over comfort but in this case, I really suggest putting the former first. You can always spruce up a sofa bed with a lovely throw and some decorative cushions, but if it's hard as rocks you'll end up spending money on an ultra-thick topper. Also, take a look at the sofa bed's height (once assembled) as some sit really low on the floor, which isn't great for anyone who might be sleeping over who is less able."

Can I use a small sofa bed as my main sofa?

Of course you can! If you're looking for a small sofa for your space but also want to use it to sleep occasional guests, then a sofa bed is a brilliant buy. You'll just want to ensure it's comfortable to use as an actual everyday sofa, which means that you might want to make sure it has arms for balancing your cuppa on.

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