How to get your front door back to school ready

Make like a mummy Instagrammer and follow these steps to spruce up your front door for the first day back at school

B&Q how to paint a front door
(Image credit: B&Q)

Back in our day, your first day of school picture was taken two seconds before you were piled into the car because you were already late. Your school uniform was drowning you because your parents always got a size too big so you could ‘grow into it’. You probably had some sobbing sibling standing next to you, and the bonnet of the car covering half your body in any case. 

Oh, but how times have changed. Thanks to social media, the first day of school pics are approached like the Olympics. Days of planning and prepping and filtering and if it doesn’t end up looking like a picture straight from the Boden catalogue then, well what kind of parent are you? 

Luckily, the gang at B&Q has created an expert guide to how you can get your front door back to school ready, and it can all be done in just a weekend. And, if you’re looking for more crafts or DIY projects, just head over to our hub page. 

The Instagrammer's front door essentials

- A pastel hued paint
- Plants EVERYWHERE, extra points for wisteria
- A seasonal wreath
- A cute (but not too gimmicky) door knocker
- Wellies of all sizes on the step
- A dog (if you don’t have one borrow the neighbours)

You will need:

blue pastel door with white windows and bricks

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Step one: apply the paint stripper

Before you start stripping and painting your front door, make sure you put on protective gloves and safety goggles. Then apply the paint stripper using a paint brush. Make sure you work it into the mouldings and corners and then leave it as per the instructions. The surface will start to bubble as the chemical starts to react. 

Step two: Strip the paint from the door

Using a flat bladed scraper, test a patch first to see if the paint stripper has finished doing its thing. If it comes away easily, you can begin scraping the paint away from the door. You can use a shave hook to remove paint from any crevices. Keep going until all the paint has been removed. 

blue evolution front door

(Image credit: The English Door Company)

Step three: neutralise the surface 

Rub your door with either water or white spirit – what you use will depend on the paint stripper you went for, so read the instructions to see what’s best. Work it into the surface to remove any of the paint stripper. 

Step four: Sand down your front door

Put on your dust mask and sand down the front door. Always work in the direction of the grain and just be extra careful when sanding down any mouldings. Now you are ready for painting, so either remove any hardware from your front door, or cover it in some masking tape. Make sure you wedge open your front door while you are painting. 

Blue Victorian front door with glazed panels

(Image credit: London Door Company)

Step five: start painting 

If you have any glazed panels in your doors, protect these with masking tape. Then start painting, again following the grain and paying extra attention to working the paint into any mouldings. If you need to apply a second coat, allow the first to dry as per the instructions. 

Pop back on the hardware and, voila, a front door that any mummy blogger would be proud of!

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