I've spent hours scrolling through accent chairs for small spaces — and these are the most stylish buys under $300, IMO

Boujiee on a budget

Two types of small accent chairs, one in a dark living space the Carbon Loft Hofstetler Armless Accent Chair and the Threshold™ Rosemead Metal Frame and Rounded Back Faux Sherling Accent Chair Cream in a neutral living room
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I am guessing you're here because you've suddenly realized that you need an accent chair — maybe to go with your small couch, or possibly even to inject some color into your room or fill an otherwise ~ awkward ~ empty corner that you can't put another plant in. Girl, I am two steps ahead of you. I recently bought an accent chair that sits in my bedroom, in an otherwise empty corner, and trust me when I say I've managed to basically earn my money back already. I bring it into my living-dining room when we have people over and don't want anyone to sit on the floor. And when it's used in my bedroom to hold my (sometimes clean) clothes, it gives the illusion my bedroom is tidy. 

Not to be dramatic, but an accent chair can drastically change the whole look of your space. And if you invest in one of the small accent chairs we've featured on this list, it won't take up too much precious floor space — and yours will last for years to come.

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So, I've done the (arguably) hard part for you and have been doing some online shopping for the best accent chair for small spaces. I've managed to narrow it down to these nine picks, and every single one is highly rated by shoppers with a star rating of more than four (out of five, obvs). They're all perfect for small corners, small living rooms, and generally just tiny apartments. And they are so chic. So, next time you worry that you've got nowhere to sit, let your accent chair be your saving grace.

The best accent chairs for small spaces — under $300

The prices in this guide were correct at the time of publishing.

What to look for in an accent chair

There are some pretty obvious things to look for when you're hoping to buy a small accent chair, the first being size. If you know where your new chair will live, then definitely measure before pressing pay. If you're not sure, then measure anyway just so that you have a good idea of how high and deep it is, so that you're not surprised on delivery. Otherwise, also consider:

The fabric — is it easy to clean? Check the fabric of your new chair and how easy it is to clean. Most polyester chairs are simple to get marks off, using an upholstery cleaner and a cloth. However, more delicate fabrics like linens might be tough. Depending on where you'll be using the chair, you should get away with it. But there's nothing worse than fake tan and red wine stains, IYKYK.

The look — is it easy to clean? Does it match the rest of your aesthetic? The whole point of an accent chair is to make a statement, yes, but by statement we want it to also blend in with the rest of your home. If your space is super modern, don't go for a traditional-style chair or it will look like it was an accidental purchase. If you want your chair to stand out, go for a pop of color if that's your thing.

Its height — we've featured a mix of standard-height accent chairs and low accent chairs in this guide. As a rule, lower chairs will make a space feel bigger, but they might not be as comfortable and you'll need room to stretch your legs out when sitting on one. Standard-height accent chairs are brilliant as you can also use them as a dining chair if you've got extra guests over.

How we chose these small accent chairs

All of the small accent chairs in this guide have been featured because shoppers rate them highly. You won't find anything under four stars here. We also considered them to be the best-looking of the bunch and the most affordable. All are less than $300 so they won't blow the bank, too. And you can buy another if you really like it.

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