10 Christmas tree themes 2021 – ideas and trends for a seasonal look

Transform your space into a winter wonderland with magical Christmas tree themes for a stunning seasonal display this year.

luxe Christmas scheme with dark indigo shades and gold accents
Image credit: Very
(Image credit: Very)

It’s the eagerly anticipated ultimate holiday ritual. Nothing beats the excitement that comes with hunting down the perfect Christmas tree themes to fill your home with festive cheer. Imagine that spruce, in all its glory, fanning out its abundant branches in a center stage spot, and dressing it to impress like never before. 

If you feel like a fir-fuelled nudge beyond the traditional red and green color combination this year, the latest Christmas tree ideas have gone above and beyond to impress. Get your tree trends right and you'll create a stunning focal point that reflects you and your home's unique personality. 

Ideas for Christmas tree themes 2021

Welcoming friends and family is a huge part of the holiday season and your Christmas tree theme can be a real conversation starter. From wilderness inspired decorations made from natural materials for a relaxed, rustic scheme, to big and bold ornaments that kick-off the party season in bright, maximalist spirit, there’s a celebratory ‘tree wardrobe’ to suit all. 

Look forward to thoughtful details, tactile touches, playful nods and, of course, a little sparkle to indulge guests like never before.

1. Japandi calm

Japandi inspired Chrismas tree decorated in warm neutrals and rustic textures

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

This hybrid decorating trend combines the modern simplicity of Scandinavian Christmas decor with the timeless elegance of a Japanese aesthetic, creating a relaxed style rooted in authenticity and nature. 

‘This isn’t an interior trend, it’s more of a style philosophy, with a focus on raw materials and simple, natural elements and colors,’ says Dani Taylor, product and creative director, Cox & Cox (opens in new tab). ‘Clean and minimalist yet simultaneously warm; the neutral palette of muted colors and natural hues from creams through to deep beige, is punctuated with hints of grey and black.’

2. Mermaid magic

fun under the sea Christmas tree theme in a soft coral palette

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Make a stylish splash with a playful Christmas decorating theme inspired by an imaginative underwater world. Gem encrusted shell silhouettes float amongst friendly aquatic characters and elegant jellyfish tendrils to create an ethereal, enchanted look that mesmerises all ages. 

‘The natural patterns found in ocean waved sand, salty rocks and barnacled sea creatures inspire this look. The blush tones and sea blues capture the coast at the magical moment just after the sun has set,’ says Jason Billings-Cray, Christmas buyer, John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)

3. Merry maximalism

bright Christmas tree theme with oversized baubles and paper honeycomb decorations

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Extroverts rejoice. Oversized baubles in carnival brights demand all the attention with a daring contemporary attitude. The rules are, there are no rules – the bigger, brighter and more color clashing, the better. For added fun-factor, choose a colored tree and surround the base with a riot of multi-hued paper honeycomb decorations to continue the frivolity into the surrounding space. 

‘More is more this season, inviting color and fun into your home. Think bold, jewel bright shades, mixed patterns, metallics and plenty of personality! Pops of pink, teal and brilliant whites will liven up any space and instantly add a celebratory feel. With a dash of sparkle and glitz, this joyous decorating trend will certainly inject holiday cheer,’ says Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s (opens in new tab) resident style advisor. 

4. Woodland walk

Woodland inspired Christmas scheme with fresh greens, natural materials and russet accents

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Welcome the outside in and rustle up a verdant scene alive with fresh greens, foxy russet tones and rustic Christmas decor. Add forest-foraged greenery and pinecones for added sensory appeal. You might even discover a woodland character or two hiding amongst the branches... And, if you've any leftover greenery why not consider making a Christmas garland this year? 

Experts from Garden Center Dobbies (opens in new tab) say, ‘Inspired by a walk through the forest at dawn, with an early morning winter color palette of dark greens and hints of deep rust. Natural elements prevail, with a Scandi inspired feeling that gives this theme a curated look.’

5. Decadent candy cane

Cosy, timeless Christmas tree styling with rich reds and metallics

(Image credit: Oka)

Cozy and ripe with nostalgic character, traditional trimmings have gone seductively dapper in a reworked palette of jewel grape, deep forest green and timeless gold and silver. Add textural interest to your Christmas tree with a variety of glass, metallic, and paper hanging ornaments, and mingle with discreet warm glow Christmas fairy lights for a soft, ambient look and feel. Striped homeware and dressings provide an element of classic candy cane joyfulness, albeit in non-edible form!

