Best essential oil diffusers: 5 ways to make your home smell sweet

Thanks to these best essential oil diffusers, you can humidify, deodorise, and even set the mood in your home

The best essential oil diffusers

Looking for the best essential oil diffuser for your home? Safer than a candle, more subtle than a reed diffuser, and more versatile than both, the best essential oil diffusers can be a real asset when it comes to a beautifully scented home. 

We’ve rounded up the most highly rated options from across the web to help you find the one that’ll work for your space. 

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What is the best essential oil diffuser?

We think the best essential oil diffuser you can buy is the Ellia Aspire Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. However, we are aware that it's not within everyone's price range. So if you're after something cheap yet most definitely still cheerful, opt for the VicTsing Aroma Diffuser

How to buy the best essential oil diffuser

A far cry from plug-in air fresheners which can be bulky, plasticky and unsightly, these standalone diffusers are all designed with aesthetics as well as functionality in mind. Curvy shapes and premium materials are the order of the day, no matter where you’re planning on putting your diffuser, although if you’re thinking of using your diffuser every night, consider one like the Esteban Timer Edition Ultrasonic Electric Diffuser, which doubles up as a clock to really earn its place at the bedside.


We've listed the dimensions of each product, so that if you're after something to hide away behind a book, you can picture its size. 

Time on

We've also noted the amount of hours the machine will work for before turning off; our longest are the first two picks at 10 hours.


Last but not least, we've listed the material of the reed diffuser whether it's plastic, wood or ceramic. Several of our plastic options are BPA free too.


Best essential oil diffuser you can buy: Ellia Aspire Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

1. Ellia Aspire Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Best essential oil diffuser you can buy: with sound, lights and scent, this good-looking diffuser is aspirational for sure

Best for: Long periods
Dimensions: H25cm x W20cm x D28cm
Time on: 10 hours continuous, 20 hours intermittent
Material: Glass and wood
Reasons to buy
+Set for up to 20 hours+Looks good
Reasons to avoid

This ultrasonic diffuser uses micro-vibrations to diffuse oil into a fine mist, ensuring light and even scent dispersal with no heat source whatsoever for your peace of mind. Another multi-sensory option, it also boasts a colour-changing mood light, but adds peaceful sounds into the bargain for an all-in-one spa experience. All of this can be customised from your smartphone using the buddy app, so you don’t even have to get up from your lounger. When you’re done, you can feel free to leave it out, as the simple glass and wood design looks elegant even while dormant, and it can be set for stretches up to 20 hours. 

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Best essential oil diffuser for night time use: VicTsing Aroma Diffuser

2. VicTsing Aroma Diffuser

Best essential oil diffuser for night time use: drift off with this peace-of-mind-boosting diffuser

Best for: Bedtime
Dimensions: H17.1cm x W17.1cm x D15.3cm
Time on: 10 hours
Material: Plastic, wood grain coating
Reasons to buy
+Safety functions ideal for overnight use+Affordable+Available in different colours+BPA free
Reasons to avoid

Like our previous pick from Ellia, this diffuser uses ultrasonic technology for quiet, heat-free operation, just one of the things that makes it our best aroma diffuser for sleep. It offers a choice of timed modes from one hour to continuous and a waterless auto-off function, so you don’t need to worry about drifting off, and it’s energy-efficient too for ultimate peace of mind. The versatile natural wood grain design makes it suited to most schemes (although there are dark red and black options to choose from, too), and added to the sweet squat shape and soothing abilities, that makes it our best for the bedside table. 

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Best essential oil diffuser for versatility: Esteban Timer Edition Ultrasonic Electric Diffuser

3. Esteban Timer Edition Ultrasonic Electric Diffuser

Best essential oil diffuser for versatility: an alarm and diffuser in one means you can wake to a waft of beautiful scent

Best for: Multiple uses
Dimensions: H16.5cm x W13.5cm x D13.5cm
Time on: 5-7 hours
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+Diffuser and alarm in one+Different colour lights
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best looking

This electronic aromatherapy diffuser doubles up as an alarm clock, so it rivals the VicTsing diffuser as our best bedside option. If you’re short on space, or simply want something that’ll earn its footprint by waking you up as well as sending you off to sleep, this looks to be a good option. You can set the timer so that the diffuser releases a mist upon waking – try a zingy citrus oil like grapefruit that’ll really make you want to spring out of bed – as well as beginning to glow for a more gentle start to your morning than the average alarm.

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Best high-quality essential oil diffuser: ELLIA Blossom Diffuser

4. ELLIA Blossom Diffuser

Best high-quality essential oil diffuser: with premium materials and a handsome design, this Ellia diffuser looks good on or off

Best for: High quality
Dimensions: H19cm x W21.5cm x D13cm
Time on: 6 hours
Material: Ceramic, wood
Reasons to buy
+High-end design+Compact+Auto shut off

The ultimate low-key diffuser, this Ellia offering could easily pass as a vase or objet d’art with its simple ceramic pottery and wood design, and it gives off a fine mist for soothing, non-intrusive alleviation of dry eyes and tickly coughs. It comes complete with a starter kit of sweet orange oil and peppermint oil, the former said to boast cleansing and uplifting properties, while the latter is cooling and refreshing in the face of overheating and congestion, so you can get started straight away and let the aromatherapy – as well as that relaxing glow – do its thing. 

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Best essential oil diffuser for ease of use: Anjou Aroma Diffuser

5. Anjou Aroma Diffuser

Best essential oil diffuser for ease of use: forget fiddly diffusers, this one’s easy peasy for maximum relaxation

Best for: Easy operation
Dimensions: H12.5cm x W12.5cm x D17cm
Time on: 8 hours
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+Very easy to operate+Available in two colours+BPA free
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most durable

Rather than using a separate remote control, smartphone app or bulky side buttons for adjustment, this sleek Anjou diffuser is touch-sensitive, so that you can alter the mode with the lightest of touches. You can set it to work for up to eight hours, making it an ideal overnight option for those who particularly suffer sleeping in dry environments, or all-day soothing for those who work from home. Most importantly, reviewers found it very easy to use: one touch for mist and lights, two touches for lights off, three touches for mist off. 

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