12 fall home decor buys that will make your place cute and cozy

Picks for every room 🍂

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The leaves are just starting to crisp up. The air is a touch chillier. The coffee shops are selling PSLs. Yes — the cozy vibes have officially arrived. It's my fave time of year, so of course I’m planning to decorate my place with all the fall home decor possible. I’m talking wreaths, pumpkins, and everything in between.

There’s something about fall decor that just makes me want to dive under a blanket and watch endless reruns of Gilmore Girls. Its leafy hues are warm and inviting, as are its natural textures. I can’t think of a season where everyone is so quick to get into it, and its cute decorations are def part of the reason.

If you’re like me and need all the fall decor in your home ASAP, I’ve got us both covered. I’ve rounded up plenty of fall home decor buys, covering a range of rooms. So basically, no matter which one you want to decorate (hands up if it’s all of them!), there’s plenty of inspo.

Grab your warmest scarf and get on your boots — we’re about to go shopping.

I’m officially obsessed with these fall home decor buys — and they’re all under $35

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From cute candles to snug throws, these are my fave decor picks for the season.

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Fall living area decor

It’s the first room you and your guests enter, so it’s gotta be the one that makes the biggest statement.

Fall kitchen decor

I love baking pecan pies and cinnamon rolls in fall, and think this would be 10x more wholesome with fall accessories.

Fall bathroom decor

Yes — even your bathroom can get into the fall spirit. Cozy bath times? You know that’s a vibe.

Fall bedroom decor

Create a relaxing atmosphere to catch some Zs in, with warm hues and soft textures.

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