Best air fresheners: 14 ways to make your home smell sweet

Invest in the best air freshener to keep your home smelling sweet and banish the whiff of everything from sneakers to cooking odours. Our top picks for every room are right here


Even the cleanest of homes can sometimes harbour a number of odours and smells, so grab one of these best air fresheners to banish them. 

Perhaps you've cooked fish for dinner, been on a rainy dog walk or have a flu-ridden child? Whatever the reason, an air freshener will soon make your house smell like home again – and some even claim to kill bacteria. We've rounded up the best plug-in air fresheners, spray versions, gels, waxes, purifying bags and oils, so you can choose the best for your home and needs.

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How to buy the best air freshener

Air fresheners are a great alternative to scented candles, incense or oil diffusers, especially for daily use. They tend to smell a lot stronger, last a lot longer and are cheaper to buy; similar to using a body spray on a daily basis and saving your favourite eau de parfum for special occasions. They're also a lot safer as there are no flames or electricals involved.

Which air freshener is best?

There's a range of different styles of air freshener to choose from, depending on where you wish to place it. Some come in the form of a spray so you can choose as and when you use it, or if you want a continuously fresh smelling home, opt for an automatic spray which plugs into the wall and periodically emits fragrance into the room.

Some home air fresheners will just cover up bad odours, but if you’re also looking to eliminate strong smells from the home then you can look for purifying air fresheners designed to absorb the smells and leave the home smelling naturally fresh. 

To find out how to get rid of household smells with clever cleaning hacks, see our dedicated feature. In the meantime, we’ve picked out some of the best home air fresheners that will keep each room smelling amazing. Which one will be your favourite?


Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

1. Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

The best air freshener: just one spray of this air freshener will get rid of unpleasant odours in your home

Best for: Killing bacteria
Size: 200ml
Type: Spray
Scent: Natural
Reasons to buy
+100% natural+A little goes a very long way+Long-lasting
Reasons to avoid
-Not easy to find in shops-Can't be sprayed around babies

In our opinion, this is the best air freshener you can buy for your home, and the best part is that it's made with no synthetic chemicals, but from a unique blend of 100 per cent pure and natural essential oils. Just one spray will make a difference and you'll immediately notice the air clearing. As for the scent, it's natural and fresh with notes of tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus. You can also spray it on to carpets, bedding and upholstery to immediately freshen a room. The only downside is that it's not easily accessible in shops – so buy online.

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Ozmo Anti-Bacterial Air & Fabric Freshener Lavender Blush

2. Ozmo Anti-Bacterial Air & Fabric Freshener Lavender Blush

Best anti-bacterial air freshener: multi-use product for targeting all odours which ticks all of the boxes

Best for: Multi-use
Size: 400ml
Type: Spray
Scent: Lavender
Reasons to buy
+Freshens air and fabrics+Kills germs at the same time
Reasons to avoid
-Can only really buy online

Looking for an environmentally-friendly air freshener? Enter: Ozmo's Anti-Bacterial Air & Fabric Freshener. Not only will this product keep the air in your home fresh, but it's claimed to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria on hard surfaces, and should help keep sofas, mattresses or cushions fresh and germ-free, too (ideal if you've got kids running and pets around). This multi-use spray gets rid of everything from unpleasant mould smells to pesky pet smells. Its propellant free concentrated format also offers greater value than traditional aerosols (which can contain up to 40 per cent gas), with over 1,400 sprays per pack. It's better for the environment, too.

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Zoflora Fresh Home Odour Remover & Disinfectant

3. Zoflora Fresh Home Odour Remover & Disinfectant

Best air freshener for pet owners: with multiple uses, this disinfectant can be made up in a spray bottle and spritzed around the home for instant freshness

Best for: Pet owners
Size: 500ml
Type: Needs to be diluted
Scent: Fresh
Reasons to buy
+Multiple uses+Lots of different scents+A lot for your money+Great for pets
Reasons to avoid
-You have to dilute it

Having pets around the home not only means you have to do more cleaning, it also means you have to be conscious of the products you use, as some aren't pet-friendly. Zoflora Fresh Home Disinfectant can be diluted and used in several ways including in a spray bottle, in your mop bucket for when you clean your floors or you can fill up your sink and add a capful to release the smell throughout your home. It should be made up as one part disinfectant to 40 parts water. This pick doesn't just eliminate odours, it kills 99.9 per cent of viruses, including ones that could potentially cause illness to your pet, while freshening your home. The best air freshener for those who have furry friends, we think.

