13 ways to maximize space in a small bedroom

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Green nightstand next to white bed
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Not sure how to go about organizing your little bedroom? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As someone who’s ended up saddled with the smallest room in literally every rented house they’ve lived in, I consider myself to be quite the pro at maximizing the potential of even the tiniest of bedrooms.

With just a few furniture swaps, storage ideas, and styling tips, it’s completely possible to swap those cramped vibes for cozy ones, and end up with a room that you absolutely adore. 

So, without further ado, here are 13 fabulous ways to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your small bedroom — both in size and style.  

Try these helpful ways to maximize space in a small bedroom

Anyone with a sleeping space that feels cramped will want to try these ideas. Even if you're short on square footage, these clever tips will help you maximize space in your small bedroom.

1. Try out a large leaning mirror

Neutral bedroom with large standing mirror

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Want your small space to look and feel a little bigger? Then pop a full-length mirror next to or opposite a window, and it’ll be in prime position to reflect as much light as possible into every corner of the room. The bigger the mirror is, the better it’ll be at performing its magic, so don’t be afraid to make a statement with large leaning ones. Plus, they’re also ideal for snapping a full-length shot of your fit before you leave the house. 

Let’s face it — bedside tables are cute, but they definitely aren’t essential. Instead, simply put some proper thought into the positioning of your furniture, so that your desk, vanity, or cabinet can also double as the perfectly placed spot to store your bedside essentials — like a lamp and a glass of water. 

3. Pick a nightstand with plenty of hidden storage space

Green nightstand next to neutral bed

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 To get the most out of your small bedroom, consider swapping the sleek bedside table for a slimline yet spacious bedside cabinet. Traditional wooden bedside cabinets are great if you’re after something classic — but for a more contemporary vibe, you can’t go wrong with a retro metal locker. They come in loads of different colors, and are easy to find on sites like Amazon and Walmart.  

4. Use vertical stripes to disguise low ceilings

Having a small bedroom is manageable — but if it’s also got low ceilings, the whole space can very easily start to feel a little cramped and claustrophobic. The perfect optical illusion, applying wallpaper with vertical stripes to the walls tricks the eye into looking upwards, and will therefore make the room feel waaaay bigger. If can't damage the walls, try some simple peel-and-stick wallpaper.

5. Keep it simple and minimal

Black and white bedroom

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Not a fan of the maximalist vibe? Going for a sleek and simple color scheme, and more contemporary furniture choices is a great bet if you’re after modern home decor and a clean-cut aesthetic. Plus, if (like me) you’re not so good at keeping the clutter at bay, opting for a more stripped-back style will make it far easier to stay on top of everything. 

6. Save space by swapping the bedside tables for shelves

If you want a dedicated spot for keeping your Kindle and personal support lip balm — but don’t have the spare floorspace to fit in a bedside table — putting up a shelf or two can be a great alternative. But if you want something a little more substantial than just your standard floating shelf, it’s worth considering a floating nightstand, as they typically provide you with a little more storage

7. Keep books on a wall-mounted shelf

Bedroom with wall storage

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If, like me, you realistically read about one book a year, then chances are you don’t need a big old bookcase. Wall-mounted shelves are great alternatives, and can even double up as a spot for storing a bedside lamp and your water bottle. Alternatively, if you like the look of floating shelves, then you can’t go wrong with this Umbra set of three from Amazon

8. Go for hanging pendant lights rather than lamps

Don’t have anywhere to put your bedside lamp if you get rid of your nightstand? It’s well worth taking a look at some wall-mounted pendant lights that plug straight into the socket. Swing-arm sconces are great if you’re going for a more classic look, while battery-operated or clip-on lights are ideal if you don’t want to have to properly attach anything to the walls. 

9. Try a wall-mounted vanity table that easily folds down

Light wooden vanity with mirror and stool

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Whether you’re after a place to sit and do your make-up in the morning or a spot for doing some studying, wall-mounted vanities and desks are ideal for small bedrooms, as they can be folded down when not in use. Once you’ve chosen and installed your desk or vanity, all you’ll need is a rectangular stool or a chair that can be folded away and stored underneath the bed.

10. Create an extra lounging spot with a window seat

I don’t know about you, but there’s truly nothing I hate more than people sitting on my bed in their outside clothes. But obviously, if you’ve got a small bedroom, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of being able to squeeze in a small sofa or armchair for guests to sit on. A relatively slimline solution, window seats are a great alternative. Built-in window seats are great if you’ve got the means to make one — but if not, simply dress up a simple storage bench.

11. Don’t be afraid to embrace sloped ceilings

Bedroom with sloped roof and neutral bed

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Although it can be tricky to maximize the space in a bedroom with a pitched roof, I think pushing your bed right into the sloped walls is one of the best options — especially if you’re typically the only person sleeping in your bed. With some plush bedding, elegantly draped string lights, a soft and snuggly cable knit blanket, and plenty of oversized throw pillows, it’ll quickly feel like a cozy nook.

12. Pick a bed with plenty of storage space underneath

The biggest mistake I made in my small bedroom was buying a bed without measuring the height of the space underneath it. Take it from me — if you’ve got anything less than 20cm to work with, you’re gonna struggle to find any under-bed storage boxes or baskets that fit. Alternatively, it might be worth looking at beds with storage drawers, or ottoman styles.  

13. Pick a headboard with a handy ledge

Bedroom with white bed and lamp

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Although headboards generally just serve an aesthetic purpose, it’s completely possible to find ones with more practical, space-saving properties. You can keep it relatively simple by going for one with a small ledge, or take it one step further by picking a  bookcase storage headboard — which is perfect if you’re lacking the space for a nightstand or a bookshelf. 

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