The 7 things people with nice-smelling homes never do, according to cleaning pros

Cleaners spill on the things people with nice-smelling homes never do and what to do instead

Things people with nice-smelling homes never do is useful to know. Here is a clean home - a living room with sage green walls, a large window reflecting trees and white buldings, a beige couch with throw pillows, a gold side table with flowers on, and a green and white gradient rug
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Learning the things people with nice-smelling homes never do may come in useful if you want your place to smell fabulous and fragrant.

We've quizzed cleaning pros on the things they've found people with fresh-scented homes avoid doing. Leaving dirty shoes stacked up, overlooking pet hygiene, and even overusing artificial air fresheners are a few things they've spotted and then implemented into their cleaning routines.

Discovering the things people with nice-smelling homes do not do in their home is useful for pinpointing exactly what could be causing any nasty odors in your own place.

The top things people with nice-smelling homes never do

If you've scrubbed your home with the best cleaning products, spritzed the best home fragrances, and still can't work out why the scent isn't right, you might need our experts' advice on the things people with nice-smelling homes never do.

They've also recommended useful products throughout to help you get your home smelling fresh and fab, which we have shopped throughout.

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1. They never overuse artificial air fresheners

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While it can be easy to grab your favorite air fresheners when refreshing your home, this might actually just be hiding the problem instead of solving it.

“Instead of masking odors with overwhelming chemical fragrances, people with nice-smelling homes prioritize removing the source of the odor, ensure regular cleaning routines, and utilize eco-friendly alternatives like essential oils,” says Dan Dillon, cleaning expert and founder of Clean ItSupply.

You could also learn how to make your own air freshener at home, which is a lovely way to create a personalized scent for your place.

2. They never leave stains

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Look, we get it. When the kids (or you!) spill something, it can be a lot of effort to immediately clean it up. But, it’s important to make sure you do this.

“Those unsightly stains that can form from a spill aren’t just an eyesore — they’re harder to remove the longer they sit, and they can even cause permanent discoloration,” explains James King, cleaning expert at Deluxe Maid.

“The longer you leave a spill unattended, the more likely it is that odor-causing bacteria and mold will take hold, leaving you with a room that smells less than fresh,” he adds

Make sure to act fast and clean it up and dry everything thoroughly to avoid musty smells. 

I have the Swiffer PowerMop from Walmart and always use it to quickly remove stains. It also emits a gorgeous scent that leaves my home smelling fresh for hours.

3. They never ignore bathroom upkeep

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Make sure your washroom is as squeaky clean as you are by keeping on top of your bathroom cleaning schedule.

Dan explains, “People with nice-smelling homes never leave damp towels lying around as moisture can lead to mildew, creating a musty smell."

“Because of this, they ensure that timely washing and drying of bathroom linens are implemented,” he adds.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you choose natural-fiber towels as these are fast-drying. For example, the Splendid Super Soft 6-Piece Towel Set from Saks is made from cotton, which is super soft and will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

4. They never use harsh cleaning chemicals

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 When they do clean their places, people with nice-smelling homes never use harsh chemicals.

“They opt for mild, naturally scented cleaning products that are less likely to cause respiratory irritations while leaving a fresh and soothing aroma,” Dan says.

It’s a good idea to look for eco-friendly cleaning products, such as the ECOS Parsley All Purpose Cleaner from Walmart which is made from plant extracts and comes in a 100% biodegradable bottle.

5. They never overlook pet hygiene

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When living with a pet, it can be easy to become climatized to the scent of it and to stop noticing the scent of it. 

Your dog or cat might be super cute, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to leaving icky smells.

“Pet owners ensure frequent bath times and cleanups for their furry friends to prevent stale smells,” Dan says.

As well as this, it’s a good idea to invest in one of the best pet vacuum cleaners to ensure hair is being cleaned up properly.

Our number one vacuum across all categories is the Shark IZ862H Stratos on Amazon, which is odor-neutralizing, has a HEPA filter, and is flexible enough to get in all-sized crevices.

6. They never leave dirty shoes inside

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One of the key things people with nice-smelling homes never do is leave their dirty boots or trainers inside the house.

James explains, “A mountain of dirty shoes is not a good sight when you come home, especially if you have guests. And if your shoes are wet, they can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can worsen your home’s smell.

“I advise using a shoe rack or storage bench and keeping it outside if possible. It’s even better to use something with a cover so it’s not on full display,” he adds.

You could choose a shoe cabinet to keep them tucked away artfully, such as the Bay Isle Home Boho Shoe Storage Cabinet from Wayfair that has adjustable drawers and is easy to assemble.

As well as this, James also suggests trying a no shoes inside rule and offering indoor slippers to guests. I’m super into this hotel-style idea and am going to try it out.

7. They never leave stagnant water

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Many people forget about the water that sits in pots and vases for indoor plants and flowers and leave them be — but this is one of the things people with nice-smelling homes never do.

“Stagnant water smells really bad and can be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes,” James says.

He continues, “To avoid the hassle, give everything a good clean every now and then.”

If you really want to make things easy, you could even use a hydroponic or self-watering system (the Room Essentials Self-Watering Planter from Target is a bestseller and very lightweight).

Now you’ve learned the things people with nice-smelling never do in their homes, you can carry on your home fragrance journey.

Bringing in the best candles can create a gorgeous ambiance while bringing in the best reed diffusers will help you maintain a dreamy scent in your room.

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