For more of the best ways to clean up after dogs, head to our guide, or to stock up on more Zoflora, head to their Amazon page

4. Poo Pourri Original Toilet Spray

Best air freshener for toilets: keep your loo smelling fruity fresh all day long

Best for: Bathrooms
Size: 118ml
Type: Spray
Scent: Lemon Citrus
Reasons to buy
+ Choice of scents available  + Eliminates toilet odours  
Reasons to avoid
- Hard to spray when half empty 

On the hunt for the best air freshener for your bathroom? This little spray might seem a little ridiculous, but not a bad word can be said about it. A few squirts of this spray down the toilet before you go will ensure no unpleasant odours escape into the bathroom. Available in a range of scents including lemon citrus, white flower, strawberry and spearmint; they're all said to have a strong smell which goes a long way. Sometimes a little fiddly to spray when it reaches below half, but all in all, many say they couldn't go without this little lifesaver to cover up nasty smells.

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5. Airwick Automatic Starter Kit Spring Delight

Best plugin air freshener: an automatic spritz to refresh your home

Best for: Automatic air freshener
Size: 250ml
Type: Auto Spray
Scent: Spring delight
Reasons to buy
+ Automatically fragrances the home  + Lasts up to 60 days 
Reasons to avoid
- Nothing for the price 

This affordable automatic device is a great way to keep every room in the house smelling fresh with no effort needed. Simply plug it in, and over time it will periodically release bursts of fragrance into the home while neutralising odours. It lasts up to 60 days, but you can purchase refills of your favourite scent to continually use the device. Not only is it easy to use, but the scents are the perfect strength, without being overbearing. You can also have it on a low or high setting depending on how much fragrance you want it to emit, and it leaves no wet residue after spritzing. Win win if you ask us.

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6. Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener

Best air freshener for small homes: create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with this vanilla latte fragrance

Best for: Warming scent
Size: 5.5ml
Type: Gel
Scent: Vanilla Latte
Reasons to buy
+ Cleanses the air  + Small and compact 
Reasons to avoid
- Not everyone’s favourite scent 

This small and compact air freshener is perfect for both coat closets and hallways, and also households with smokers. Small and discreet, it can easily be placed in a closet or on a shelf without anyone even noticing it’s there. The vanilla latte scent isn’t everyone’s favourite, but for those winter months it can provide a warming smell that makes the home feel cosy.  

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Lakeland Cotton Fresh Odour Absorbing Gel

7. Lakeland Cotton Fresh Odour Absorbing Gel

Best air freshener for smoke: this odour-absorbing gel is safe around kids and pets, and it leaves behind a subtle cotton scent

Best for: Small spaces
Size: 425g
Type: Gel
Scent: Cotton
Reasons to buy
+Good for the environment+Long-lasting
Reasons to avoid
-Can't control

An ideal air freshener to keep in a wardrobe, cloakroom or kitchen cupboard, this odour absorbing gel uses Silver Bullet Technology to neutralise odour molecules in your home, whether it be from smoking, pets or cooking. Lasting for around 90 days, it's better for the environment than an aerosol spray, and subtly releases the smell when needed. In our opinion, this is the best air freshener you can buy for small spaces.

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8. Diptyque Baies Scented Oval

Best air freshener for home: a fancy accessory for both the bedroom and bathroom

Best for: Decorative
Size: 35g
Type: Wax
Scent: Roses and blackcurrant
Reasons to buy
+ Diffuses for up to three months + Looks elegant 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the strongest scent  

With a more floral than fruity scent, the first place we would suggest you hang Diptyque's Baies Scented Oval is your bathroom. It's encased in ceramic so is ideal for hanging in smaller rooms, as the refreshing fragrance slowly emits over time. If you're a fan of Diptyque's other scents, then this would make the perfect air freshener for your home. Although on the pricey side, it does last for up to three months, and it smells of roses and blackcurrant. Divine...

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9. Standard Moso Air Purifying Bag

Best air freshener for offices: absorb unpleasant odours with this handy bamboo and charcoal bag

Best for: Eliminating odours
Size: 220g
Type: Purifying bag
Scent: None
Reasons to buy
+ Collects bad smells + Eco-friendly  
Reasons to avoid
- No scent  

Want to keep your home naturally fresh rather than masking bad odours with fragrances? This natural air purifying bag is the one for you. Designed to catch all the bad odours, bacteria and allergens in the air, it will make your home smell fresh again in no time. Some don’t like that this product has no fragrance; however, it's said to work very well in getting rid of damp smells and absorbing excess moisture in the air. We'd suggest using it in conjunction with one of the other air fresheners on our list, for a refreshing smell throughout your household.

