Small bedroom feng shui mistakes you need to correct ASAP, according to an expert

We're here to help you avoid feng shui mistakes in your tiny bedroom and maintain the calm

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If you're unable to spot the small bedroom feng shui mistakes in your abode, we've elicited the help of a professional to wave the red flags. 

Once you start thinking symbolically, you'll be golden. And while it might seem like a lot of problem-solving to do, your bedroom (and you) will feel better for it in the long run.

Even the most compact spaces will benefit from avoiding these mistakes. Creating good feng shui in a small bedroom isn't impossible, and there are plenty of adjustments you can make when you're working with less square footage. With that in mind, let's take a look at what might not be working in your place.

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Small bedroom feng shui mistakes

Our certified feng shui expert Laura Cerrano insists that with a little awareness, you can nail down the feng shui and feel of your small bedroom.

"Think of the language of feng shui as metaphors and symbols — it becomes a lot easier," she says. "Feng shui actually starts with our environments on the exterior and we work our way in. Then we just go back and forth; it's a constant dance of who's influencing what." 

We've asked her to share some common feng shui mistakes with us and solutions for troubleshooting them.

1. Things are cluttered

Feng shui asks us to strategically position items so that positive energy can flow throughout a room. How could there be smooth sailing when there are literal and figurative roadblocks in the form of a full hamper or piles of shoes? According to Cerrano, those who want to adhere to the practice need to be mindful of staying organized. 

"The very first thing that comes to mind is always the word 'clutter,'" she says. "Anything in the room, whether it's books, photos, artwork, or trinkets that are not really contributing to the functionality of the bedroom, we say reconsider how much you're deciding to store in that room."

But don't assume you can toss things in the closet without some semblance of tidiness, either — that opens up a whole new can of worms. If you need a little bit of help getting your garments and accessories in place, there are plenty of renter-friendly closet organization tips out there.

2. You haven't fine-tuned your artwork

A bedroom should be a calming place to unwind, but if you have loud decor stationed throughout the tiny space, it could feel a little distracting when it comes time to get some shut-eye. 

"The surroundings become a narrative for the subconscious mind, so whatever it is deep within our thought process, we want to encourage ideal, positive references," Cerrano says. 

Whatever you're thinking in terms of decor, or even furniture placement, symmetry and pairs are highly encouraged when practicing feng shui in order to keep things balanced.  

3. You've positioned your bedroom furniture incorrectly

Though it might not necessarily be possible in all cases, particularly if you're working with a microscopic space, a bed should be placed against a wall in order to help us feel safe when we're at our most vulnerable. You'll hear thoughts about the morbid coffin position (which is not as threatening as it sounds) and you'll be advised to opt for the commanding position, where you can see the door without necessarily being right out the door. 

"Depending on what's on the other side of the door, it adds to that conversation of 'Is it offering betterment of energy as you walk in and exit the room?' Or is it draining," Cerrano says. Though we oftentimes think about our immediate surroundings, we have to be mindful of what happens outside our beloved space and how it affects the energy.  

Don't place your head up against the window, either. Not only could this lead to health issues in the colder months, but too much wind blowing on your head or ears can cause disharmony, and you certainly don't want that while you're trying to catch Zs. 

4. You're not paying attention to your feelings

Sure, some of these practices can sound a bit esoteric, but at the end of the day, you want your bedroom to feel like a place where you can take a deep breath and be unapologetically yourself. 

"It's good to shut down, close down, and encase yourself in a space where you feel completely supported, secure, and sheltered," Cerrano says. "There are a lot of metaphors, but a lot of practical reasoning when you take a step back to think about these principles."

Consider how your small bedroom is making you feel. Are you on edge? Does it make you feel sad? Think about the atmosphere it's emitting and see if there are tweaks you can make. Perhaps the lighting is off or it's a little too untidy for your liking.

5. You're not creating boundaries in your bedroom

Work and play seemingly intertwine at home, especially over the past few years. Things get tricky when your sleep space is also functioning as a workroom. Yes, there are adorable and functional bedroom office ideas, but you need to make sure to keep the space divided if you're planning to have a multi-purpose bedroom.  

"Make it clear there's a boundary line," Cerrano says. "We usually recommend that if you have a desk, some people will use some type of area rug or side runners — something that says, 'This is my zone for work and this is my zone for sleep' and then everything will shut down."

This also means that if you've been taking calls and answering emails from bed, it might be time to create a new place to work from.

6. You're too wrapped up in tech

Is this a bedroom or aisle 3 at Best Buy? If you're attempting to create good feng shui, you're going to have to go without some type of electronic device, even just temporarily.

"We'll go as far as to encourage people to even take the laptop out of the bedroom, or at least put it across the room so that it indicates we're shutting our work mind down," Cerrano says. 

For those who want to take things to the next level: consider unplugging your wifi router at night! And try to limit how much scrolling you do before bedtime.

7. Your mirror placement is incorrect 

"Mirrors are interesting," Cerrano says. "The reason that we're very cautious about mirror placement is because, in our world, we see them as doubling what they reflect."

First things first, they shouldn't be within sight of the bed, when we're not at our best selves or perhaps where previous relationships unfolded. Full-length standing mirrors should be situated within a closet door, and smaller versions should capture your chest up, meaning your shoulders and the top of your head — nothing that cuts into your aura. 

Meet the expert

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Laura Cerrano

Laura Cerrano is a certified feng shui expert and the founder of Feng Shui Manhattan. She is a first-generation Certified Usui Reiki Master within her family. Laura graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a double bachelor's degree in art education and fine arts.

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What are some good feng shui best practices for a small bedroom??

From color selections to materials for your furniture pieces and accents, there are a number of ways to practice feng shui for a small bedroom that'll promote rest and relaxation to the max. A few things to look out for are bed positioning, the materials and objects you have in your room, and how cluttered or clean it is.

What shouldn't you do in a small bedroom?

When it comes to having good feng shui in a small bedroom, you should avoid clogging your space with electronics and tech gadgets, positioning furniture incorrectly, and adding lots of mirrors to your space. 

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