No carve pumpkin ideas: 7 ways to create mess free Halloween decor

These no carve pumpkin ideas are easy, stylish and you get to skip all that messy part too...

No carve pumpkin ideas
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Looking for no carve pumpkin ideas? Who can still be doing with all the messy of decapitating a vegetable, pulling out all the gross bits, engraving a (very) basic pattern only for it to turn out nothing like the one you were trying to copy off Pinterest? Not us. So we have accepted defeat and are resorting to the non-carve options. Turns out they are way easier and way more stylish too! 

Here we share with you our fave no carve pumpkin ideas for you to try out this weekend. And if you are after more pumpkin decorating ideas we have a whole gallery for you to peruse through. 

1. Create a cute porch display with pastel painted pumpkins

Paint is our new fave way to decorate pumpkins, zero mess, loads of style. We love @_lisa_dawson_'s porch display  – the pink, red and orange is bang on trend but the creepy eye gives it a  suitable spooky feel. All you need to get this look yourself is paint, and paintbrush and as many pumpkins as you can fit on your step.

2. Decorate your pumpkins with dried flowers

Such a cute no carve pumpkin idea from @houselarsbuilt! Dried flowers are bang on trend this season so why not stick them on you pumpkins too. Pick ones that match the color of your pumpkins to keep things rustic and natural-looking. 

3. Go abstract with your no carve pumpkins

These pumpkins by @kailochic look like they were done by someone who actually has some artistic talent (they were) but any novice could give this a go. Just pick colors that work together and just build up the color with different sized strokes.   

4. Mix in some metallics 

Such a cute color palette here! We love the slightly rustic unfinished look that comes from using real pumpkins. For this you could use spray paints and just mix and match how much of the pumpkin you cover – spray some completely, half spray others or just to the storks! Give your display a touch of glamour by using metallic spray paint. 

5. Decoupage on some autumn leaves 

Such an easy no carve pumpkin idea, just stick on some leaves! You could head into nature find the leaves yourself – buy come on finding the perfect proportions, totally undamaged leaf is not an easy task, so you could just pick some up from a craft store. Where ever you decide to source your leaves, use glue to secure them to your pumpkin in whatever pattern you like – we think covered the whole thing in leaves would look cute. 

6. Dip your pumpkins in paint 

@melanielissackinteriors  has a very cute, very 2020 appropriate display on her doorstep, so go and check that our on her Instagram –  but the basis are these very cute dipped pumpkins. You could get the look by literally dipping your pumpkin half in paint and let the paint drip down the sides, or you could go for a neater look and create the effect yourself with a small paintbrush. 

7. Draw details onto your pumpkins

A bit more technical than dipping your pumpkin in paint, why not get some marker pens, or a fine paintbrush and paint some patterns onto your pumpkin? It's still really easy but the results are super impressive! 

If @theresagromski's stunning creations are a bit out of your realm, why not just try simple stripes or spots? 

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