9 colorful small bedroom ideas that will definitely lift your spirits

Inject some personality into your room with these colorful small bedroom ideas

Pink bedroom with green chair and a multi-color bedroom
(Image credit: @theintrovertedition & @tropicalihaven)

See our best colorful small bedroom ideas if your room is looking a little bland. We often think that everything should be pared back and a little toned down in a small space. After all, you wouldn't want to drown the room in decor or color, right? 

But what if you're actually really into color? Or, literally, just want to brighten up your surroundings to make dark mornings a little easier on the soul?  

We'll take our small bedroom ideas sunny side up please, because last time we checked, a lack of square footage never got in our way of gorgeous surroundings. Whether you reserve your bedroom purely for sleep, or if it has to double up as a study from time to time, there are endless ways to add color in a way that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.

9 colorful small bedroom ideas that will make you smile

The best color combinations for small spaces will instantly make you smile and feel inspired. You don't have to be a complete maximalist to love and appreciate all the shades out there. To create your own little retreat of joy-infused bedroom space, step right this way.

1. Create a very pink corner

Pink geometric wallpaper surrounds colorful corner in small bedroom

(Image credit: @ttheintrovertedition)

Let us never forget Barbiecore, it will live on in our homes, as will Barbie, for centuries. Counteract sickly sweet furniture, rugs, and fluffy decor with greens and wood tones for balance. 

Create this look by @theintrovertedition using a little peel-and-stick wallpaper, with baby pink throws (our favorites are from UO), and more of your best cozy, colorful additions.

"Pink is definitely my favorite color to add to a small bedroom," says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes. "It goes with just about anything and you can pick from a bright hot pink or a more subtle blush." 

Emily Lambe
Emily Lambe

Emily Lambe is the deputy digital editor at Real Homes. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been writing ever since. Emily writes about all things decor, fragrance, organization, and other home essentials. 

2. Give a monochromatic color scheme a cozy twist

Monochrome and peachy small bedroom with soft bedding and drapes

(Image credit: @highboyla)

It is okay to not be a maximalist, especially if you have a small bedroom that could benefit from a monochromatic scheme. 

For those who want to keep their space colorful but also a little more grounded, a warmed-up monochrome palette will give chic and expansive results: "We like to use monochromatic color schemes in small bedrooms to create a cohesive and visually good look," advises Lauren Lerner, CEO and Founder of Living with Lolo.

"Monochromatic color schemes create a sense of unity and can actually make your room feel larger."

Lauren Lerner

Lauren Lerner is the principal designer and founder of Living with Lolo, the interior design firm based in Scottsdale, AZ, since 2017. Fueled by her love for clean lines, mixed metals, colors, and timeless pieces, Lerner thrives on bringing a client’s home to life from the very beginning.

3. Color drench walls (and the bed)

Small bedroom with colorful cushions, cute cactus and light colored carpets

Space courtesy of Maestri Studio, photography by Jenifer McNeil Baker

(Image credit: Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio)

Especially if you rent and aren't able to paint your bedroom in a brighter color, that doesn't mean that you are limited in how you add color to the space, it's a great opportunity to get creative with cute rugs and other soft accessories. 

"If you are not able to paint your bedroom, we recommend adding colorful pillows and bedding, removable wallpaper, drapery, art or a rug," recommends Lerner. If you feel like a little DIY, you could even add a pop of color with a feature wall using peel-and-stick wallpaper.

4. Choose soft, reflective hues if you're a little (bright) color shy

Minimal bedroom with blue hues, and round mirror above headboard

(Image credit: Par Bengtsson, for Maestri Studio)

If you want to dip your toes into the color wheel before fully committing to a super bright small bedroom, you can tone it down with dreamy blues and more soft hues. 

Think lofty colors, and combine them with darker elements for definition: "A bedroom feels more spacious by opting for pale shades such as white or light grey," says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

This calming sky-blue color from Lick is sure to add plenty of relaxing vibes to your bedroom.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

5. Nod to the tropics

Colorful tropical bedroom with bright artwork above the bed

(Image credit: @tropicalihaven)

Still dreaming of a vacay? Just imagine yourself in that scene above the bed, as created by @tropicalihaven, and need we say more? 

Rattan elements like trays and fruity decor are the cherry on top of this eclectic color scheme that will elevate a small bedroom in every way. This Natural Woven Tray from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia at Target fits the bill and won't break the bank either.

6. Layer and contrast all the cozy shades

Cozy boho bedroom with apricot walls, soft bed linen and cushion covers

(Image credit: @goldenhourabode)

To make a small bedroom cozy (in a good way) look for colors that will warm up the space. Mustards, ochres, rusts, and all of the best colors will make you feel as gooey as a marshmallow lost in hot chocolate, yes you read that right. "Use warmer tones such as taupe for coziness," continues Kropovinsky. 

To recreate this look, try this yellow-ochre color from Lick which adds a warming tone to the whole room.

Leaning into contrasting colors can add interest too — says Marta Balazs, Interior designer and founder of Embee Interiors — depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the space. 

"The choice of color also depends on your desired ambiance. To embrace a cozy and more intimate feel, consider creating a dramatic effect by painting the walls in darker shades while employing lighter-colored textiles & accessories. This interplay of dark and light can create a charming contrast, adding depth to the room without compromising its coziness."

