13 farmhouse living room ideas you can recreate in your home

These farmhouse living room ideas are sure to inspire a makeover no matter where you live

Farmhouse living room ideas
(Image credit: Madeline Harper)

Fear not, you don't have to live in the country to be inspired by these farmhouse living room ideas. City dwellers, these are for you too, because we all know farmhouse and country style, isn't reserved for those who live surrounded by fields and cattle. While yes, it helps if you have exposed beams, rustic floorboards and an open fire, but even if you haven't been blessed with these features in your city apartment, there are plenty of ways to bring this ever-popular style into your home.

So if your living room is in need of a revamp, and you fancy embracing this very much Cottagecore approved vibe, we've got plenty of looks to get you started. From DIY shiplap walls, to picking out a soothing color palette, there's everything you need to get that wholesome, rustic style right here. 

1. Pick a soft neutral color scheme

The key to creating a farmhouse living room is not so much what you fill it with, it's more about creating that country vibe. A laid back feel that instantly makes you slow down, relax and feel really... comfy. And that all starts with a simple, soothing color scheme. 

Stick to very natural, neutral colors, nothing too harsh, so even with whites, keep them soft rather than brilliant. Add in creams, beige and hints of light grey too. And any bolder colors you do bring in keep them muted and earthy, nothing too bright that's going to instantly draw the eye (more on that later). 

2. Add in contrast with darker accents

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

And to give all those neutral colors a bit of grounding if you are after a more modern look, bring in some darker hues too. The clean black lines in this living room give it a more elegant, sophisticated feel without totally canceling out that cozy inviting feel you always want with farmhouse interiors. 

3. Pile up the textures 

living room with lit fire in 1700s New England farmhouse

(Image credit: John Gruen)

As with any limited color scheme, you need to add in that interest with plenty of textures. So pile up the cushions and layer your rugs to create warmth and comfort. We love how this living room feels so inviting and yet elegant at the same – the furniture is very traditional and almost stately, but it's given that more relaxed feel thanks to the many throws and cushions.

4. Mix country style with a more contemporary look

Grey and white living room with wooden accents

(Image credit: Fiona Walker Arnott)

Modern farmhouse seems to be the way to do this style right now, and it's a really simple look to recreate. Farmhouse living rooms don't always have to be super rustic, if you like a cleaner, more contemporary look try mixing in some minimalist Scandi elements. 

Still keep things relaxed with plenty of soft furnishing and wooden accents, but choose modern furniture, keep the space clutter-free and hang simple prints for a more chic take on this traditional look. 

5. Bring in natural materials with statement furniture

Living room with wooden beams and rustic decor

(Image credit: Design by Emily Henderson Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp)

Another gorgeous farmhouse living room, that embraces the country aesthetic but still feels modern. There are still lots of textures and layers going on here, but the space feels light and fresher than more traditional country homes. And we love the wooden coffee table, it works with both styles – the shape is very statement and contemporary, but the finish, the soft, untreated wood, gives it a more rustic appeal.

6. Don't be afraid to add hints of color

Living room in barn conversion

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Lovers of color, you can still bring some farmhouse style into your living room. This rusty orange velvet sofa and the blue armchairs bring the perfect amount of color into this space. Plus there is that lovely cohesive feeling with the warmth of the brick wall. The walls, ceilings and floor have all been kept light so despite the darker color of the furniture it feels far from gloomy, a tip we would definitely recommend if you want to work these deeper tones into your living room.

7. Create a unique space with reclaimed furniture 


(Image credit: Richard Gadsby)

Easiest way to get a farmhouse feel in your current living room? Mix in some second-hand buys. Hunt around at antique stores and thrift shops and pick out pieces that you can upcycle and reuse in your space. And look out for furniture that can be repurposed as something else too – a trunk as a coffee table for example will add some instant rustic vibes.

8. Add a touch of southwestern charm

Cabin decor ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

Add a southwestern flair to a farmhouse-style living room and what you get is a very effortless, slightly boho, cozy space that gets the balance between shabby and chic spot on. 

To recreate this very cool look, decorate with plenty of white and add in some wooden accents to work with that country style. Then for the more edgy, ski cabin feel add in some worn textures and subtle patterns throw pillows to create that 'lived in' look. 

9. Curate displays for rustic charm 

Farmhouse living room

(Image credit: Neptune)

Eclectic details are key to farmhouse style, so curating displays of rustic treasures is a really simple way to add some country charm to your living room. Clutter is no bad thing, in fact, the more stuff on show the better. 

Now of course we aren't talking just any old stuff, clutter still has to be curated and each piece has to fit with the vibe. Have a rummage through charity shops and junk shops to find quirky, one-off pieces that could sit on open shelves – old vases, milk bottles, vintage glass and patterned china will work too. And mix into some of your own pieces too, like photo frames and houseplants to reflect your own tastes. 

  • If you need more shelving ideas to get you inspired we have a whole feature for you to peruse. 

10. Panel the walls

renovated rustic cottage

(Image credit: Unique Home Stays)

Nothing says country farmhouse style quite like paneling. Shiplap paneling is particularly popular right now, giving rooms a country feel, adding depth and an instant modern rustic feel to a room. 

Good news is you can actually DIY a shiplap wall yourself, there are plenty of affordable kits out there. But if you are renting or want to save the expense of nailing planks of wood to your wall, you can get really authentic-looking wallpapers that are 100% easier to put up. Just check out Wayfair for plenty of options. 

11. Create interest with vintage textiles

beamed cottage with sofas and fireplace

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Ah, this to us is a classic farmhouse living room. The low ceilings, the beams the traditional patterns going on, love it all. We get that some of us aren't lucky enough to be blessed with all these period features that come with more traditional homes but you can still recreate this look – scour places like eBay for second-hand sofas and footstools (remember you can always reupholster them too to match your style), Persian rugs are a must, and look out for vintage fabric you can turn into pillow covers too. 

12. Go super modern with your furniture 

Vintage finds, salvaged treasures and a spot of DIY helped Sophie and Bob Waiting convert their barn

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

If you are blessed with an actual farmhouse, or a home that has period features, opting for very modern furniture can create a really cool contrast. The vaulted ceiling and wooden beams in this home scream farmhouse aesthetic, but the retro, Scandi style furniture and striking log burner could not be further from that soft, country style and the overall all effect is very on trend. 

13. When in doubt, pile up the logs

farmhouse sitting room

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Because what farmhouse living room doesn't have a pile of logs? Even you don't have a wood burner, logs add so much lovely texture and natural color. They can look just as stylish piled up on shelving or in an alcove, or why not just arrange some logs in a basket to create a rustic display. 

Is the farmhouse look still in style?

Swedish farmhouse

(Image credit: Future)

Yes! The farmhouse look is very much still in style. As with all these classic looks, what tends to happen is a twist on the style becomes more fashionable. Right now modern farmhouse living rooms are the most popular, so neutral hues, plenty of wood but clean lines and minimalist furniture mixed in. 

How do you get the farmhouse look on a budget?

Cabin decor ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

The best thing about redecorating living rooms is unlike a bathroom or a kitchen, you can totally switch up the look on a barely-there budget. Try just switching out your soft furnishings – pick up some new throw pillows in light shades and rustic textures, thrown down a new rug too and you'll instantly start to see a difference.

A fresh coat of paint can make a massive difference too. Don your DIY dungarees and paint your living room in a soft white to make the space feel fresher and more like a blank canvas to start adding some of that farmhouse vibe to. 

Remember too, farmhouse style is meant to look lived in, so save money by buying second-hand and upcycling your finds. 

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