5 tips for furnishing a studio or apartment

Everything you need to know about choosing the right furniture for an apartment

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If you live in a studio or apartment, you may be facing the problem of trying to create a stylish, clutter-free home, while making sure you have enough storage space for all of your possessions. Even if you are gifted with a spacious studio, you might want to find ways to make the most of an open-plan arrangement.

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The Libya Living Room Set 6 comes in high gloss white, with a combination of solid and glass doors to show off prized possessions, but hide remotes and DVDs. It includes LED spotlighting and soft close doors. Priced from £1,389.95, furnitureinfashion.net


1. Make the most of wall space

If you live in a modest apartment, floorspace is at a premium. Keeping as much stuff as you can off the floor, really helps make a room feel bigger while allowing for clear circulation space (and makes life much easier when it is time to vacuum). This is where wall storage becomes your best friend.

Use wall units and shelving in place of freestanding bookshelves. Mount your television on the wall or use a wall-mounted TV stand to create a bespoke media area. You could even accessorise the space with ambient LED lighting – it looks great and is a space-saving alternative to floor lamps.

The Bremen Living Room Wall Unit features two wall-mounted units and two floor standing TV units in gloss white. The Brement Midsection in black acoustic fabric makes this combination perfect for a multimedia area. Priced from £499.95, furnitureinfashion.net


Wall storage is not just for those trying to squeeze as much as they can into every inch of their apartment. If you are looking for a clean, contemporary look, well-planned wall storage will provide a place for everything, neatly tucked away behind closed doors. Use high gloss, or even mirrored doors to enhance the space and reflect light.

2. Use multifunctional furniture

If you live in a studio flat, or open plan apartment, it can be hard to furnish a space which has so many uses. This is where it really pays to invest in some quality multifunctional pieces of furniture which can accommodate all your living requirements, without needing lots of different pieces dotted around the room.


Concealed storage space in the Verona coffee table, makes it the perfect choice for minimalist living spaces. Priced at £249.95

Classic examples of multifunctional furniture include a sofa bed, which allows you to quickly turn a living space into a guest bedroom, and storage benches that offer occasional seating while keeping all that clutter out of sight.

The Pescara Corner Sofa Bed is covered in black faux leather and grey fabric. It includes storage space and costs £639.95

Why not also consider a hallway storage combination to house everything you need to grab as you dash out the door. These often come with some kind of seat, perhaps a tabletop for the telephone, and hooks or a cupboard for coats and bags. You could even arrange this to act as a screen between your front door and living area for more privacy as you answer the door.

The Canberra Wall-Mounted Hallway Stand is here pictured as a set with the Canberra Shoe Cabinet and wall mirror. The hallway stand alone is £359.95, or buy as a set with the other items for £759.95, furnitureinfashion.net

The bureau has made a return in recent years, with modern versions adapted to suit laptops. These are a great option for those needing a small space to work but don’t want a desk cluttering their living space. Bureaus have a door which opens downwards into a desk, with shelves and drawers for stationery inside. When shut, everything is neatly out of site and can be used like a console table or sideboard for displaying decorative items.

3. Consider extendable or fold-out pieces

Choosing furniture which is too big for the space looks bad and makes a space harder to use. Take advantage of the many extendable pieces of furniture on the market to give you flexible options for when guests come round.

Avoid squeezing an eight-seater dining table into a room which would comfortably accommodate one for six, by going for a smaller option that can be extended when you need it. Alternatives include drop leaf tables that, when collapsed, can be used as a slim console table. Or, drop down versions concealed in cupboards or wall panels.

The Deluca Dining table from furnitureinfashion.net, extends from 160cm to 200cm. The central leg makes it easy to seat more guests without the limitations of corner legs. From £399.95

Folding chairs are another great choice for flexible living. Forget the chewing gum-plastered versions dragged out for school assemblies – there are stylish options on the market that can be tucked in a cupboard or under a bed, to be brought out when needed.

Fold down beds (often referred to as Murphy beds in reference to a famous manufacturer of them), may seem like a kitsch throwback, but are incredibly useful in studio flats without a separate bedroom.

4. Go modular

Modular furniture offers ultimate flexibility in any home, but is particularly well suited to apartments and flats. A popular modular furniture choice in the modern home is the sectional sofa.  As suggested by the name, these sofas come in sections, allowing you to adapt their configuration to your needs. Armless sections are often paired with right hand, or left hand arm sections to make a corner sofa.

The Bardo Modern Fabric Corner Sofa Bed in yellow, includes storage and has a chaise lounge end. It costs £1,199.95

A forgotten advantage of these sofas is also how easily they can be delivered into a flat or apartment – anyone who has seen the famous ‘pivot’ episode of Friends (or tried themselves), knows that carrying even a relatively small two seater sofa to an apartment is not easily done.

Modular storage is another great choice allowing you to fit your storage to your space and adapt as needed.

6. Zone your space

Open plan rooms make the most of a floor plan and create good flow in a home. However, many people are moving towards broken plan to give themselves the benefits of open plan, without the associated drawbacks such as the transmission of noise and the feeling that everyone is living on top of each other. One solution to this is to create clear zones in your open plan spaces.

There are physical ways to do this, such as using furniture as room dividers. Wide, freestanding bookshelves can be used to do this, and can be emphasised by placing your furniture to denote defined areas for work, relaxation and eating.

The Version Shelving Unit – seen here in Fresco Oak – can be used as a room divider while offering valuable storage space. £149.95, furnitureinfashion.net

Another way is to use colour and light. Paint the zone you use for eating in a different (but complementary) colour to your living room. Then plan your lighting scheme to enhance these areas. Use good, bright task lighting for work and food preparation zones, but ambient lighting to set a mood in areas where you relax.

You can also use flooring to create zones. If this isn’t an option, large rugs can be used to pull a seating area together, while adding comfort.


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