These 17 eco-cleaning products are tough on dirt yet kind on the planet

The greener the better

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When your home needs a little TLC, it's easy to forget about the harsh chemicals that come with so many of today's cleaning supplies. Sure, you're caring for your home, but are you doing so at the expense of Planet Earth? While going completely sustainable is a tall order, there's nothing stopping us from making small steps to improve our cleaning practices. I, for one, could do a lot better. 

That doesn't mean spending hours trawling the web, though. Lucky for you, we have done the hard work already. All you need to do is read on, and pick out your essential eco-friendly cleaning products to stock up your cleaning caddy. Whether it's time for a bathroom blitz (AspenClean, we're looking at you!), if you're fixing up the roof, or simply putting a wash on, every chore has an easy-to-use solution, designed mindfully. This might just mean your chosen cleaner comes in recycled packaging, uses plant-based ingredients, or is non-aerosol. Perhaps, it's simply the ever-resourceful microfibre cloth that helps you do more and create less waste. Together, these form a move in the right direction.

See our favorite eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products below, and stock up on solutions that are kind to the planet. You definitely won't regret it.

12 non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products we really love

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Real Homes review process — how we chose these eco cleaning supplies

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Some of the eco-friendly cleaning supplies we've reviewed

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The vast majority of the eco-friendly cleaning supplies we've included above have been tried, tested and (obviously) loved by a member of Real Homes. Now, in order to test a load of products from a range of brands, we split this task between the team. This way, no one has to unnecessarily clean or use any products they don't actually need to. Because we're very keen on trying to be eco-friendly here at Real Homes.

We're not going to go through each product one by one and say who reviewed it, but what we will list is our favorite eco-friendly brands that we buy when shopping for underneath our sink. Here's who we love...

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Hi! I'm Annie, the head ecommerce editor at Real Homes. I'm forever trying to be more eco-friendly at home, through both my cleaning and buying habits. I have a couple of eco cleaning brands I really love, although I am based in the UK so the majority of them aren't available in the states. The one I do love that you can buy in the US is Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day. Everything I've tried from them always smells incredible, not to mention the cleaning power in their products is impressive. I love the Lavender fragrance the most.

Christina illustration
Christina Chrysostomou

Hello, I'm Christina, Real Homes' ecommerce editor. I look after all of our small kitchen appliance content, which is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, this means I spend a lot of time cleaning appliances. So, you can bet I always have a bottle of Method'd Anti Bac (rhubarb scent ftw), or Mrs. Meyers Clean Day spray (in lemon verbena) under my sink.

Author image of Nishaa Sharma
Nishaa Sharma

Hi, I'm Nishaa, staff writer at Real Homes. I swear by the entire Method range of cleaning products, but my three staples are the clementine kitchen cleaner, eucalyptus mint bathroom cleaner, and the glass cleaner. The products are all plant-based and biodegradable, so they're pet-friendly and planet-friendly too.

What brands are actually eco-friendly?

With such a glut of options to choose from, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. That's why it's important to know which brands do eco-cleaning products well. Blueland, in particular, specializes in this area, presenting sustainable and reusable cleaning products in simple but chic designs. With these guys, products live forever. Take their soap tablets, for example: once you've got a bottle in place, this can be refilled with water and tablets for as long as you live. 

Another great name to keep in your cleaning Rolodex is AspenClean, a brand that offers zero-plastic products, natural cleaners, and eco-friendly laundry detergents alike. Oh, and its hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. The brand has an array of certifications and awards proving its sustainable integrity.

Browse more eco-friendly cleaning products...

If it's really important to you to be able to switch your normal buys for an eco-friendly or non-toxic cleaning product alternative, to clean every corner of your house sustainably, then you might still be looking for more cleaning supplies. These are our favorite retailers for picking up planet-friendly options...

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