Farmhouse fall decor ideas – 15 rustic ideas for this autumn

With the cozy season here, these farmhouse fall decor ideas will give your home an autumnal makeover

a dining table in an enclosed stone courtyard with fall and autumnal decor - Garden Trading
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As the seasons change, so can our homes – from light and airy in the summer months to a cozy cocooning feel in fall. And marking the start of the season with fall decor is easy, if you know how.

The changes are simple to make, a swap of accessories, a new textured rug, or a lick of paint in a fall color. Farmhouse fall decorating ideas are all about natural elements like wood, linen and stone and using what’s to hand like picking branches from your backyard tree and investing in loads of pumpkins, you can never have too many!

Corey Hudson, the creative behind Hudson Farmhouse home decor blog explains, 'Beautiful fall farmhouse decor is the perfect way to celebrate the season and any DIYer’s dream. And all decor these days are not just one size fits all — there are so many unique and interesting ways to turn your home into the talk of the town.'

Fall decor for a farmhouse ideas

We’ve sourced 15 fabulous fall decor ideas for a farmhouse that will give you tips and tricks so you can transform your home this season.

1. Hand pick from your backyard and display in baskets

stone floor in a country kitchen with dark blue cabinets, wood dining table and wood worktops

(Image credit: Floors of Stone)

We tend to decorate our porches, hallways and living rooms but neglect the heart of your farmhouse – the country kitchen

Yet it’s a space that’s ideal for creating wild displays of stems and branches that can feature on tables and windowsills to add color and texture. 

2. Welcome your guests this fall with a pumpkin or two at your front door

exterior of farmhouse with green painted front door, bench with pumpkins on it and autumnal displays

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Rather like Christmas, fall is a great time to go all out for your decor, both outside and in. 

A welcoming bench with a trio of pumpkins is a great no carve pumpkin idea, make sure they are of varying heights and colors. 

There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside during ‘golden hour’, that lovely time of day when the sun starts to set, keep a blanket in a basket to hand for when it gets cooler. 

3. Farmhouse dining – cozy gatherings are the best!

Outside dining autumnal decoration, fall wreath and rattan chairs

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Farmhouses lend themselves to rustic elements like stone and wicker and corners like this are ideal for impromptu fall gatherings. 

Create a fall feel by picking some orange, yellow and red leafed branches and popping them in a vase, add a bunch to a wicker wreath and hang that from a hook. 

Layer up your table with terracotta tableware and provide a cozy blanket for each guest to keep them toasty.

4. Decorate your alcoves with logs

log pile in alcove of living room with rattan sofa and log store

(Image credit: JL Interior Design)

Logs are synonymous with fall and winter and now’s the perfect time to get your order in, and most importantly, to keep them dry. 

They can be kept indoors, and we love the idea of them becoming part of your farmhouse fall color scheme. Epitomizing the colors of fall – rust, orange and all those textures – why not create a display with them? We asked Jessica Davis, co-founder of Nashville based JL Design her thoughts:

‘Adding firewood next to a fireplace in your living room creates an inviting and cozy mood by introducing warm tones and textures.’

5. Switch up your pillows and add cozy blankets

fall decor living room with check cushions and throws, open fire, painted sideboard

(Image credit: Neptune)

A change in season means a change of decor, and the best room to do this in is the living room, so take a look through these gorgeous fall living room decorating ideas.

George Miller, home designer at Neptune says:

'Complementing the traditional elements of the home, like exposed wood beams or brick walls, with natural wood timbers and neutral colours will also go a long way in achieving a fall farm house look.'

'Additionally, soft furnishings and extra layers will provide your living room with that snug country home feeling. Draping throws and cushions will also really help to keep the evening chills at bay as we enter the new cooler season.'

6. It’s all about the colors

fall decor cushion on rattan chair with dried flowers in a vase in fall colors

(Image credit: Ikea)

Really, anything you choose from your fall farmhouse decor will work as long as it’s in the colors synonymous with the season. Rich russets, deep orange, burnt umber and red will all create that fall feel. 

Pillows printed in leaf designs naturally help, and source some dried stems – they are so on trend now you can’t go wrong!

7. Team natural elements together

dining room with fall decor, pumpkins, rustic table and benches, open fire

(Image credit: Neptune)

Creating stylish fall decor for a farmhouse includes using as many rustic textures as you can get together – wood, stone, ceramics, coir and linen. Each plays a part in creating wonderful textures that together give that fall farmhouse feel. 

