These 9 cute retro toasters are perfect for bringing vintage vibes into your kitchen

These retro toasters will make your cooking space pop

Here are three retro toasters on a colorful checkered background in white squares - a red toaster, a yellow toaster with toast in it, and a light blue Smeg toaster
(Image credit: Future PLC)

I've seen retro toasters all over my Instagram and TikTok feeds recently, which add such a fun, funky flair to any kitchen counter.

After swooning over them, I've decided that it's time to seek out pretty and popping kitchen accessories that will turn any bland breakfast area into an exciting space. From colorful, eye-catching ones to chic ones that are long-lasting, I've sought out a range of highly-rated picks from top retailers to suit all budgets.

If you're looking for the best toasters that will make your cooking space sizzle with personality, retro-style ones are worth looking for.

We love these fab and fun retro toasters

For those looking to step up the aesthetic of their small kitchen appliances, toasters are totally worth trying.

“Retro toasters have made a striking comeback due to their charming aesthetic and nostalgic appeal, which fits seamlessly into both modern and vintage-inspired kitchens,” explains Nick Chatzigeorgakis, interior designer and CEO of Intrabuild.

“A well-chosen retro toaster can serve as a focal point, elevating the overall kitchen ambiance,” he adds.

I've handpicked these from trustworthy retailers, looking at star ratings and customer reviews to ensure that they're as functional as they are fabulous.

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Two-slice retro toasters

Four-slice retro toasters

Retro toasters with multiple functions

Why retro toasters are popular right now

A light blue Dualit toaster on a kitchen counter with jam, toast, and a basket next to it, with gray wall paneling behind it

(Image credit: Dualit)

If you’re wondering why retro toasters are currently everywhere, you might be surprised to know that despite their nostalgic style, they’re actually a timeless choice.

“Retro toasters blend the practicality of modern appliances with the vintage flair that adds character to any kitchen space,” Nick says.

He continues, “In luxury apartments I've worked on, a cohesive design is crucial. Just like with custom cabinetry or granite countertops, the choice of small appliances like toasters can influence the room's harmony.”

Nick says that a well-chosen retro toaster can serve as a focal point, elevating the overall kitchen ambiance. 

As well as this, Nick adds that brands like Smeg and Dualit (both featured in this guide) are particularly popular.

“They offer retro designs equipped with advanced features like multiple toasting settings and defrost functions, meeting contemporary needs without compromising on style,” he explains.

When shopping for retro toasters, it’s a good idea to look for features like these, as well as durable materials and strong warranties.

For those looking to switch up their kitchen countertop decor game, this style of toaster is a brilliant choice.

“Retro toasters, with their rounded edges and bold colors, complement other vintage-inspired pieces while still fitting into sleek, contemporary kitchens,” Nick finishes by saying.

You can also pair these up with the best coffee makers to create a chic breakfast station in your home.

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