This is the kitchen color that will add value to your home in 2021

Those of you who like bright colors, we have some good news! This vivid kitchen color will add value to your home when you decide to sell

A small kitchen painted in dark green and white in an open plan living space with a breakfast bar, stools and peninsula
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The kitchen color that will add value to your home in 2021 also just happens to be one of the trendiest, prettiest colors that we've been seeing everywhere in home decor this year. And if you were about to paint your kitchen white before selling because you've been told that buyers prefer neutral colors, stop right where you are and read what real estate professionals have to say on the subject. 

Already know the color you want? Browse kitchen ideas in our ultimate gallery. 

The kitchen color that will help sell your home in 2021

Green kitchens

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And the queen of kitchen colors for selling your home in 2021 Rebecca Chambliss from Curated Design, a design firm specializing in homes for sale based in Los Angeles, said: 'This year green is huge for kitchen cabinetry, from bright Kelly to deep Forrest. Green is hard to get right but when it is, using it in a kitchen adds tremendous value this year.' 

Vanessa Battaglia, Creative Director of Mineheart, agrees: '2021 kitchen colour trends are big on shades of green: Blue-green, sage green, olive green and apple green are all frequently mentioned by interior designers of the moment. '

Court Maynard, realtor at First Team Real Estate, recommends 'colors complementing those of raw materials, and entwined with rich blue and deep green jewel tones.' So, you could choose to just paint your kitchen island green, or combine all-green cabinetry with wood floors. 

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The runner-up 

Small kitchen idea with dark blue cabinets with a peninsula breakfast bar with wood work surface/countertop

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If green just isn't your thing, then you should try painting your kitchen a gentle blue ahead of selling. It's routinely recommended by real estate agents as a value-adding color. David Shell, Founder and CEO of a home design and construction publication, TradesmenCosts: Blue: 'The hue, especially the lighter ones, will help you create a clean look all over your kitchen. You can use it mainly on your walls and use a different color on your cabinets and ceiling. If you’re going to use a darker shade of blue, paint your cabinets and ceiling with a lighter hue. Make sure to use paints of really light shades such white or light gray on your accents.'

Thomas Jepsen, the CEO of Passion Plans, recommends mixing and matching a light blue – 'the modern kitchen color' – 'with white cabinets and contrasting appliances.' The trick is not to use one color all over to prevent a flat look. 

Rogers Healy, Owner and CEO of Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, also recommends using color accents rather than an all-over color: 'In homes that have phenomenal kitchens, and those are selling insanely fast, are houses that have just a pop of color in these areas. Shades of blue are incredibly popular. Putting a shade of blue on your island makes the kitchen pop. I’d also recommend colors on your backsplash.'

Using color correctly in the kitchen can add up to $1,800 to the value of your home. Browse blue kitchen ideas in out gallery to inspire you.  

Always avoid this color when selling

small, bright yellow kitchen with contemporary feel and impressive light fitting

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There is consensus among real estate experts on the one color you should never use if you're hoping to increase the value of your home – yellow. Thomas Jepsen says: 'Yellow is the one color you should avoid at all cost. Yellow kitchens take you straight back to the 60s and not in the good way. While disco have had its great uprising at that point, it's not a color you will want anywhere near your house.' Eric Nerhood of Premier Property Buyers confirms that a yellow kitchen can decrease your home value by $800. 

Of course, if you're not planning to sell immediately and like yellow kitchens, go ahead and paint it anyway – but consider repainting it before selling. 

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