Add in some small pumpkins in groups on your table top, linen napkins with coir and vintage rugs underfoot and your fall farmhouse dining room will be complete. 

8. A wreath full of berries, leaves and gourds

outside fall decor with bench and cushions, fall wreath and hanging garland

(Image credit: Wayfair)

As a Christmas wreath makes the beginning of the festive season, a fall design will signify the start of the fall season and be a welcoming addition to your front door or barn door. 

Craft your own by gathering red berries, yellow and orange leaves, small gourds and mini pumpkins and wiring them to a wreath base. Then hang it on a hook in your backyard. These DIY fall wreaths will look just right and are super easy to craft.

9. Don’t forget the finishing touches

detail of fall decor on dining table, candlesticks, selection of nuts etc

(Image credit: Susie Novak)

The small details are as important as the big ones, and considering your table decor for your fall farmhouse is also important as California based interior designer Susie Novak advises: 

‘I always love and prefer a moody approach to fall decor. Blacks for candle holders, placemats, and other accents. Dark red, purple florals and fruits. We have a fig tree in our back yard so I'll add figs and their branches into my decorating scheme.’

10. Go all out with your fall table settings

fall decor table setting with wood, linen, sunflowers

(Image credit: Wayfair)

To create a farmhouse fall feel with your table go all out with your textures – rustic is the key word and use all the fall colors too. 

Amber glass tealight holders, pumpkins, wood table centres and a huge vase full of sunflowers - the cheeriest flower of all for fall! 

This will look perfect as a show-stopping Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

11. Ditch the plain pillows for botanical prints

farmhouse style living room with botanical print cushions, velvet sofa and armchair

(Image credit: Blendworth)

Simple pillow swaps like plains for botanical prints will make a big difference to your farmhouse living room idea

Look out for prints that depict forests, leaves and foliage so you’re bringing the outside in and they can be in more fall colors like deep pink, orange, stone and black. 

Another quick fall update is to change your rug from a plain design to a highly textured one – it will give a more cozy feel. 

12. Decorate your mantle and fire surround

fall decor fire surround with pumpkin lights, fairy lights, wreath and garland

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Coppery toned berries interwoven with golden leaves makes for a fabulous garland that can be laid along a mantlepiece or shelf. Here's how to make a fall garland to impress your guests.

You can never have too much decor at this time of year, light candles, hang fairy lights and of course, have a roaring fire too for extra warmth and glow this fall season. 

13. Feeling arty? Add some fall color to your walls

dining table with three different coloured painted on wall, autumnal scheme

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you love DIY then changing up your walls will be a breeze. A couple of new shades like burnt umber and ginger will perk up a modern farmhouse decor idea in no time. 

Who knew ‘brown’ could look so fabulous with these wall colors? 

Remember to bring your new colors through to the rest of the scheme with your accessories for a cohesive look. 

14. Create a display in your hallway

Fall display in hallway with pumpkin lights, a lantern and candles

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

A rustic console table lends itself to a lovely fall display right? You can use real pumpkins in between faux ones to create interest and we love these from Lights4Fun that light up  – an easy hallway decorating idea that creates a cozy feel.

Add in a lantern or two for extra light and layer it with autumnal branch stems.

15. Light up your front porch as the light goes down…

exterior of house with blue painted front door and pumpkins and lanterns

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Light up your pathway with a fabulous array of real and faux pumpkins with scary faces ready for Halloween! Learn how to carve a pumpkin like a pro with our easy guide.

Use a mixture of sizes with the largest being placed at the back. Pop in some gourds too as their shape will add more interest and texture to your farmhouse fall porch idea.

How can I make my house autumnal? 

Changing your color scheme to fall shades will be the main thing to do, and you can do this with accessories like pillows, blankets, tealight holders and rugs. 

Add in the key ingredients like pumpkins and gourds and your home will instantly feel more fall-like – and will work equally well as a halloween decorating idea.

How do I turn my house into a farmhouse style? 

Farmhouse style starts with adding rustic textures – wood being the number one element. 

Vintage finds like old stools, sideboards and tables will do the trick and then add in pieces like linen upholstered armchairs, beautiful artisan tableware and one off finds like wire baskets that can be used inside to store items and old light fittings. 

Keep the color scheme rich rather than bright for a cozy rustic living room idea.

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor of indie magazine, 91, Sophie trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for the modern bride.