These 6 TikTok cleaning hacks are serious game-changers

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Okay, I’ll admit it — TikTok cleaning hacks have completely transformed my spring cleaning game this year. From deep cleaning my couch to de-staining my wooden spoons, I have never felt more motivated to get on top of all the dust, grime, and everything not so fine. I’m a self-confessed messy queen, so this is big news, people.

Because of my new love of cleaning, I’ve spent hours scrolling through TikTok (no surprise there) and my FYP has pretty much been filled with cleaning hacks. These cleaning hacks are easy to do, they're low-budget, and they ensure you aren’t at risk of damaging your rental (aka no detergent bottles stuck in the toilet — yes I’ve seen it, no I’m not giving it a try).

Here are the TikTok hacks I love and think will make your chores a lot easier, plus they don’t require you to buy any new cleaning supplies or cleaning tools if you'd rather use what you already have lingering around at home. Or if you don't have any more storage space — I get it.

6 TikTok cleaning hacks you need to try

1. Clean cabinets with a mop and cloth



Manual mops are fab for getting in all the gross corners of your floor. But, have you ever thought about using them up high instead of down low? I sure hadn’t, until I watched this video. Simply wrap a cleaning cloth around your mop head, spritz on some all-purpose cleaning spray, and use that big ol’ handle to reach up to those tricky-to-clean cabinets. I always tend to get these surfaces super sticky when cooking and forget to wipe them down after, so I’m very much loving this idea.

2. Make a dust repellent cleaning spray


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First of all, the key word here is repellent — it doesn’t just make the dust magically disappear, y’all. This is a super handy option to stop dust from settling, thanks to the art of science. The olive oil in it repels the dust, while the vinegar stops it from leaving your surfaces tacky. Mix these into a spray bottle (like these Amber glass ones from Amazon) with water and a few drops of citrus-scented essential oil. Yep, vinegar and olive oil do not smell good together (unless you’re dipping bread in them, obvi). From there, give it a good shake, and get spraying.  

3. Boil wooden spoons in hot water


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All of us on the Real Homes team have been giving this spoon cleaning hack a try, and have been left horrified at how much dirt actually stays inside a wooden spoon. Think of all the germs you’ve been stirring into your food this whole time! EW. Get all those cooking particles out by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda into a jug filled with boiling water. Then, drop in the spoons, and leave them for twenty minutes. Once they’ve soaked completely, lift them out and leave them to dry on a towel. 

4. Gloss wooden or laminate floors


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When in doubt, gloss over it, baby! For anyone who has wooden floors that need a revival, I’ve got you. I have lived in rentals where the wood has needed some major TLC, and this is a super quick way to get them looking shiny and new. Drizzle the gloss all over your floor (the one in the video is hard to buy online, so I've found an alternative on Amazon), then rub it in with a mop — be sure to use one like the video so it gets in all the gaps properly. Abracadabra, the scratches are gone.

5. Put toilet gels inside your trash can lid


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There is nothing worse than opening your trash can and being hit with an awful smell *gags.* I love using these toilet gels in my bathroom, and it totally makes sense to use them in your trash can, too. Use a toilet gel deodorizer, like this one from Amazon, to attach a few gels onto the inside of your garbage can lid, which will keep it smelling fresh for weeks. I recommend pairing this hack with scented liners for an extra boost. 

6. Scrub the couch with a saucepan lid


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When the worlds of the kitchen and living room combine, there’s mega magic to be had. I personally gave this couch cleaning TikTok hack a try and was seriously amazed by the results. Wrap a saucepan lid with a cloth, then dip it in a bowl of boiling water mixed with a laundry pod. Then, scrub it all over your couch. It’s that simple. I don’t have an upholstery cleaner and thought it was a really cost-efficient way of getting out all those dark spots.

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