Marta of Embee Interiors
Marta Balazs

Marta Balazs is the founder of Embee Interiors and passionate about helping people feel good in their homes. Balazs leans on Scandinavian style influences and aims to create thoughtful spaces that are calming and balanced.

7. Let your personality liven up blank walls

Bright floral bedsidescape in small bedroom

(Image credit: @leeeuuh)

Especially when you might not be able to whip out a paintbrush, call on items that say a little more about you. Florals can make a space pop and can fill cold-looking spaces quickly. Add in colorful trinkets that share a story and you have a unique colorful display in a very cozy bedroom: 

"When you are unable to paint your bedroom, you've got to get creative with color elsewhere," says Balazs. "Think about the next largest surfaces where you can bring in more 'life' to the room: textiles like bedding, rugs, curtains, and bold artwork — they're your secret weapons for adding vibrant hues without picking up a paintbrush."

Treat yourself to some new bedding in bright colors, like this floral purple bedding from Target.

8. Pop it with pastels

Purple bedroom with pastel decor surrounding bed

Space created by Joshua Smith inc , photography by Tim Lenz

(Image credit: Tim Lenz, for Joshua Smith)

Pastels give instant energy to a small space, nodding to peach, minty, and light pink notes for a gorgeous layer of color, carrying it through from drapes, to bedding, and even onto small-space furniture

"This trick isn't just about color; it's about personality and giving your space that much-needed lift without making any permanent changes to your walls," continues Balazs. "Plus, here's a bonus: when you're ready for a change or it's time to move, these pieces are easy to swap out or take with you to your new spot!

"To keep the room feeling cohesive and airy, extend the chosen color palette (I like to keep to a maximum of three colors) to the furniture and décor piece."

9. Make them cottagecore colors

Cottage-style small bedroom with neutral walls and cozy soft furnishings

Styled by Joshua Smith, photography by Allyson Lubow

(Image credit: Allyson Lubow, for Joshua Smith)

Toned down, and cute, tapping into the cottagecore colorwheel is a good middle ground for those that don't totally jam with super brights. 

Say hey to mother nature tones with prints or colorful lamps and your small space will be bursting with coziness and style.

"Cottagecore is one of my favorite trends and it works so well in a small bedroom," says Lambe. "Look for earth tones and designs that remind you of nature and the outdoors."


Are light or dark colors best in a small bedroom?

Understanding the best colors for a small bedroom will depend on the space itself, how bright it is, and the shape. 

"The best color schemes bedrooms aren't solely determined by the room size but are significantly influenced by the amount of natural light and the room's orientation," says Balzas. 

"The key is to optimize your color scheme based on these aspects of the room. If your aim is to amplify the sense of spaciousness, lighter colors are ideal, as they tend to visually expand the space by reflecting light more effectively. Soft blues, pale greens, or warm whites are excellent choices as they create an illusion of openness."

What are the best paint colors for a small bedroom?

It will all come down to preference and what you feel works best for you and your space. Still, you can dare to go a little bold even in a small bedroom: "We all know so well how color is fleeting, and it changes within different lighting conditions. When we find ourselves ‘chasing’ the perfect color it becomes an uphill battle, and in a small bedroom lacking natural light one must make peace with the color as it changes throughout the times of day, and seasons. For a small bedroom, use saturated, full spectrum, paint colors — colors that can withstand low light, and adjust well to the lighting however subtle it is," says Paula McHugh, founder and design principal of Belltown Design LLC.

This way, come summer or winter, your small bedroom will feel glowy and welcoming. "Color and lighting are symbiotic," adds McHugh.

Paula McHugh of Belltown Design LLC
Paula McHugh

Paula is the founder and design principal of Belltown Design LLC. With a background in both interiors, and fine arts, McHugh works creatively, across lots of different styles, and is always in tune with the needs of her clients for stunning results.

Which colors make a small bedroom feel bigger?

Lofty colors win the game according to Balazs: "Soft pastels, muted greys, and warm beiges do wonders to open up a small bedroom, visually expanding the space. For a cozy vibe that feels just right, warm neutrals work their magic. One of my favorite tricks is to paint the ceiling the same as your walls — it's like a warm embrace, enveloping the room in comfort and making the space feel more expansive." But when it comes to expanding the room visually, there is more to it than this and it is about how the colors you use, interact with other elements around the room as Lerner shares:

"Colors play a significant role in the perceived size and the feeling of a room. I don't believe there is one color to make a room feel larger, but adding in mirrors and metallics to any small room, will make it feel larger."

What are the best colored sheets for a bedroom?

The style of bedding you have will not go noticed and as we can see it often defines a bedroom color scheme. Give a little thought to your sheets Balzas tells us, if you want a fancy finish: "Regardless of the chosen color scheme, one recommendation I always stand by is to opt for crisp white sheets on the bed. This choice not only exudes a clean and inviting look with a luxurious hotel-like feel, but also serves as a versatile canvas, effortlessly complementing various color palettes."

Remember when designing your room, if you do not have natural light on your side, make sure you create dimension with your use of color. Kropovinsky recommends adding some definition with dark colors:

"In small bedrooms, go for light and reflective colors to brighten a small bedroom — soft blues or green shades, and include a dark accent for depth."

Colorful bedrooms that are on the. cozy side want a dose of playfulness. Let your design imagination run a little wild and don't be afraid to try things out or change things up with the seasons to see what works for your small space.

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