10 porch privacy ideas for a secluded space

Transform your outdoor space with these porch privacy ideas

Porch seating with table
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Make an impression with some new porch privacy ideas for your front yard. 

If you want to use your porch as an outdoor entertaining space to hang out with family, or you simply want to make it feel a bit more private then we’ve got some tips and tricks that you’ll appreciate.

Everything from DIY panels to plants, these design schemes can be used as backyard privacy ideas, too.

10 porch privacy ideas

Increase your homes curb appeal with some front yard privacy ideas. We found inspiration from pro designs for everything from privacy screens to climbing plants. See the simple additions to give your entrance a makeover.

1. DIY privacy screens

A light wooden lattice privacy screen with green bushes woven through the holes

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Looking for privacy screen ideas? Consider getting crafty and making your own. This can be done by planning out your privacy screen, going to your local wood reclamation yard, and getting them to cut the pieces of wood to size.

Or, perhaps you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative? Affordable natural materials such as reed or willow, like this vidaXL Reed fence Privacy Fence from Walmart are ideal for creating a privacy screen for a garden or a porch. Depending on the size of your porch, you could always pick up a few and attach them together to create your own bespoke design. 

Make a privacy screen look more appealing by using trees for privacy or climbing plants to cover it or to weave in and out of the gaps. Faux or real, you choose! 

2. Privacy fences

yellow front door and porch

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There are lots of different fence ideas for privacy that suit the style of different homes.

Depending on what level of privacy you want to achieve will dictate what style of fencing you’ll want to surround your porch with. 

If you want to create a visual barrier but don’t require total privacy, a patterned or picket waist-height fence like the Zippity Burbank Vinyl Picket Fence from Walmart is perfect.

For a porch that boasts a sociable seating area, a more opaque and taller fence might be a better option. Try to avoid darker colors and consider painting your porch fence in a lighter shade to make sure the space feels bright and uplifting. 

"When it comes to painting your privacy porch, choose light colors for a feeling of openness in an enclosed space. Drawing colors apparent in the natural world, such as light blues and sage greens, will work exceptionally well to create a relaxed and understated look that blends in with the environment," explains Helen Shaw, Director of Marketing (International), Benjamin Moore.

A picture of Helen Shaw in a blue shirt
Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw is part of Benjamin Moore's UK division. Color expert and international marketing director, Helen and her husband Craig are founders of Shaw Paints, acquired by Benjamin Moore in 2020.

3. Privacy walls

large porch with brick walls

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Larger porches have the option of building solid walls around them to add privacy. This is obviously a more permanent solution and will affect the overall look and feel of your porch.

A solid brick wall built on either side of a porch is usually just a few feet tall, so it won’t offer complete privacy but will make your porch feel more safe and enclosed. 

It’s also the ideal solution for protecting shoes and smaller items that you want to discard before entering your home. Pick up an outdoor shoe rack, like the Niffgaff Free Standing Shoe Rack from Walmart to store your shoes on your porch properly. 

4.Wooden panels

garden slatted panel

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Privacy panels come in lots of different designs to suit every kind of style and budget, for example, this Black Outdoor Privacy Fence from Amazon. For a quick and easy solution, you could secure a ready-made panel or trellis to add privacy to an open porch.

Ayten Nadeau, founder and principal designer of i-TEN Designs says, "lattice panels are budget-friendly and pretty! They let light and air through while giving you some privacy."

Alternatively, you could get stylish slat-style panels made to fit your porch measurements by a professional carpenter. Hiring a professional will achieve a cleaner result and will be bespoke to you and your porch.

Customize your porch privacy panels by painting them with paint that’s suitable for the outdoors. 

headshot of Ayten Nadeau
Ayten Nadeau

Ayten Nadeau is the founder and owner of I-TEN Designs based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her design studio provides high end residential, commercial and staging design services.

5. Curtains

Front porch ideas by Wayfair with outdoor curtains

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Some outdoor porches are big enough to accommodate outdoor furniture. If this is the case then you’re probably going to want to spend some time out there with friends and family relaxing and socializing. 

