Small bathroom shower storage ideas — 10 ways to streamline supplies

Simplify your shower routine with these small bathroom shower storage ideas

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Anyone looking for small bathroom shower storage ideas knows the frustrations that can arise with a tiny wash space, but you don't have to live with them as clever solutions are available.

Our interior design experts have shared 10 ways to do this, and recommend streamlining your storage and toiletries, keeping on top of shampoos and shower gels to make for an easier morning routine, not to mention a neater small bathroom overall. Whether you’re after a stylish built-in option or a less permanent shop-bought solution, our guide has you covered.

Pros at squeezing every inch out of small bathroom ideas, they've shared smart ‘in-shower’ storage tips and budget-friendly buys to help you achieve a sleek showering space, regardless of size. 

Brilliant small bathroom shower storage ideas 

In-shower storage is super practical, even more so when organizing a small bathroom, but keeping it clutter-free is essential if you want it to remain that way. 

"Before you invest in any organizers, declutter your shower supplies. Remove any old, half-used items and consider simplifying your routine in order to keep products to a minimum. You could also rejig your small bathroom storage ideas to make space elsewhere for items you don’t use every day," says  professional organizer Lauren Saltman, founder of Living Simplified

Where our experts have recommended products, we've sourced highly-rated matching picks from trusted retailers to help you shop the guide easily and with confidence.

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1. Try a stick-on storage solution

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If you’re short on shower space, utilizing walls is your best bet. From wire caddies and baskets to hooks and trays, there are all manner of small bathroom wall storage ideas out there, but if drilling holes into tiles isn’t your preferred option (or an option at all if you’re renting) then opting for adhesive or suction designs is an easy alternative. 

"I would recommend the Eudele shower caddies from Amazon," says Lauren. Not only do they come in a variety of colors to match any bathroom ideas, but the various shapes and sizes allow you to customize your shower interior to fit the items you need. 

"Another no-drill option is the iDesign Forma Shower Caddy from Amazon. It hangs over the top of your shower nozzle and is held in place by suction cups," she adds. 

2. Feel the tension

If stick-on storage solutions aren’t for you, an extendable shower shelf might be a better fit — literally. The Rebrilliant Lenaik tension pole shower caddy from Wayfair uses a spring-loaded support rail that fits securely between floor and ceiling, whatever the size of your shower enclosure. Corner shelves maximize surface space and the shelves are adjustable, too. 

"If you’re wondering how to share a small bathroom with a roommate, I suggest either giving each person a shelf or separating the shelves by product use; shampoos and conditioners on one, face and body wash on another, etc," says Amanda Wiss, Founder of NYC-based home staging company Urban Staging and home organizing company Urban Clarity

3. Use the door

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In the same way, you would when organizing a small closet, maximize storage space by making use of the inside of your shower door or screen. A simple hook or rail is ideal for hanging washcloths, while a rack offers surface space for everyday products you need ready access to. 

"Try the Rebrilliant Nariya Door Stainless Steel Shower Caddy from Wayfair. With four tiers it offers ample space and requires no drilling so is easy to install. It’s also drop-resistant, so can be hung inside the shower itself or on the outside of the door, depending on where you need the storage," says Lauren. 

4. Find a multifunctional fit

While shelves are our in-shower go-to, there’s many wall-mounted designs out there that incorporate additional storage features such as rails, hooks and pegs. Dedicate surface room to bottles and use the hanging space for loofahs, exfoliating gloves, wash cloths, etc — this also allows them to dry thoroughly, which is much more hygienic.  

What extras you opt for will depend on the type of shower you have; wet room ideas or walk-in shower ideas might benefit from an organizer with a sturdy rail, so you can hang up towels at the far end, for example.  

Alternatively, position the Leana Ladder from Umbra there instead — its minimalist style suits any bathroom and it’s a cheaper alternative to a heated towel rack.

5. Mount soaps onto the wall

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Short on surface space? Why not create a hotel-luxe vibe by mounting product dispensers onto your shower wall? There are plenty of stylish designs to choose from and it’ll encourage buying products in bulk, which is more cost-efficient and better for the environment, too. 

If you prefer using soap bars, opt for this sleek Flex Adhesive Soap Dish from Umbra. There are other shower storage options within the range you could use to create a cohesive feel. 

6. Decant supplies into sleek storage

Not all shower supplies come in pretty packaging, and you don’t want to have to pay a premium for it, either. Decanting shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels into stylish bottles makes for a good-looking display, and if you choose slim-line versions — such as the Alora refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles from Walmart —you should save you a bit of tray space, too.  

7. Built-in shelving

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Shower shelf ideas that span the entirety of the wall can truly maximize space in a small bathroom and also offer up bathroom shelving styling opportunities. Line them with stylish containers or use sleek trays to corral items neatly by type.

If your shower is on the narrow side, consider installing multiple corner caddies rather than a single horizontal shelf, to retain a spacious feel. These MAXIFFE Shower Caddy Corners from Amazon come in packs of two. Position them vertically and use those at eye-level for products you use daily. 

"When organizing a bathroom shared by all the family, keep luxurious body products or anything toxic up high, out of reach of children," says professional organizer Michelle Urban, founder of The Organized House

8. Create a cute cubby

White tiled shower enclosure with recessed shelving, styled with brass vase and black soap dish

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Stud walls with built-in recesses provide practical shower storage without using up valuable floor space. If you’re renovating a bathroom or building from scratch, take the opportunity to consider other ways you could make the shower feel bigger, such as using mirrored panels as a backing or fitting a down light to illuminate the area. 

9. Store on the floor

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There’s nothing wrong with storing toiletries on your shower floor, but you’ll need to keep them contained in caddies if you want to avoid a cluttered feel — or tripping over them. Choose one that has non-slip feet and holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out.

"If you’re sharing a small shower with multiple people, you might find the best solution is a portable shower caddy that can be stored elsewhere in the bathroom when not in use. The Madesmart tote caddy from Target is lightweight and has a soft grip handle, making it a great option for college students who share bathrooms in dorms," says Lauren. 

10. Save a seat

A built-in shower bench creates a luxe spa-like feel as well as creating extra surface room for off-the-floor storage, but they can be pricey to install. A small shower stool or chair positioned within easy reach of the shower is a great budget alternative, plus adds aesthetic value. 

"You’ll need to choose a chair or stool that’s made from moisture-resistant materials, such as plastic, teak, bamboo or resin. The EcoDecors Satori Teak Shower Bench from Wayfair offers a rustic feel. Use it as a resting spot for shower essentials corralled into a caddy or onto a tray. That way, you can store them away quickly and easily once you’re done and use the surface for something else," says Emily Lambe, Deputy Editor at Real Homes.  

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What can I use instead of a shower caddy?

From baskets and trays to hooks and rails, there’s all manner of wall-mounted options that offer storage aplenty without cluttering up your shower tray. Work out your requirements beforehand then mix and match accessories to create a customized shower storage system. 

Streamlining your storage is a great solution, but it’s worth assessing your small bathroom shower ideas too. there may be an opportunity to upgrade to a larger shower tray, or integrate a curved shower rod to make the space feel bigger. 

When you’re dealing with a small shower, you’ll need to maximize every inch to ensure it’s as relaxing as it possibly can be, not to mention practical – the last thing you want is to knock over shampoos and shower gels every time you reach for the soap!

Next, learn our small bathroom upgrades to style your space with ease.

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