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The best mini projector 2020: portable solutions for spontaneous movie nights

Our pick of the best mini projectors are designed with spontaneous movie nights and box set binges in mind, whether at home or away

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Shopping for the best mini projectors? Whether you're a film buff seeking the cinema experience at home, or – like many millennials – you've ditched a traditional TV in exchange for a laptop and platforms like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime, but want the option for a larger screen, every once in a while, our pick or portable projectors are compact, without sacrificing audio and visual quality.

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What is the best mini projector?

In our opinion, the Optoma ML750ST is the best mini projector, offering unrivalled quality, irrespective of its small size.

Connect your laptop, or Blu-Ray player, to the projector via one of four HDMI inputs, or watch films in HD from a microSD or USB stick. A short throw projector, this model promises a clear image from a short distance and can display up to 100in from just a metre away.

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How to buy the best mini projector

When it comes to choosing the best mini projector to suit your requirements, we'd recommend bearing the following factors in mind:


A measure of the brightness of a projector bulb, models with higher lumens measures will be required if you intend on using your projector in a dark space, while lower lumen levels will suit spaces with plenty of natural light.


If you're intending on travelling with your projector – after all, they're perfect for camping trips or Airbnb nights in – you'll want to be more weary of the weight.


The higher the resolution of your chosen mini projector, the better image quality. So, you'll want to bear in mind whether you're willing to pay slightly more for higher quality visuals, or whether this is somewhere that you're prepared to compromise.

The best mini projectors you can buy right now

The best mini projector

1. Optoma ML750ST

The best mini projector: all the power of a full-sized projector in the palm of your hand

Weight: 0.42kg
Lumens: 800
Resolution: 1280x800
Reasons to buy
+ Highest resolution on the list 

If you want a mini projector but don’t want to skimp on quality, then this Optoma projector is the best way to watch movies in HD right from a microSD card, USB stick or via the HDMI cable which allows you to connect this mini projector to your laptop or Blu-Ray player. 

It is a short throw projector, which means you’ll get a clear image on your chosen wall, and it can display up to a 100 inch image from just over a metre away. For business use, you can project your presentation wirelessly from your mobile phone, too.  

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AAXA M5 Mini Portable Business projector

2. AAXA M5 Mini Portable Business projector

The best portable mini projector: fantastically bright, sharp and compact

Weight: 0.88kg
Lumens: 900
Resolution: 1280x800
Reasons to buy
+ Short-throw images are crisp 

For images that pop, users are very impressed with the brightness of this mini projector. With 900 lumens and a resolution of 1280x800, you can watch movies in HD quality and present with clear and crisp images.

It is said to have a battery life of around 70 minutes; you also have the option to switch this projector into Eco Mode which reduces the brightness but increases battery life. All in all, a great projector for all environments.  

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BenQ GS1

3. BenQ GS1

The best mini projector for movie fans: user-friendly, quick set up for movies on the go

Weight: 1kg
Lumens: 300
Resolution: 1280x720
Reasons to buy
+ Robust design 

This mini projector really packs a punch considering its size: it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet can project a 60 inch screen at a distance of a metre for ultimate movie viewing.

The simple plug and play functionality of this projector makes it user-friendly – the perfect companion for family holidays. It’s totally wireless, with USB ports for connecting to your chosen device and has a three hour battery life so you can have uninterrupted entertainment. It’s also drop-proof and splash-proof, just in case it gets into clumsy hands.  

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4. XGIMI CC Aurora

Best mini projector for stereo sound: a home theatre in a box

Weight: 1.5kg
Lumens: 350
Resolution: 1280x720
Reasons to buy
+ Easily portable with carry handle 

We quite like the retro look of this mini projector. It comes with a carry handle for ease of transport and is totally wireless, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity built-in. What makes this projector particularly good for movies is its built-in stereo sound for excellent quality viewing all-round.

The battery life lasts long enough to watch a full movie and you can achieve a maximum screen size of 180 inches at a distance of 4.4 metres! Pretty impressive, if you ask us.  

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5. NEBULA Capsule Pocket Cinema Smart Mini Projector

Best wireless mini projector: project wirelessly from your phone with Bluetooth, AirPlay & WiFi

Weight: 0.420kg
Lumens: 100
Resolution: 854 x 480
Reasons to buy
+Project wirelessly from your phone+Portable, pocket sized model
Reasons to avoid
-Not the brightest bulb-Can't promise the highest quality viewing experience

Designed with a compact shape and high quality 360 degree speaker, the Nebula Capsule Pocket Cinema Smart Mini Projector allows users to project wirelessly from their phone via Bluetooth, Airplay and WiFi, as well as functioning as a handy portable speaker.

Complete with an Android operating system, it's never been easier to download apps and films, even on the go. Plus, a 30 hour non-stop battery life means you won't have to worry about charging your device if you're camping or travelling.

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