A great way of adding privacy is to attach some curtains to each side of your porch. Choose curtains that are more opaque depending on how much privacy you would like. These Haoxuan Solid Room Darkening Outdoor Grommet Curtain Panels from Wayfair are a great example.

"Adding curtains or shades can instantly enhance the privacy of your porch while also contributing to the overall aesthetic. Choose weather-resistant fabrics in colors or patterns that tie in with your furniture. Outdoor curtains can be drawn for complete privacy or tied back to open up the space, offering flexibility depending on your needs," explains Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin. 

Martin Waller headshot
Martin Waller

Martin Waller founded global design house Andrew Martin in 1978.  Known for defining eclectic, travel-inspired Interiors, Waller launched the prestigious Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award in 1996. Waller, dubbed the ‘Indiana Jones of design’ for his adventures across the world, has been involved in a wide spectrum of design projects, from movies to hotels and corporate headquarters on four continents.

6. Privacy plants

period home with large front door and climbing plants

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A more subtle solution for your porch would be to use landscaping privacy ideas like plants and trees.

Climbing plants such as ivy, this Heirloom Climbing Rose from Walmart, clematis, and wisteria are fabulous for growing up walls which will then inevitably shade certain areas of your porch.

Or, consider planting trees or shrubs in large pots that will help make the space feel more private.

7. Window film

period front door with window film

(Image credit: Purlfrost)

If your porch is a fully enclosed one but you want to make sure people aren’t peering through your porch door or windows then you may want to consider window film, like this Haton Window Privacy Film from Amazon.

Joanna Baumard, co-founder of Purlfrost says, "A glass paneled door in a porch is a fantastic option for allowing an abundance of light to flood into the home, creating an airy and welcoming ambiance. However, if you’re concerned about privacy, there’s an easy solution: window films."

"Opt for frosted or reeded for an understated look that blends seamlessly with your existing decor, or add period detailing with stained glass or a decorative design." 

headshot of Joanna Baumard
Joanna Baumard

Since it's creation in 2003, the Purlfrost window film company has grown to be the leading UK brand for window film and glass coverings, with a reputation for innovating and practical products backed by a great customer service.

8. Privacy frames

Metal frame around front door with roses

(Image credit: Agriframes)

Create your very own miniature porch by investing in an outdoor metal arch, like the HEOMU Metal Garden Arch Trellis from Amazon, that will frame your doorway. 

Not only will this add some cover from the weather but it’ll amp up the curb appeal of your home. Make sure to plant climbing roses at the bottom of it or other climbing plants of your choice to make your porch come to life. 

9. Faux trellis

faux plant trellis

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An affordable quick fix to adding privacy to your porch is a faux leaf or plant trellis, like this ColourTree Artificial Ivy Expandable Fence Privacy Screen from Amazon. You can pick these up from lots of different craft stores and they can be easily secured to either a porch wall or fence. 

You could always give making your own a go by purchasing some traditional garden trellis and fixing faux plants to it. 

Or, if a living wall is more your vibe then weave real plants in and out of it.

10. Porch lighting

statement pendant light in outdoor porch

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

Another thing to consider when it comes to creating a private space that feels cozy is porch lighting. It’s important to think about what you want from your lighting on your porch. A sensor light works well for making it clear when someone is outside of your house, which will no doubt give you a bit of peace of mind. 

However, for an ambient feel, you may want to go for a traditional pendant light that gives off a warm white glow, like this Cian Outdoor Pendant from Wayfair which will make your porch feel inviting and intimate. 

Fairy lights are also a fantastic addition. Pick up a pack of solar-powered fairy lights, this is a great eco-conscious choice and will look utterly charming once the evening rolls in. 

By following these porch privacy ideas, you'll be able to create a more secluded area that feels warm and inviting not only for you but for your guests too. 

"No matter your budget or style, there's a porch privacy solution here for you. Pick the one that fits your needs and enjoy your private oasis," says Ayten Nadeau. 

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