These noise cancelling headphones are just £29.99 – that's music to our ears...

Looking to buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones? They'll make working – and playing – from home 10 times easier. Zero distractions...

AUSDOM ANC8 Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphoness Over Ear
(Image credit: AUSDOM)

In the market for some noise cancelling headphones? You couldn't have picked a better time to buy: several top models have big £££s off right now. And we've found a cheap yet very cheerful pair, from Amazon, for under £30. These noise cancelling headphones, made by Ausdom, can be delivered to your front door, contact-free, by Sunday. They're a great buy for a noisy teenager, a quick fix for working from home or an all-round budget option if you're strapped for cash. Brilliant stuff.

Why buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones? To help you concentrate, of course! If you're self isolating in a busy household and are desperate for some peace and quiet, this is your ticket to relaxation. Maybe you're working from home and need a way to drown out your other half's TV watching? Or, you want to play the Play Station or Nintendo Switch without hearing someone moan about the loud noises. You could also use these headphones to watch your favourite streaming services in peace – Disney+ is our saviour right now. Honestly, the opportunities are endless. And, these noise cancelling headphones aren't just great for lockdown: they can be taken on holiday, used while taking public transport and much more, when this has all blown over in a few months time of course.

Not on a budget?

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