Give your home a modern makeover

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Home renovation shouldn’t be reserved for the interior of your house; the outside can be just as characterful too. So why not make changes and alterations that will add to the kerb appeal of your house — you might be pleasantly surprised by how the exterior of a house can positively affect the price should you sell up.

Few people are lucky enough to have a house so perfectly maintained that they can’t think of one or two things that could be updated to modern tastes. The practical application of pebble dashing may have been fashionable in the 1920s, but these days it can be outdated and could, potentially, put off those with more contemporary tastes. Similarly, features that have been added in more recent years –your garage extension, porch or conservatory – could begin to start looking tired themselves.

If you’re looking to update the outside of your house, then there are plenty of quick and easy fixes you could try, starting from the ground and working your way up.

Reviving windows and doors

One of the first things people look at when viewing your house are windows and doors. Bedraggled windows certainly won’t impress anyone, but nor will serviceable ones that look old-fashioned. Have a look at how the neighbours have styled their windows and doors, and see how yours match up.

If you’re looking to add a period feel to your house, sash windows and a classic painted front door might just do the trick. For some contemporary style, sleek contemporary frames, and even big, open panes of glass will make a big change. Similarly a modern home will benefit from a striking modern entrance, so replacing the front door with contemporary wood or glass inserts will really give the impression of a stylish and welcoming home.

Refreshing walls

If it’s your exterior walls that need a bit of an update, the easiest thing to do is give them a new coat of paint — it will cost hundreds rather than thousands, and pull the look of your house together. If your exterior is rundown and in need of a complete revamp, then you might want to consider cladding. Render is a simple option, smooth and easy to paint, otherwise wood cladding is a popular choice. Cladding is so flexible that it can match both contemporary and traditional style homes — think sleek Scandinavian-style natural boards teamed with concrete and steel elements. Often characteristic of the New England aesthetic, adding some cladding will protect your walls and make your house look interesting and rustic.

An updated roof

Many people look at the roof of a house before they step through the door. Even a bit of a quick clean can have a positive affect on the way your whole home looks. Again, snoop at your neighbours roofing, and if you’re disappointed by how yours compares, you might think about an update. Good-quality colour matched tiles to bring your house in line with the neighbourhood will be a worthwhile replacement.