These full-length mirrors will make a small space look larger and more stylish

Small space dwellers, you can thank us later

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These days, not only does your whole ensemble need to look good, but so does the mirror you're taking your photo in. OOTD photos, GRWM videos, you name it: your mirror is on display. This is why it's time to find a replacement for the plastic thing you've moved from your dorm room to your current apartment. We've all been there — and once you invest in a stylish new mirror, you'll wonder why you've been using your lackluster one for so long.

A good full-length mirror is worth investing in because it's not a piece of decor that you're likely to change often. You might move it from one room to another, but most mirrors are bought and used for years. They also have the ability to become a focal point of a room, and as you know: the larger the mirror, the bigger it will make your space feel as it bounces light around a space.

So, here are all of our favorite stylish full-length mirrors. We've listed plenty of budget-friendly picks, all with unique features that match your personal style. Renters, don't sweat — most of these mirrors give you the option to wall mount or lean and use as a standing mirror

How long should a full length mirror be?

We asked ourselves this while writing this guide, and TBH: the results surprised us. Wayfair notes that "a full-length mirror should be at least one-half as tall as your height" in its guide to mirror sizes.  This means that in order to see your full reflection from head to toe in a full-length mirror, you'll need to take a few steps back from wherever it's placed.

9 full-length mirrors to make your space look larger

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How to choose the right full-length mirror for you

There are many things to consider when buying a full-length mirror. First up, how tall should it be? The general rule of thumb is that a full-length mirror should be at least half your height. Then, depending on where you plan to put it, the thickness of the mirror may also be a consideration. A slimmer profile is best if you have a small space or you may want to opt for a standing mirror if you're a renter.

Finally, there are your budget and style preferences to consider. "There are two types of full-length mirrors: low profile mirrors that are simply utilitarian and ones that are decorative. I treat decorative full-length mirrors like a piece of furniture," says explains Amy Forshew of Proximity Interior Design. "The color and style need to coordinate and complement the other furniture in the room."

Where to place a full-length mirror?

While the most obvious reason for getting a full-length mirror is to see yourself from head to toe, it can also be used to help open up a room. Amy Forshew of Proximity Interior Design claims that "strategically placed, they can bring a lot of light into a space and make a small room feel much bigger." So small space dwellers, get in on this.

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