5 small bathroom cabinet storage ideas

Get organized with some expert-approved small bathroom cabinet storage ideas

Small bathroom with gray walls
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Tidy up your washroom with some expert-approved small bathroom cabinet storage ideas. In my apartment, I can touch both walls of my bathroom at the same time, and yet it’s where I keep a seemingly infinite number of products.

From little wicker baskets to pile up and mini-drawers perfect for make-up, to over-sink cabinets there are plenty of ideas for making your bathroom a calm and clutter-free space. 

But, why stop there? After you’ve done snagging your storage solutions, take a look at our favorite cabinet-focused small bathroom storage ideas.

Small bathroom cabinet storage ideas

Get your small bathroom. storage kicks with these aesthetically, and oh-so-practical storage ideas, which are bound to have your space nice and tidy in no time. From cute small bathroom storage containers to clever uses of an awkward space, we have plenty of tips and tricks.

Once you’ve got your zen on, there’s no excuse not to make your small bathroom feel like a spa, too, right?!

1. Open wooden shelving cart

Pink bathroom with wooden shelving

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Nice and simple, a small, wooden, shelving unit like this is perfect for fitting down the side of a bath or underneath a sink. It would make a great place for some small bathroom towel storage to keep your linens in one place.

I love the natural color of the wood (this shelving unit from Wayfair is very similar) and that while there’s still plenty of room for keeping everything you need, it also suits a few decorations like plants or a low-key vase with flowers, too. It’s a chance to be practical, while still offering some styling moments.

2. Thrift a vintage vanity unit

Green bathroom with tiles

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Granted, this can be a more intricate job, especially if you’re planning on installing your own small bathroom vanity but… doesn’t it look pretty? 

In both kitchens and bathrooms, thrifted pieces can be an amazing way to not only make the space your own and bring personality but also get a large, solid furniture item for less. If you're not sure where to start, we rounded up plenty of inspiration with the best Thriftok accounts to follow on TikTok.

Jessica Sims-Wilson, founder of House of Dawn interiors, says: “Old chests of drawers, desks, cabinets, even butcher’s blocks can be repurposed and given a new home. For me, this is one of my favorite ways to create a storage solution because it makes what’s often seen as a boring element of the room, really beautiful and tells a story.”

Jessica Sims-Wilson

Jessica Sims-Wilson is an interior designer and founder of House of Dawn.

3. Wicker baskets

Small bathroom with green wallpaper

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All hail the storage basket! This is one of the absolute easiest ways to tidy up your bathroom because you can literally just throw everything in there. 

Some of my favorite ways to utilize wicker baskets as storage include a mini dirty wash basket for clothes taken off in the bathroom, a place to store toilet paper (that way, you’re never caught short), and a spa-themed basket, with all the little extras I might not use every single day. 

For me, these baskets from Wayfair, with braided D-shaped handles are just the cutest.

4. Storage boxes

Small bathrooms

(Image credit: My Dolce Casa)

For all the products you want to stack or lie together, a sturdy box is the best thing you can buy. Plus, there are plenty of places to buy storage bins in a variety of shapes and sizes both online and in person. This set of two storage bins from Amazon is always a great investment.

Milly Summer, interiors influencer over at The House on Forest Hill, says: “This is ideal for shampoos, body washes, and other sticky bottles that might leak if thrown around and with a small, compact, lidded box, you can fit it inside a cabinet, or keep underneath.”

Milly Summer

Milly Summer is a Content Creator, sharing her interior adventures on her Instagram account, The House On Forest Hill.

5. Pop-up standing tray

Small bathroom with wooden floors and blue bathtub

(Image credit: Bricks and Ivory)

I love the way that interior influencer, Hayley of Bricks and Ivory, has used a small, pop-up standing tray as an easy alternative to another cabinet in her bathroom. 

The best thing about this is that it’s temporary, so exactly what you need in a small space or a rented apartment where you might be moving soon. Pop it up when you need an extra surface or even to display some cute plant pots or decorative pieces and store it away when you’re stuck for space. 

This folding table available on Amazoncomes with a removable tray you can move around the room.

Small bathroom cabinet storage buys


Are there any other easy ways to improve my storage game in the bathroom?

Yes! The walls are your best friend because by creating storage solutions here, you’re not taking up any floor space. 

Add a towel rail to keep textiles out of the way, and install floating shelves to store products you don’t often use. If your bathroom isn’t looking prettiest, high shelves are also great for long, trailing plants and the best candle you can afford. 

You still feel the effect even if these things aren’t at eye line. 

Are in-drawer organizers worth the hassle in a small bathroom cabinet?

Absolutely. Spend some time organizing your bathroom beforehand and you’ll thank me later! Not only will this save you time every day when trying to find the right products in a hurry, but there’s also less chance of liquids spilling and ruining the inside of your cabinet. 

Storage: the one true nemesis of the truly small bathroom. Isn’t it funny that, for a pretty pokey space, our bathrooms are under a lotta pressure to house a huge amount of clutter?

If you're really serious about organizing your bathroom cabinet right, sort through all of your products and bring those with the nearest expiration dates to the front, holding spares or masks in boxes towards the back. We've got some great tips on de-cluttering a bathroom across the rest of the site.