9 bedroom cleaning hacks to try this week

Because cleaning is boring, TBH

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Having a clean bedroom is an essential part of having a clean home. However, we often ignore these spaces. After all, while we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, it’s very easy to ignore those dust bunnies under the bed or the dirt on the window sill, especially when you just use the room for sleep and pick your #OOTD. Sometimes, it takes a little extra motivation or a helpful cleaning hack or two to guide you in the right direction to keep these spaces clean and tidy.

Here are the best bedroom cleaning hacks, according to the experts. 

 1. Fresh air and light will speed up the process

According to Elena Ledoux, founder and CEO of Superb Maids, which is a cleaning service in Las Vegas, Tampa, and Portland, a little bit of air and light can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning your bedroom. “Air out the room, open the blinds, curtains, windows," she says. "Fresh air makes a huge difference and light allows for better visibility when cleaning."

If you have table lamps or even that dreaded overhead light, don’t forget to turn them on before you begin your cleaning session. It'll speed things up! Oh, invest in a nice air freshener to use after you've cleaned. Our favorite is the Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray from Amazon.

2. Follow the three object rule

It’s best to declutter before you begin cleaning and dusting to make it easier to reach all surfaces. “Each horizontal surface should have no more than three objects — preferably zero,” explains Ledoux. She also suggests removing all items unrelated to rest and sleeping including clothing, papers, devices, and gadgets from nightstands. 

3. Use a lint roller to dust

An accumulation of dust can truly be an issue for those with allergies. It also looks unsightly. Dust tends to accumulate on all surfaces, so Ledoux says to leave no stone unturned when it comes to this. “Dust all surfaces, including beds, nightstands, windowsills, and the ceiling fan.” Don’t forget floor and ceiling moldings, if your bedroom has them. One of our favorite hacks for dusting surfaces such as a lampshade or bedding is using a lint roller (like this extra sticky one from Amazon). This will pick up tiny particles and won't spread them around like a regular feather duster.

4. Jump on the Sunday reset train

You've already seen this on TikTok, but this a trend worth hopping on. "The Sunday reset requires a little bit of discipline," says Sarah Cook, owner of Nanny’s & Granny’s Housekeeping & Childcare. "However, if you can nail this, you will start your week in the top three percent of the entire population! The most successful people on the planet plan in advance." 

What does this entail? Cook says to set aside an hour and a half every Sunday at a minimum. "It will have a trickle-down effect and help you to succeed and kill your week," she explains. "The Sunday reset includes things like cleaning out your refrigerator, planning your grocery list and grocery shopping, washing your sheets and laundry, and prepping anything you need for Monday morning.” If you do a Sunday reset consistently, your bedroom will always be clean.

5. Use your vacuum for more than rugs

Don’t only vacuum the floor, such as area rugs or carpeting. Ledoux also recommends vacuuming any upholstered furniture thoroughly. This is something that tends to get forgotten. Just keep in mind that you probably need to use a different vacuum or attachment than what you used to clean the flooring. Otherwise, a handheld vacuum cleaner can help you do this job. A good upholstery cleaner or spray is another quick way to get your bedroom furniture looking fresh again quickly, too.

6. Cut down your bedding to cut down on cleaning

While most of us have at least one extra set of sheets, Brenda Prinzavalli of Balanced Organizing Solutions recommends nixing the extra because it can create more clutter. It can also mean additional laundry pile-up. "One set of sheets and limit extra pillows," she says. "If you can wash sheets and get them right back on the bed in one day, then consider just one set of sheets. Multiple sets means you have to store the ones you’re not using."

7. Oh, and cut down on those throw pillows, too

"Decorative pillows can add design and personality to the room, but you need to be cautious about too many pillows because you have to put them someplace when you get into bed," says Prinzavalli. In addition to creating additional clutter, throw pillows can attract extra dirt and dust. But if you can't live without them, then just opt for one or two. 

8. Create a bedroom cleaning kit to work smarter not harder

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Cook suggests investing in cleaning supplies that make you work smarter instead of harder. “I bought a cordless vacuum, MagicErasers, a duster, and my favorite cleaning scents," she says. "It actually made me enjoy cleaning more. The vacuum and products are investments but hey save me the most valuable thing — time.”

Consider purchasing a high-quality vacuum for your bedroom, especially if it has attachments to more easily clean multiple surfaces. Alternatively, consider a robot vacuum if you have trouble motivating yourself to do this task. As soon as you have a bedroom-specific cleaning arsenal, the whole thing will go a lot faster.

Our top three cordless vacuum cleaners:

9. Schedule your bedroom's scents

Talk about smart living. Ledoux recommends using essential oils (she is personally a fan of lavender) or fresh flowers to make the room smell nice and relaxing. You can also consider using a plug-in diffuser or device such as a Pura, which you can get on Amazon. It can run up to two fragrances at a time on a schedule! Otherwise, any other essential oil diffuser will also work a treat.

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