Maude Apatow's kitchen is classic, feminine chic at its best — our experts reveal how to steal the look

Design experts love Maude's Apatow's kitchen as much as we do

Maude Apatow's kitchen is swoonworthy. Here she is on the red carpet wearing a strapless dress and red lipstick against a black background
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In need of stunning design inspo? Maude Apatow's kitchen is packed with steal-worthy ideas. We love the candid snaps the Euphoria star shared cuddling her kitties, but it was her gorgeous kitchen that stole our hearts. We wanted to recreate the look immediately.  

Complete with marble countertops and pink velvet chairs, Maude's kitchen effortlessly brings together classic, tasteful, design with soft feminine touches that make us swoon. If you're loving the inviting style, our experts know just how to recreate it in a few easy steps.

We hit up interior design experts for their small kitchen ideas to make the most of your space and giving it a timeless, Maude-inspired makeover.

Maude Apatow's kitchen has it all

Take a peek inside Maude Apatow's stunning kitchen with its marble surfaces, statement lighting, and subtle pops of color. Interior designers gave us their tips for making a small kitchen look more luxurious so you can recreate Maude's look at home - whatever the size.

How to recreate Maude Apatow's kitchen

The first step in recreating Maude Apatow's space is brightening up your kitchen with a neutral color palette. While you may prefer a white kitchen, Maude has gone for a subtle off-white color to give it warmth and soft intrigue. 

"Instead of the once-popular stark whites, the walls sport a soft beige, giving the space a cozy and timeless feel," says Adrian Pedraza, owner of The California Home Buyer. "The whole setup, especially with that gentle lighting, feels like a warm hug — blending modern chic with the comfort of memories from simpler times."

Next, add timeless small kitchen lighting with a statement classic-look pendant light (like this gorgeous dimmable schoolhouse glass one from Wayfair), or if you need a renter-friendly option, opt for a lamp in the same style. We think this sturdy arched floor lamp by Everly Quinn is a great match for Maude's style.

Pedraza says, "Maude's marble backsplash and countertop add a touch of elegance to the space. Its natural design and shiny surface enhances the room's overall appeal. The standout pendant lamp serves not just as a light source, but also as a central piece of decor."

A picture of Adrian Pedraza in a gray shirt
Adrian Pedraza

Adrian Pedraza is the owner of The California Home Buyer, a professional house-flipping company, with over 10 years of experience buying, selling, and flipping properties in California. He keeps a close eye on home development.

You can add touches of marble around your kitchen with elegant and budget-friendly items like this beautiful marble fruit bowl from Williams Sonoma.

Then, tie it all together with quirky extras and pops of color that showcase your individual style. A few pieces of pink home decor can really warm up a kitchen that's looking too bland. 

"Maude adds simple and slight touches of glam," says Chelsea Potthast, President of Potthast Design. "Her pink velvet counter stools and the painting of the two cats in wingback chairs add whimsical, feminine, elements and mix well with the other traditional elements, adding fun to this kitchen. Maude totally nails the mixing trend in her kitchen."

Chelsea Potthast in white and blue room
Chelsea Potthast

Chelsea Potthast is President of Potthast Design — a professional and distinctive interior design firm that specializes in custom design and turnkey services. 

Best buys to recreate Maude Apatow's kitchen

We shopped around for bits and pieces we reckon Maude would approve of. To get on top of small kitchen trends, consider small pops of color and mix in luxurious materials to your space for her brand of feminine, classic chic.

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

Kitchens don't have to boring with an all-white design. Mix it up and find the style that works for you — no need to stick to outdated kitchen design rules. Experiment with different colors and textures to suit your space and personality.

If you're inspired by all things celebrity homes, Olivia Rodrigo's kitchen has some great design ideas and incorporates even more trends. 

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