How to make your own air freshener

JSYK, it's easier than you think

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I’ll let you in on a li’l secret — the smell of strong commercial fragrances makes me feel a bit lightheaded. So, when it comes to how I scent my home, I tend to opt for more natural alternatives where possible. Instead of buying air fresheners, I usually opt to go down the DIY route and make them myself. 

What’s so great about DIY air fresheners I hear you ask? Well, a DIY air freshener costs way less compared to buying a pre-made one, which is a big pro. Plus, homemade air fresheners are non-toxic and pet-safe, whereas their commercial counterparts may not be, which is a must for us pet mamas. Oh, and they work just as well — maybe even better. 

And, the good news is that making DIY air freshener couldn’t be easier. Honestly, it takes just a few minutes, no mess, no fuss.


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Good to know

Time: 10 minutes 

Difficulty: Easy 

Helpful hints: If you prefer essential oil blends rather than just one scent, opt to pick out pre-made blends, rather than attempting to blend your own (as you may struggle to get the balance right).

Here's what you'll need

How to make your own air freshener

Step 1: Mix the water and rubbing alcohol together

First things first, mix the vodka/rubbing alcohol and distilled water together in a ratio of 1:4 (this is approximate, it doesn't matter if it's not exact).

Step 2: Add essential oil

Next, add about 10 drops of your chosen essential oil or essential oil blend to the distilled water and rubbing alcohol/vodka. 

Step 3: Decant into a spray bottle

Pour the mixture into the spray bottle, and shake well and voilà, you have DIY ready-to-use air freshener. It's that easy! 


Is it safe to make DIY air freshener?

Yes, it's safe to make DIY air freshener using the steps and method above. 

Is DIY air freshener better than shop bought air freshener?

DIY air freshener tends to have a more subtle scent than commercial air freshener, but that's simply because it's made with all-natural ingredients. 

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