8 of the best cleaning hacks for tackling every room in your home

We've tried them all, so you don't have to

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Finally getting to live in your own space is beyond exciting, but let's be honest: the cleaning and upkeep that comes along with it can be super overwhelming. It's easy to let messes build up, and before you know it, you might be getting the ick every time you walk through the door.

Whether you've just moved into a new place and don't know where to start with making your home feel fresh and brand new, or you're like me and only recently realized you were supposed to be cleaning your oven and sofa since day one, don't stress. We have you covered in the cleaning department, with the best cleaning supplies to invest in as well as these hacks — which mainly use items you already have or can easily secure in your next Instacart. I've also separated these clever hacks by room so that you can browse depending on which room you're planning on cleaning next, you'll be an expert before you know it.

As a team, we've tried and tested countless hacks in our own rental homes and small spaces to make sure you're using the tricks that actually work. Bookmark this list for the best cleaning hacks that'll boost your weekly routine or help you handle unexpected messes.

The best cleaning hacks you need to try — by room

Bedroom cleaning hacks

Vacuuming your mattress

If you're not sure how to clean your mattress and it's in need of some TLC, break out your cordless vacuum cleaner, because it's good for more than just your floors. It's also a great tool to refresh your mattress with. Run it over your mattress the first time, and then sprinkle on some baking soda. Leave for at least an hour, and then vacuum up again. You can also spot-treat stains by dabbing on some shaving cream as needed.

Removing makeup stains with vinegar

There's nothing worse than spilling makeup on your carpet during a rushed getting-ready session. Luckily, the solution to saving your security deposit is probably under your kitchen sink. Grab a butter knife and scrape as much of the makeup off as possible, then mix one part clear vinegar and two parts warm water to dab on the stain. Follow up with some regular warm water, and dry with paper towel. 

We've listed plenty more ways you can use vinegar to clean your home.

Bathroom cleaning hacks

Don't miss these genius bathroom cleaning hacks for a shiny lavatory.

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Use shaving cream to stop mirror misting

If you love a steamy shower but aren't into the condensation and mist it leaves on your bathroom mirror, then try this simple hack. Simply buff a tiny pump of shaving cream into your mirror as a part of your bathroom cleaning routine, and be amazed by a clear mirror even after you take the longest self-care shower ever.

Use lemon for a sparkly sink

If you've used half a lemon for some delicious ricotta pasta but don't know what to do with the other half, grab some baking soda and run to the bathroom to give your sink a serious scrub-down. Either sprinkle some baking soda onto the surface you're cleaning or onto the lemon itself, and squeeze while scrubbing with the lemon. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wipe the sink and handles down with your regular cleaning spray.

Kitchen cleaning hacks

Give your microwave a spa experience

TBH, you may as well pick up a lemon or two as part of your regular grocery list, because they are beyond useful for kitchen cleaning hacks, too. If you or your roomie have microwaved something that probably should have been covered first, give this appliance some much-needed love by steaming it. Microwave a bowl of hot water with sliced-up lemons for 3–4 minutes and leave it to sit. Open the door for a lemony steam and a much easier clean when it comes to crusted-on foods.

Clean your oven overnight

We love a good TikTok cleaning solution, and the Real Homes team has tried and tested this oven cleaning hack. Use items you already have around the house and create a mixture to apply to your oven before bed. Let the mixture do the hard work overnight, wipe off in the morning, and say hey to your shiny, clean oven.

Living room cleaning hacks

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Use dryer sheets to dust your blinds

Dryer sheets are a life-saver, even outside of the laundry room. Before you throw your sheet out after a load of laundry, think about using it for this cleaning hack.

"Use scented tumble dryer sheets to really lift the dirt and clean those wooden slated blinds," says Lynsey Crombie from Queen of Clean. "You can even use the tumble dryer sheet after you have used it for the laundry."

They can also be utilized for dusting any other hard-to-reach corners and areas throughout the rest of your living room and home, too. 

Clean your couch with a saucepan lid, a cleaning cloth, and a laundry pod

This easy sofa cleaning hack is another TikTok find we love here at Real Homes. Boil some water and grab a saucepan lid, dish cleaning cloth, and some laundry detergent or a pod. Wrap the cloth around the lid to create pressure and dip it into the bowl of hot water and laundry detergent, then scrub down your couch with the cloth/lid combo. If you've never cleaned your sofa, you may need to do this a couple of times for the results you want, but the difference after just one pass is still significant.

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