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This staircase idea is a clever cheat you can recreate in hours

Give your staircase an on-trend makeover with coloured stickers – here's how to create this super stylish look in four easy steps

Staircase idea
(Image credit: Purlfrost)

Revamping your hallway and looking for staircase ideas? Painting the risers is a great way to give it a new look... but chances are you're already thinking that painting each stair riser a different colour is going to be time consuming, fiddly and expensive (and you'd be right, by the way). 

The great news is you won't even need to open a tester pot to achieve this stylish look because we've got a cunning hack for you: by using inexpensive stair stickers, this colourful update is easy to achieve, won't break the bank and can be done in four fast and simple steps. Read on for how to achieve it. For more hallway ideas, go to our hub page.

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Blue ombre effect stairs created with stair stickers

Give your staircase an inexpensive makeover with these blue stair stickers from Purlfrost

(Image credit: Purlfrost)

You will need

Step one: measure your stairs

Using a tape measure, work out the dimensions of your stair riser – that's the vertical part of each stair that links one tread to the next.  Measure the height and width in centimetres (but to the nearest millimetre for complete accuracy) as you'll need these to hand when you order the stair stickers. 

Our advice is to make a note of the measurements for each riser as one at the bottom of the stairs could be a different size to one at the top.   

Step two: enter the dimensions online

It's easy to find a stair stickers online, with the likes of Amazonand Etsy offering a wide range of designs. Do bear in mind, however, that many styles will come in standard sizes so you may need to cut and adjust them to fit your stair risers. 

The blue ombré effect designs pictured are from Purlfrost, which will make your chosen design to your specified dimensions (so no need to cut them to fit). Simply head to the website, choose your favourite style and enter the dimensions for each riser. 

You can choose to have all of your stickers in the same colour or pattern for a uniform look, or opt for a multiple tones of the same colour to create a graduated effect like this one. 

Step three: prepare your stairs

Before applying the stickers, it's important to ensure the risers are free from any dirt that could reduce the adhesiveness of the stickers. 

If your stair risers are in good condition, simply wipe down each one with a sugar soap solution to remove any grime and allow to dry thoroughly. 

If the risers are in poor condition, it's a good idea to sand them down to create a smooth surface as this will create a more professional looking finish. 

Patterned stair stickers on stair risers in multiple colours

If you'd prefer a staircase with multiple patterns, you can pick a combination of contemporary designs from Purlfrost to create the mix of patterns and colours you want for your space

(Image credit: Purlfrost)

Step four: apply your stair stickers

If you're going for a graduated effect, start with the darkest colour at the bottom of the stairs, choosing a slightly lighter tone for each additional riser as you work your way up to the top of the stairs. Having the lightest shade at the top will lead your eye up the staircase and enhance the feeling of space. 

If you've ordered multiple patterns (like the design pictured above), lay the stickers out on the floor first and play around with the order to check that you're happy with the way the patterns and colours change as you go up the stairs. 

To attach the stickers to the riser, simply peel of the backing and carefully apply one at a time. And that's it – an on-trend staircase update that can be done in a day. 

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