Olivia Rodrigo's kitchen features 2023's most popular design trend, and experts love it

The actor-turned-pop-superstar has made her kitchen look seriously chic

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Olivia Rodrigo's quiet luxury kitchen: Quick Menu

When scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, you might have come across Olivia Rodrigo. The pop star is known for her bright fashion — but what you might not know is that her kitchen is the total opposite.

After starring in Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, she quickly became an A-Lister thanks to songs like "Good 4 U" and "Drivers License," which featured on her debut album Sour. Her second album Guts is proving to be just as popular, showing that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m a big fan of her music, but what really caught my eye when watching one of her TikToks was her quiet luxury kitchen. The style is the biggest design trend to come out of 2023, and it seriously suits her home. 


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What experts say about the quiet luxury kitchen

Looking for a kitchen design idea that’s sleek and stylish? Quiet luxury could be the way to go for you. The style is chic and classic with neutral tones, making it especially great for renters who might not have budget to constantly update their place.

“Olivia Rodrigo’s kitchen is a beautiful and timeless example of the luxury look," explains Raf Michalowski, interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture. "The combination of soft whites and grays that are presented in this room are giving it a modern and elegant feel."

Raf Michaelowski, Interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture
Raf Michalowski

Raf Michalowski is an interior designer. He is also the founder of Meble Furniture, which is one of the largest leading furniture retailers within North America.

This is both demonstrated on the countertops, the cabinets, and even on the oven. “The Wolf oven and top-notch appliances transform the narrow space into a gourmet haven,” says Moe Soloff, kitchen specialist at Fabuwood. “It's a prime example of how even compact kitchens can house the best culinary tools without feeling cramped.”

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Moe Soloff

Moe Soloff is a kitchen specialist at Fabuwood, one of the leading semi-custom cabinet manufacturers in the US.

Alongside the lighter cabinets and countertops, the hardwood flooring adds real contrast. "Don’t be scared to use wood flooring in kitchens," says interior designer Erin Klawiter. "It’s a timeless classic look and can be protected with a beautiful rug runner. Stick to medium brown tones and not trendy colors for the most bang for your buck in terms of longevity and style."

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Erin Klawiter

Erin Klawiter is a professional interior designer focused on budget-friendly design. She has over 400k TikTok followers, where she posts as @nifty.nest about design myths and small design tips. 

Olivia Rodrigo has also brought a classic style to the forefront — not so different to how she has brought pop-rock back to the music scene. “We’ve seen the resurgence of brass and gold tones in hardware for many years, so it is refreshing to see the silver hardware she’s got going on,” adds Klawiter. “Polished nickel, chrome or silver will always be a classic look.”

If you want to bring the look into your home, focus on creating consistency. “A key element to achieving this look is the use of marble throughout the room, which adds texture and sophistication,” says Michalowski. “You can incorporate this look into your own home by adding marble elements to the kitchen backsplash.” 

Along with this, you could also use glass cabinet doors or clear storage if you can’t change these, to display your glasses and dinnerware. "Glass door cabinets are more than just storage; they're a style statement," explains Soloff. "They allow for a display of kitchenware, adding an extra layer of personal touch."

Create your own quiet luxury kitchen with these buys

Want to bring the quiet luxury look into your own kitchen? Here’s how you can do that on a budget. 

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From chic colors to metallic finishes, the quiet luxury style works really well in the kitchen. If you want to look at even more kitchens like Olivia Rodrigo’s, these white kitchen ideas are also really stylish.

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