Christmas gift wrapping ideas: 10 ways to take your presents to the next level*

*really easily and quickly obviously, all about the low-maintenance gift wrapping ideas here...

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Looking for Christmas gift wrapping ideas? Well you are in the right place. In recent years everyone seems to have massively upped the gift wrapping game. It's no longer acceptable to use newspaper (unless it's in a cool, 'this is a retro '50s newspaper that I ordered from Etsy' kind of way) or tin foil, or a mish-mash of bits you have left over from last year. 

Now it's all about, turning your gifts in a masterpiece that's encased in hand-printed paper, with springs of holly, pine cones, CINNAMON STICKS, and gorgeous caligraphy-style labels. 

As if we didn't have enough stuff to do at this time of year, we now feel the pressure of taking our gift wrapping to Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually levels of detail.  But fear not, because we have round up some easy tips and tricks to make your gift wrapping so fab, everyone's going to be totally underwhelmed by what's inside – joking (kind of)...

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1. DIY your Christmas wrapping

DIY Christmas decorations

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Much better for the environment than store bought wrapping and just looks very cute, printing your own Christmas wrapping paper could be a weekend project with the family. Get some simple brown paper and either a store bought stamp or you could go old school and make one from a potato. It doesn't matter if it's not super neat, the more homemade the better we say. 

2. Try out the furoshiki wrapping technique 

Christmas wrapping ideas

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If you haven't heard of furoshiki (we hadn't until about 30 minutes ago) it's a Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in cloth. More eco friendly and it looks so lovely, plus the cloth becomes an extra gift too! To get this look, take a square cloth, lay your gift in the middle, take one corner over the gift and repeat with the opposite corner. The bring the other two corners together and tie in a knot – easy peasy. 

3. Double up on your ribbons

The White Company gift wrap ideas

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Want your gifts to look instantly more fancy and like you put a whole load of effort in? Well ribbons are going to be your friends. Ribbons can take presents to the next level and we say the more the better. Layer up different thicknesses and different  textures to create a really luxurious look.

4. Add some sparkle with your gift wrapping ideas

Ikea gift wrapping ideas

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A super easy, but super extra gift wrapping idea is to get the fairy lights involved – it's Christmas, you can never have too many fairy lights! Replace your ribbon with some battery operated wire lights, we would tuck the battery pack into the gift itself and just make sure you can feel the switch. Add a tag and some greenery and to switch on to create a glorious glow underneath the tree. 

5. Go for traditional red, green and white

John Lewis gift wrap ideas

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You can't go wrong with this classic, traditional Christmas combo. Pick out a few rolls, in similar colourways, to mix and match. We love this traditional vibe – how the larger retro holly print looks with the more detailed red berry paper. You can add detail by layering ribbons (red velvet and gold look beautiful) and some simple gift tags. We always thought that those shiny gift bows were a bit dated, but this year they are coming back in a very fashionable way so stick some of those on, too.

6. Be kinder to the environment with brown paper

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When in doubt, go for brown paper. It's better for the environment as it is biodegradable and can be widely recycled, you can even buy brown paper made from 100 per cent recycled paper. But as well as being kinder on the planet, it also always looks lovely, minimal effort involved. Spruce up your gifts with some string and nice tags – this is where last year's Christmas wrapping paper can come in handy, give it a new life as tags – and there you go. 

7. Make it personal with a Polaroid 

John Lewis christmas wrapping

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Love this! Forget labels just stick a picture of your recipients' faces on their presents. Obviously, you could just print off a nice picture, but we think Polaroids look so cute – maybe get one of the both of you in it and it can be a bonus little gift. Cuuuute.

8. Use what you already have as Christmas wrapping paper

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If you like the vintage look, you will love this Christmas wrapping idea. Have a hunt around your house for scraps of wallpaper, old books or music sheets and use them to wrap your presents. Again, better for the environment and the overall look is really unique. Use some bits of lace instead of ribbon and cut out some tags in contrasting prints. 

If you do want to go more eco with your gift wrap this year, be sure to check out our pick of the best recyclable Christmas wrapping paper too. 

9. Choose an elegant deep jewel colour scheme 

John Lewis Christmas wrapping

(Image credit: John Lewis )

We are loving this glamourous gift wrapping idea, the deep jewel colours are a nice alternative to all the red and green and yet still feels suitably festive. You can make your gifts even more unique by adding some small baubles and a string of holly. All of this gorgeous gift wrap is from John Lewis, who, as always have really smashed the gift wrap this year so be sure to check it out. 

10. Add Christmas decorations to your gifts 

John Lewis gift wrap ideas

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Such a quick and easy way to make your Christmas gift wrapping slightly more personal. Pick out some nice decorations to tie on the top. Choose ones that match the person you are buying for – a London bus bauble for auntie Karen, a little fox decoration for cousin Hugo and a glittery blue whale for nana Joyce. Cute and personal. 

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