British actress and star of Oka’s (opens in new tab) Christmas campaign Laura Haddock, explains how to achieve a family decorating compromise. ‘I like a natural, tasteful Christmas theme but with children I have to give them some bold colorful magic they can immerse themselves into. So it’s a combo between filling the house with pine and mistletoe, eucalyptus, candles and a few brightly colored gaudy baubles and a dancing Santa,’ she affectionately says. 

6. Night sky

celestial Christmas tree styling with indigo tree and star and moon decorations

(Image credit: Next)

Twinkling star ornaments, shapely crescent moons and space inspired baubles create an out-of-worldly celestial theme steeped in cosmic drama and moon dust magic. For best effect, choose a deep indigo or charcoal colored tree, and adorn with twinkling lights and embellishments that orbit a palette of sparkling golds and monos. This luxe look loves a touch of velvet too, so be sure to mix in some smooth, velvet baubles. A statement shooting star Christmas tree topper provides the ultimate finishing touch. 

7. Frosted peacock glamour

glam Christmas tree with pastel and gold decorations and shimmering details

(Image credit: Wilko)

Elevate your tree to glowing glory with elegant baubles, jewels and glitter foliage in a frosted peacock palette of mint, lilac and blue. Gold accents shower this trend in high-end pretty. We think it’s time to open the bubbly...

For added style detail, present gifts in coordinating shades so that your Christmas gift wrapping ideas become part of the overall scheme. 

8. Urban luxe

Urban industrial Christmas decorating theme with burnished metallics

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Muted bronze, burnished brass and mixed metals ooze sophisticated chic. This sleek and versatile trend works particularly well in contemporary ‘grown-up’ abodes, creating a smoldering touch amongst loft style, even Christmas living room accents and architectural lines. 

‘Industrial is always a captivating Christmas look for us, a minimal scheme that is intimate, discreetly luxe and effortlessly balanced,’ says Dani Taylor, product and creative director, Cox & Cox (opens in new tab).

9. Bow show

Charming Christmas scheme in red and white with red bow decorations on tree

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

From the catwalk to the Christmas tree, Victoriana bows are the fashion accessory of the year. Love them or loathe them, this cute Christmas tree decorating trend is oh so simple to do and is purse friendly to boot (an added bonus considering the ever-growing present buying list.) For a trendy luxurious twist, use slim velvet ribbons and keep the tails long to prevent your tree from looking too twee. This look speaks volumes through simplicity, so don’t be tempted to overdress your tree with additional adornments.

10. Alternative Christmas trees

fun alternative Christmas tree idea with sprayed branch in window and colourful diversity inspired decorations

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Branch out with a fun and sustainable alternative Christmas tree to the traditional spruce. Spray a foraged branch and stand in a sturdy vase; adorn statuesque cacti with twinkling lights; or get your indoor jungle of house plants in on the action – a Christmas tree can be whatever you want it to be.

Be inspired by this take on a diversity Christmas window display and grow the seeds of change. 

‘Christmas offers a great chance to celebrate diversity and community, so why not show your colors with a beautifully inclusive advent window tree? Creating a window display will add a decorative touch to the inside of your home, whilst brightening up the outside view for the local community and neighbours. Advent windows have continued to grow in popularity with no signs of slowing down for 2021. They are also an ideal crafting project to get the kids involved and highlight the positive power of inclusivity and togetherness,’ says Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s (opens in new tab) resident style advisor. 

What are Christmas tree themes?

Christmas tree themes or trends refer to a particular look or aesthetic. A theme can be inspired by a variety of subjects, such as a place, nature, color or an idea. When decorating with a chosen theme, there needs to be continuity between a common element, such as color palette or materials, in order to achieve a unified and strong aesthetic. Think of a Christmas tree theme as telling a story that transforms the space into a magical wonderland. 

Where there's a room, there should be a Christmas tree set up is our motto. Kids will go nuts for a whimsical and wacky, novelty themed trees in a play den, whilst cocktail-sipping gossip queens can ooh and ahh over a glimmering, champagne hued design at the kitchen island. Real, faux, or DIY Christmas trees come in every shape, size and color imaginable so you're sure to find a trend you love.

With so many Christmas tree themes to decide between, it's hard to pick just one, but the natural appeal and versatility of Scandi-inspired decorating remains an ever-popular and timeless style for all. 

'My favorite Christmas tree theme this year is a Scandinavian inspired tree. This approach to Christmas decorating stands out because of how naturally the tree is incorporated into the surrounding space. Instead of being conspicuously designated as a focal point, the tree simply adds to the space's overall look,' says Jessica Harris, interior designer, Living Spaces (opens in new tab)

'Some key points to achieve the “Scandinavian” holiday tree design is to put your tree in a wicker, jute or seagrass basket, use neutral colored ornaments, and intersperse a wood garland throughout the sparse branches.'

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