Primark Home has nailed Scandi style with its gorgeous Christmas decorations

You need to check out Primark Home's Christmas decorations if you're on the look out for hygge vibes this festive season

Primark Home Christmas
(Image credit: Primark Home)

Primark Home has pulled off that sooo stylish Scandi-look Christmas this year and not even broken into a sweat. It's no secret that we love the earthy, neutral look that defines Nordic style and it's the perfect time of year for all those hygge vibes to hit our homes. Know what else we love? A bargain. So when we saw just how chic we could make our Christmas trees/mantelpieces/shelves/bedside tables all on a Primark budget, we were pretty excited. So, keep scrolling to find out what Primark Home has in store right now. You know it makes sense to shop early...

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1. Scandi snowflake for door or wall hanging, £5

Primark Christmas decorations snowflake

(Image credit: Primark)

You've got to admit that this Christmas decoration looks expensive. We can't believe that price! The twigs that make up the snowflake give it a definite rustic look and the pine needles and pine cones, which are slightly frosted, give it a super earthy and festive feel. Hang this on your front door or on a wall as a feature piece. 

Snowflake Decoration, £5.

2. Welcome guests to your very own winter wonderland with a frosted metallic wreath for £8

Primark Christmas decorations wreath

(Image credit: Primark)

This wreath screams Scandi Christmas chic and that's why we love it! As much as green and red are the signature festive colours, there's no denying that the frosted pine needles on this metallic wreath are the perfect wintery welcome for your front door. Why limit it to the front door, though? At £8, you could probably get two and use one to create your own table centrepiece (think: baubles piled in the middle).

Metallic Wreath, £8.

3. Rustic wooden Christmas scene, £6

Primark Christmas decorations wooden triangle scene

(Image credit: Primark)

This wooden Christmas scene is just so cute! For only £6 the design is super generous, with every detail showing true holiday appreciation. The natural wood template decorated with white snowflakes, pine needles and pine cones is a sure way to make this display piece a staple, family Christmas decoration favourite. Put it on a window sill in the living room, on the hall table – or even on your Christmas dinner table to make it look pretty for when everyone arrives.

Christmas Wooden Room Decoration, £6.

4. This versatile pinecone garland can be wall decor or table decoration, £8

Primark Christmas decorations hanging pinecones

(Image credit: Primark)

Christmas decoration tip: drape this pine cone garland loosely along a wall or run it along the middle of your Christmas table set up. It's a simple (and inexpensive) way to incorporate a bit of Scandi shabby chic into your festive season hosting home. Or, of course, you could twine it around a bannister, drape it over a mantelpiece or shelf or over the front door. You could even add live foliage to it to give it a personal touch. 

Pine Cone Christmas Garland, £8.

5. Cute light-up reindeer decoration, £4

Primark Christmas decorations light up reindeer

(Image credit: Primark)

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is laughing now, taking number one place as our fave Primark Christmas decoration. It totally epitomises Christmas – just as kid-friendly as it is adult-appealing. Firstly, the block of neutral wood simply painted with its features and twig antlers wrapped in fairy lights are super Scandi and cool, and secondly... that nose!! The bright red pom pom nose made us all 'awwww' in the office – and we know it will you, too. 

Reindeer Light Up Ornament, £4.

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