How to fit a chair into a small bedroom — 5 expert-approved ways

Create more seating with these ways to fit a chair into a small bedroom

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It might seem hard to fit a chair into a small bedroom — even laughable if your space is really tiny. 

A tiny bedroom is like a gift that keeps on giving, you move one thing, and it puts another out of place. One color comes in, only to knock your scheme flat. The domino effect is real. But all in the name of design fun, right?

As a small bedroom dweller, I know that these spaces want minimal disruption and constant care. All it takes is a couple of outings and what was a perfectly airy and tidy space can become a nightmare, unfit for dressing, let alone sleeping in. So how could a chair fit into all of this, honestly? We asked some pros.

How to fit a chair into a small bedroom

You thought you didn't have options for fitting more seating into a small space, think again. It's about working with your existing bedroom furniture layout and employing other clever techniques to create space, while you add in that extra seat.

"Styling a small bedroom can be a challenge, especially if you want to add more furniture pieces like a chair or an accent item that may not be necessary," says David Ciccarelli, Founder and CEO of Lake

"However, with some creativity and thoughtful planning, you can create a comfortable and functional space without sacrificing your style." Here is what to do:

1. Match the chair design to your bedroom's profile

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Choosing the right accent chair for small spaces is a major part of getting on top of this design conundrum. "Before you start, consider the size and style of the furniture you want to add. Opt for pieces that are appropriately scaled for a small bedroom," Ciccarelli tells us.

Much like when choosing the best design when squeezing a chair into a small office, slender designs might be the one, especially if you like a particularly modern bedroom aesthetic.

"Avoid bulky or oversized items that can overwhelm the space. Look for furniture with clean lines and slim profiles to create a more open and airy feel."

2. Choose a classic corner placement

Cottage bedroom with fabric corner chairadded bench with clear legs

Space created by and Deborah Salmoni, HGTV star and interior designer.

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One area of every room that calls out to chairs, is a lonely corner. An accent chair is a great way to fill an awkward-sized small space. If you have one that is bare or even non-existent, it could make the perfect spot to create an inviting space.

"A small chair or a cozy reading nook can fit perfectly in a corner, making use of otherwise wasted space," adds Ciccarelli. "A corner placement also creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere."

3. See how you can make more room

Corner of a cozy bedroom with sheer drapes, casually styled chair and wool yarn

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If slimline simply isn't your thing, (styling a small bedroom accent chair is fun after all), and to help your space maintain a feeling of openness even with a new furniture addition, hail the bedroom declutter. 

Make bedroom storage work harder, consider even an ottoman to double up as said desired chair (we told you this was clever), and you'll have refreshed and maximized space in a small bedroom in the blink of an eye.

"One of the most efficient ways to maximize a small bedroom's space is by selecting multi-functional furniture," says Ciccarelli who also endorses the storage ottoman. "A storage ottoman can serve as a seating option and a place to stash extra bedding or belongings."

David Ciccarelli

David Ciccarelli is the Founder and CEO of Lake, an online vacation rental platform for cabins, cottages and lakeside retreats. Lake recently worked with Deborah Salmoni HGTV star and interior designer who renovated their family summer home, with a focus on the bedrooms.

4. Make it a bench

Cottage bedroom with double bed and padded bench with clear legs

Space created by and Deborah Salmoni, HGTV star and interior designer.

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With more space, perhaps you can lean into a cool bench at the end of your bed. As we can see in one of the Lake's cottage bedrooms, a bench adds more than one seat and elevates the room, without obstruction. It's not quite a small couch but guests will love it. Another good design takeaway here is choosing a clear design to add a modern touch that will give a sense of spaciousness also. 

"Opt for chairs that are not anchored and see-through ones to get the same effect of openness or transparency," adds Artem Kropovinsky an interior design expert and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

5. Use the chair as an opportunity to create visual space

boho arm chair with wooden dresser and wall hanging

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It's not just see-through designs that will enhance the illusion of space Ciccarelli tells us: "Pay attention to visual space by choosing furniture with exposed legs or open bases. This allows you to see more of the floor, giving the impression of a larger area." 

Choose lofty colors that tie in with your existing small bedroom color scheme and the chair will make it pop further. "Maintain a cohesive color scheme and style throughout your bedroom to create a sense of unity. This will help the additional furniture blend seamlessly into the room's design."


What size chair is best in my small bedroom?

No size fits all, and it will depend on the existing furniture you have in your space. The key is to make the addition seamless, even with a chair that you want to add as an accent feature, it should sit nicely in the space.

"Ensure that the size of the additional furniture piece is proportionate to the room. An oversized chair will make the space feel cramped, while a small-scale chair can provide comfort without overwhelming the room," warns Ciccarelli.

How else can I create space in a small bedroom?

When square footage is not on your side, it really is about using all the levels and going beyond with small bedroom hacks

Make vertical and hidden space your best friend: "If you have a raised bed, use the space underneath for storage," advises Ciccarelli. 'You can install drawers, pull-out bins, or even slide a slim chair or bench beneath. This clever use of space keeps the floor area open."

"Consider wall-mounted furniture, such as floating shelves or a wall-mounted desk, to free up floor space. This adds functionality and creates an illusion of a more spacious room."

There is physical space, and then illusional space, don't forget the importance of bouncing light around with mirrors and choosing lofty finishes to make the space feel more open. "Use light colors and mirrors to make the room look spacious," adds Kropovinsky.

In the spirit of using all the space, you could even elevate your tiny bedroom further with a hanging seat. Kropovinsky tells us to consider hanging seats, alongside taking storage off the floor with wall-mounted shelves and the like.

Choose the size and style of your chair wisely then see where you can make a little more room in your small bedroom and this simple addition will make the perfect accent to your sleeping space.

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