9 cute plant pots to keep your houseplants happy

Calling plant parents: These cute plant pots are the perfect homes for your leafy friends

Colorful plant pots on a green background
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Plants are the perfect finishing touch to any interior, and a cute plant pot takes this to another level. 

Whether you’ve put loads of effort into your decor, or you’re more of a throw-it-all-together kinda person, plants and their holders bring a pop of color and freshness that lifts any space. Plus, they’re one of the cheapest ways you can update your home or apartment. 

Every single one of your best indoor plants deserves a beautiful home to call its own, of course. So, go forth, and scroll through this compilation so you can collect all the plant babies you want, giving your home a joyful update in the process. 

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Cute plant pots worth adding to your shopping cart

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These plant pots tick all the boxes on cuteness, with a mix of materials, aesthetics, and colors that you’ll love.

9 cute plant pots


What kind of pots are best for indoor plants?

Ceramic and clay pots like terracotta are often good options for most indoor plants. This gives houseplants a chance to drain excess water and avoids root rot. Plants that prefer moist soil may do okay in plastic, glazed, and hole-less pots. 

Do indoor planters need drainage holes?

It depends on the type of plants you have, their watering preferences, and how moist they like their soil. In many cases, indoor planters with drainage holes are useful to prevent diseases in the roots (like root rot). Just be sure to have a tray beneath to catch drips!

With a bunch of cute planters in your arsenal, it's time to fill them with the best houseplants for small spaces. These leafs, fronds, and vines won't have any issue living inside compact homes and apartments.