Okay, these cute (and affordable) bedding sets might make you snooze thru your alarm

It can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

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IDK what you think, but not having a comfortable and cute bedding set in your dorm room is one way to fail. So, when you're prepping for college, don't snooze on shopping for comforters, shams, and bed sheets. Even if you are on a budget (we get it!), there are plenty of cute designs out there that will spruce your empty dorm room. Or even if you've just moved into a small apartment that your landlord won't let you freshen up with a lick of paint — ugh — patterned or colored bedding is one easy way to help add a personal touch. 

Scouts honor, bedding doesn't have to cost as much as those spendy tuition fees. Enter, these cheap bedding set options I've found online, after hours of research. Many of these are actually from some of our favorite bedding brands, otherwise, I chose them not only because they're cuuute AF, but also because shoppers rate them so highly.

Keeping in mind the long checklist of items you'll need for your space, all our picks are under $130, and most are under $100. Keep scrolling for the inspiration you need for all the cozy vibes. From plain designs to patterned picks, all of them can be cleaned in the washer and dryer and some even have special features (like breathability). You also might want to add a mattress topper to your cart to create a barrier between you and your dorm-issued bed. It's worth it, promise.

So, whoever said that style and value couldn't be intertwined clearly didn't understand the assignment. Check out these cute but cheap sheets we love.

The best bedding sets for college dorms and tiny apartments

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Hopefully, by now, you've thought of some dorm room ideas, and if not, it's easy to base the design around your bed when your sheets are this cute.

What to look out for when buying a bedding set?

Not all bedding is created equal — in fact, the thin and nasty stuff can result in a restless night's sleep where you're reaching for a few too many extra cups of coffee. And, when you're studying/going to work, that's the last thing you need. So I've put together a checklist of what you should be looking out for:

  • Material: Bear in mind that everyone's body reacts differently to materials. While polyester is super affordable, you may wake up with the sweats. Linen and bamboo are cooling, but prepare to pay a li'l more.
  • Washability: Whether Aunt Flo's visiting or you've got egg yolk on the bed, you'll want to ensure you don't have to take your bedding to the laundromat to be professionally cleaned. Steer clear of silk bedding if you want an easy life and opt for machine-washable cotton if you want a lazy girl-approved choice
  • Pattern/Color: Less of a biggie, but color psychology plays a big part in your bedroom, as does the lighting (which isn't known to be amazing in dorms). Consider what your bedding will look like under harsh or poor overhead lighting conditions. Colors may also look a little different when buying online, but most places offer a decent returns policy if you change your mind.
  • The number of shams included: Even if you sleep solo, it's worth looking at whether the brand sells the pillowcases separately. I'm personally a 2-pillow gal, so want to make sure my other headrest matches.

Where to buy cheap bedding sets?

There are so many places to shop for cheap bedding sets that don't look "cheap." What I love about going online is that you can find a great selection using the filter tools to personalize your shopping experience (and where you won't have to worry about opened bedding packaging — a big "ick" for me).

Some retailers may offer a discount on a particular colorway, so it's worth clicking on the different options to see if you can save some coins. My personal fave out of this list is Dormify as they cater to college goers to a tee. Second to that is probs UO — a literal bedding Mecca if you ask me.

Oh, and did I mention Walmart bedding starts from $7 — yes really!

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