Luxury furniture: Where to spend and save

When buying new furniture it is best to know which items are worth investing more money in. This usually comes down to considering products based on their versatility, practicality and quality

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As a rule, consider investing in timeless versions of more expensive items such as sofas and wardrobes and then accessorise to keep up with the trends. Some products can even be bought and sold on to change with the trends, so put more time into thinking about fixed furniture that you are less likely to update on a regular basis. Wardrobes, for example, are very flexible as freestanding versions can be removed and reassembled to different spaces if you were to move in the future.

Spend on neutral and modular sofas

Sofas need to be durable to contend with daily use, therefore they are worth spending more money on. By choosing something modular in a neutral colour, it will offer you versatility down the line should you wish to rearrange the space.

The Madison sofa from IQ Furniture

Neutral colours also offer a good base for accessorising. Choose contemporary cushions and throws to keep up with the latest trends. However, some sofas can also be reupholstered to match a new scheme.

Modular sofas are a great choice as they can be altered by adding or removing certain modules. Should you move, this can mean an investment piece can easily go with you, offering more versatility than a set that has been chosen to fit a specific room.

Invest in an adaptable dining table

If you have a large family or enjoy throwing dinner parties then you may want to consider purchasing an extendable table. This allows you to make the most of surrounding space when the table is not in use.

The Eliot ceramic dining table from IQ Furniture

As well as table size, material is also an important factor. Ceramic table tops are worth the investment, due to their scratch resistant, stain resistant and low maintenance characteristics.

Similar to a sofa, dining tables can be accessorised with ornaments or dining cloths to suit your favourite trend.

Mix and match dining chairs

Dining chairs are another item you may want to invest in. It therefore makes sense to choose models in materials that will stand the test of time. Consider eco leather as your material of choice as it requires very little maintenance, is stain resistant and looks just like real leather. This material is also great for use in a family environment.

Koki dining chairs from IQ Furniture

Dining chairs can be mixed and matched using two main chairs at each end of the table complimented by coloured or patterned chairs which can be changed. Purchasing upholstered chairs also means you can reupholster the items should you fancy a new look.

Spend on fixed lighting and save on lamps

Lighting can set the theme and alter the atmosphere of your room. Since the main light, or fitted lights in your room will not be changed frequently, this is a good area to invest. A feature light is a great way to add wow to a space.

Gant T1 pendant lighting from IQ Furniture

Alternative lighting such as lamps and plug-in lights that you hang on the wall are easier to change with the trends so you can save money when purchasing these.

If you are unsure on which furniture items you should spend or save on, IQ Furniture offer a Personal Shopping Service to discuss your likes and dislikes as well as trends to pick out items perfect for your lifestyle and living spaces.

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