Kitchen island lighting ideas: 11 stunning ways to light your kitchen's best feature

With proper kitchen island lighting your space is going to work harder at being functional and a feast for the eyes too. Check out our round up of 11 inspirational ideas

Kitchen island lighting by Pooky
(Image credit: Pooky)

Choosing perfect kitchen island lighting requires more attention than you may think. If you've gone for a kitchen island, then you have introduced a timeless yet very on-trend feature that deserves the utmost respect of great lighting. 

Optimal task lighting makes food prep, cocktail preparation or even the morning's first cup of coffee heaps more inviting and there are so many kitchen island lighting ideas around so you are sure to find the perfect fit.

We are unashamed of our obsession with lighting so keep scrolling to find our favourite 11 ideas, and when you'd like more kitchen ideas and advice, you can visit our guide. For kitchen island ideas, don't miss our gallery.

1. The industrial but rustic kitchen island lighting find

kitchen island lighting trapeze light from cox & cox

(Image credit: C&C)

Ooooh we love this kitchen lighting idea: it's all industrial yet rustic, too, ready to fit into a relaxed urban home or a rustic cottage. The biggest upside is its almost-bare bulbs, which means light is cast upwards as well as sideways and downwards – a must-have if your kitchen island lighting is also your room's main ambient light. This kind of lighting effect is what you want in a small or light-starved room, too – it'll help it feel bigger and brighter. Large Metal Trapeze Pendant, £225, Cox & Cox.

2. The cool urban kitchen island lighting for atmospheric dining

Habitat kitchen island lighting

(Image credit: Habitat)

If your kitchen island takes centre stage as your favourite evening dining area, this teal-coloured ceiling light is perfect. It makes a strong style statement (its minimalist style and gorgeous colour makes it the perfect match for contemporary interiors) and gives off a bright light that's cast downwards so can be sure that it's functional but can also create an intimate atmosphere. Hotham LED Mesh Ceiling Light, £125, Habitat.

3. The Scandi style boho bamboo kitchen island light

Single pendant feature light made from bamboo

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Want to make a statement and soften your interiors? Hang this dome shaped single pendant light over your kitchen island. This gorgeous feature light made from intricately wrapped bamboo is both stylish and perfect for a natural colour scheme. We're definitely getting hygge vibes (and you'll never catch us complaining about that...). In fact, we've got a load more Scandinavian design ideas if you're as obsessed as we are with the neutral, texture layering style that defines Nordic homes. Hampstead Pendant Light, £100, Garden Trading.

4. The must-have three light pendant (there are three for a reason)

kitchen island lighting white simple

(Image credit: M&S)

Ever noticed that loads of kitchen island lighting ideas in glossy mags and on interiors websites have three pendants (specifically three) over a kitchen island? Why not two? Why not four? The theory is that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye when displayed. So, three vases look better in a grouping than two or four, for example. This design is simple and contemporary, boasting clean lines it is understated and easy to style. Made from iron and chrome, this kitchen island lighting is reliable and durable, originally from Marks & Spencer

5. The high shine copper trio for glam kitchen diners

3 hanging copper pendant lights for kitchen island from Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If your kitchen is all about glamour, coppery tones and rosey hues, these hanging pendant lights would look fab lighting your kitchen island. The small holes that create a netting detailing at the bottom of the light shade gives an ombre look from a distance and allows the bulbs to glow a moody light. Clark Three Pendant Diner Fitting Copper, £89, Dunelm.

6. Cluster lighting for that on-trend, style-conscious look

Kitchen island lighting by Bhs

(Image credit: Bhs)

If your kitchen island lighting is more about drawing attention to the light fixing itself than actually providing good old fashioned task lighting to prep and cook by, this cluster pendant is the light for you. The combination of metal, glass, and cable gives these cluster pendants an authentic, stripped-back edge that would make a statement hung above your kitchen island. If you love the industrial, loft feel, Bhs is serving looks. Industrial Style Ceiling Cluster Pendant, £180, Bhs.

7. The Nordic Noir design that's super cool

John Lewis pendants kitchen island lighting

(Image credit: John Lewis)

John Lewis's stylist has us ogling over the mix and match use of these three separate, grouped pendants in black, grey and white. They're sold individually so it's up to you, but if you want to achieve a contemporary, cool look while keeping your kitchen colour scheme neutral, we are big fans of this kitchen island lighting option. The matte, chalky colours are simple and relaxed and the walnut top gives the lighting a Nordic feel we love. Plus, they're made from ethically sourced materials. What's not to like? Nordlux For The People Pure Ceiling Light, £80, John Lewis.

8. The smoked glass contemporary cool kitchen island lighting

Argos pendant lighting kitchen island

(Image credit: Argos)

Once, we would have described Argos as cheap and cheerful. But now... chic comes to mind. For a modern feel, pendant lighting is effective and convenient, and if you know where to look, affordable. The beauty of this trio from Argos is that they are authentic in smoked glass and copper, while maintaining an effortless and rustic feel. Highland Lodge 3 Light Pendant Light, £80, Argos.

9. The farmhouse duo in trad brass

Next pendant lighting copper kitchen island lighting

(Image credit: Next)

What do we like about this light? For starters, the wide copper lampshade, which flares at the bottom to project light on to your kitchen island effortlessly. Next? The juxtaposition of the silver arm (which is adjustable by the way) and the copper shade – a fab way to add visual interest and depth to your kitchen interiors. Super on trend. And the price? Phwoar. Oxford Linear Pendant, £60, Next.

10. The funky caged pendants you've been waiting for

Kitchen island lighting by Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

These funky hanging pendant lights demonstrate innovative design. We love the auburn/copper colour of the cage exposing the bulbs for a bright light. Pssst they're in the sale – down from £65.99 to £48.99, so grab them while you can! Lineare Pendelleuchte 3-flammig Dailey, £48.99, Wayfair.

11. Find kitchen island lighting that shines when it's switched off too

Kitchen island lighting idea by Pooking

(Image credit: Pooky)

Love love love this Goldhew pendant in gold, £142 by Pooky. Its golden, semi circular domes is a simple but stylish design that's luminous even when the light is switched off. It's quite sizeable (60cm diameter), so you'll need to ensure the proportions work well with your island. But, if you get it right, it's a show-stopper.

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