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10. Airwick Duo Fresh Lavender Meadow

Best electric air freshener: a handy refillable scented oil plug

Best for: Plug-in
Size: 17ml
Type: Oil
Scent: Lavender
Reasons to buy
+ Adjustable intensity settings + Refillable 
Reasons to avoid
- Takes up a power outlet 

The very best air freshener you can buy if you're after something to plug-in, Airwick's scented oil home air fresheners are a quick and easy way to ensure your home always smells nice. The oil plugs can be adjusted to emit your desired level of fragrance throughout the day and, once empty, can then simply be refilled with your favourite scent. Lasting for up to 80 days, it plugs in discreetly to your wall without anyone noticing. Our only complaint? It takes up a power outlet. 

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Ryher Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Refrigerator Deodorizer

11. Ryher Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Refrigerator Deodorizer

Best air freshener for fridges: fridge need a freshen up? This natural refrigerator deodorizer will do the trick

Best for: Fridge
Size: 109g
Type: Purifying bag
Scent: None
Reasons to buy
+Can be used for up to two years+Recyclable
Reasons to avoid
-No scent

Banish those fridge odours with this natural bamboo purifying bag. Not only does it remove strong odours from anywhere (not just your fridge), but it can prevent mould, mildew and bacteria from forming. Made from a natural resource of high-density bamboo charcoal, the bag absorbs moisture and harmful pollutants in the air by trapping the impurities inside each pore. It's fragrance-free, chemical free and non-toxic, meaning it's perfectly safe around children, pets and the food you consume. It can last for up to two years, but every 30 to 45 days the bag needs to be removed from the case and placed outside in the sun; the UV rays will clear out the pores of the bamboo charcoal, making it ready to absorb again. Once the bag has had its day, you can recycle the bamboo charcoal inside in your garden soil. Eco-friendly fridge freshening at its finest...

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AREON Ken Car Air Freshener

12. AREON Ken Car Air Freshener

Best air freshener for cars: an ideal air freshener for a fresh smelling car

Best for: Car
Size: 35g
Type: Gel
Scent: Lemon
Reasons to buy
+Little to no maintenance required+Fits in cup holder+Long-lasting+Lots of different scents
Reasons to avoid
-Can't control how much the scent comes out

A car shouldn't be forgotten about when it comes to keeping the air fresh. Gel versions are most people's favourite when it comes to the best air freshener for a car, as they require little to no maintenance and they fit nicely in a cup holder. Simply open the can, place in your vehicle and enjoy. If lemon doesn't tickle your fancy, they're also available in several other scents including Apple & Cinnamon, Bubblegum, Vanilla and also New Car smell.\

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13. Febreze Mist and Refresh

Best spray air freshener: a quick and easy spray for masking odours

Best for: Instant odour disguise
Size: 300ml
Type: Spray
Scent: Cotton fresh
Reasons to buy
+ Natural scent + Easy to spray 
Reasons to avoid
- Runs out quickly- Basic

An ideal spray to keep handy in the home, Febreze Mist and Refresh can instantly be sprayed in any room of the house to eliminate odours within seconds. The cotton-fresh smell is much more subtle than citrus or floral smells, and the formula is water-based and non-flammable, which makes it safe to use both whenever, and wherever you need it. It does tend to run out a lot quicker than oils or mists; however, only a few quick spritzes are needed to get your home smelling fresh.

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Bin Buddy Fresh Citrus Zing

14. Bin Buddy Fresh Citrus Zing

Best air freshener for bins: for a fresh smelling bin, all the time

Best for: Bins
Size: 450g
Type: Powder
Scent: Citrus
Reasons to buy
+Smells great+Works quickly+Can be used indoor or out

Let's be honest, no one likes touching their bins, whether they're indoor or outdoor, clean or not – this is where the Bin Buddy Fresh Citrus Zing comes in. To be used on top of existing rubbish or in an empty bin (bag inside or not), this powder will not only disguise your bin odours, but it'll soak up your bin juice while killing maggots and flies. Also, one pot contains over 30 uses (depending on your bin's size). A game changer don't want to empty your bin constantly (or favour strong-smelling foods). Our choice of the best air freshener for a lovely smelling bin.

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Bad smells at home – what's the biggest offender?

Carpets are the worst culprits for spreading those nasty niffs, but curtains and upholstery come close behind. The best way to tackle them (other than introducing air fresheners) is to give them a good vacuuming or use a steam cleaner. Both of which will make your air fresheners much more effective.

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