Taylor Swift's kitchen nails the 'quiet luxury' look — a trend designers say will endure in 2025 and beyond

Interior pros love how Taylor Swift's kitchen showcases quiet luxury beautifully and share tips to recreate it

Taylor Swift's kitchen is so chic. Here is the singer with a blonde wavy fringe, wearing a blue sweetheart neckline dress with her hands on her hip, in front of a pink and purple backdrop with black writing on it
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Taylor Swift’s kitchen showcases one trend that will never go out of style. I’m talking about quiet luxury, which is, I reckon, one of the chicest aesthetics to come around in recent years.

I spotted Taylor's apartment on her Eras Tour support act Gracie Abrams’ Instagram, where the two put out a small fire in the kitchen. Personally, I was more distracted by the chic cabinets, marble island, and cozy accessories. I’ve spoken to interior designers to find out why this all works so well together and how you can get her look in your home.

If you’re looking for interior design trends to bring into your home that are timeless and chic, falling for quiet luxury like Taylor is a love story worth saying yes to.

Why we're loving Taylor Swift's kitchen

Following kitchen trends is a brilliant way to make this space polish up real nice, allowing it to look fresh and modern.

In Taylor’s kitchen, where she and artist Gracie Abrams are seen hanging out on Instagram (jump to the second part of Instagram carousel to see it), there are so many sophisticated elements that showcase quiet luxury style

This trend began being popular in 2023 and looks to be one of the biggest design trends for 2025, with more and more people reaching for this elegant look.

“I admire how Taylor created a luxurious yet livable kitchen,” says Anh Nguyen, interior designer and founder of Print My Rugs. “On the one hand, she's larger than life, setting concert stadiums ablaze with her chart-topping hits. But behind the scenes, she craves the quiet comforts of home.”

The luxe elements include the pristine white kitchen cabinet colors. Accented by sleek, glass-fronted upper cabinets, these offer a refreshing sense of openness and light. 

“This design choice not only enhances the room’s spacious feel but also allows for a display of beautiful dishware, adding a personalized touch,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“This design choice not only enhances the room’s spacious feel but also allows for a display of beautiful dishware,” she adds.

At the heart of the kitchen is a striking marble kitchen island, which is a centerpiece that effortlessly marries form and function. 

Nina explains, “The island’s surface, a stunning expanse of white marble with delicate gray veining, serves as both a practical workspace and a visual anchor for the room.”

Taylor Swift is known for her lyrics that tell her stories, so it also makes sense she has plenty of personalized pieces, such as a cozy rug, flowers, and framed artwork.

“These details infuse the space with warmth and character, making it feel not just stylish, but also lived-in and loved,” Nina adds.

How to recreate the look

If you want to make the whole room shimmer like Taylor Swift, start by picking a focal textural point, such as marble.

“The elegant marble motif is echoed in the adjacent countertops, providing a consistent and calming aesthetic,” Nina explains.

If you’re renting, you could always wrap your kitchen countertops in this. “Just laying that luxurious marble-patterned paper right over the island's surface totally transforms the look for just a fraction of the cost,” adds Anh.

Our Real Homes editor Punteha van Terheyden tried both wrapping and painting kitchen countertops, with wrapping coming out on top for her thanks to its chic finish and durability.

For example, you could use the BAYYA Marble Wrap from Amazon which is self-adhesive, easy to clean, and removable.

Or, you could bring in a piece of marble decor, like the Marble Crafter Athena Tray from Saks that is easy to wipe clean.

Along with this, Taylor Swift’s red rug brings the unexpected red theory into her space, which is one of the hottest TikTok design trends

Nina says, “This thoughtful addition subtly contrasts with the kitchen's muted tones, infusing the space with inviting charm.”

I’ve looked at the Instagram video carefully and I think Ruggable’s Cambria Ruby Rug, which comes in 13 shape variations and is washable, is a very close match.

Finish the whole look with artwork like Taylor Swift — she has lots of pieces that line her space, adding even more contrast.

“The artwork displayed on the countertop and walls brings a sense of creativity and individuality,” Nina says.

I love The Lakes Folklore Taylor Swift Print from Fy, thanks to its gorgeous wisteria illustration and the fact it’s made on sustainable paper.

Shop our Taylor Swift kitchen edit

Taylor Swift’s kitchen is a real masterclass in quiet luxury, with modern, thoughtful elements that create a beautiful space.

“Each design choice contributes to a space that is as beautiful as it is practical. With personal touches like artwork and fresh flowers, the kitchen becomes not just a place for cooking, but a welcoming heart of the home,” Nina finishes by saying.

She isn’t the only celeb who has used this style in her cooking space — Olivia Rodrigo’s kitchen is filled with quiet luxury touches, too. 

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