This super cute Primark Home stationery will make going back to school/work exciting...

Stationery hoarder? You NEED this Primark Home stationery...

Primark Home stationary
(Image credit: Primark )

Love Primark Home? Yer, us too, and we are always keeping an eye out on what new ranges are coming out. So you can imagine we were very excited when we spotted all this gorgeous stationery! 

Because if there's one thing that can make endless to do lists slightly less grim, it's cute new stationery. And we get that we aren't starting a new year at school or heading off to uni but, hey, we can still stock up on a load of new stationery every September thanks to take into the office.

Keep scrolling to see all of Primark Home's cute new stationery – in store right now! Oh and if you want to stay up to date on all the ranges they are bringing out, keep your eyes peeled on our news hub page

We never got the whole FOMO thing. JOMO is way more up our street, so cheers Primark for justifying our anti-social tendencies and sticking exactly how we really feel on some stationery. No one will every ask you to awkward after work drinks again because your new notepad and matching mug will just say it all. 

Sure you might have a to do list as long as the Bayeux Tapestry, a day filled with meetings and a salad for lunch but sometimes all you need to lift your mood is a notebook that tells you everything is going to be okay. Nawww and some little motivational pens to match!

For those of you heading off to Hogwarts this September, stock up on your stationery at Primark Home. We are definitely getting some Umbridge vibes from all this pink velvet, but we can see past that because there is a box on the planner labelled 'What would Hermione do' and that speaks to us. 

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