Ina Garten's kitchen cabinets embrace 2024's top trends including "minimalist design" according to our interiors pros

Get inspired by Ina Garten's kitchen cabinets for a fresh look

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After taking a look at Ina Garten's kitchen cabinets, we reckon you'll be inspired to to give yours a new look and perhaps even a fresh splash of paint to match.

Pro chef and Barefoot Contessa star Ina shared snaps of her newly renovated minimalist kitchen to Instagram and it's safe to say not only are we impressed, we're swooning over the soft neutrals and open shelving. Our interior experts reveal how to channel the immaculate look at home.

Recreate Ina's beautiful kitchen cabinets and embrace the 2024 interiors trends taking over cooking spaces with our expert rundown.

Why we're loving Ina Garten's kitchen cabinets

You may know Ina Garten from her presenting skills on the Food Network or from one of her best-selling cookbooks, but her top-notch eye also applies to design. She's a culinary sensation who's clearly adopted the latest kitchen cabinet trends into her space.

Get ready to get your Nancy Meyers on (think coastal grandmother vibes), because we're taking a look at Ina's house in East Hampton, New York and it's minimalist perfection, with a touch of cottage beauty thrown in.

The neutral colors, marble accents and simple design visible in Ina's kitchen are some of 2024's top interiors trends, according to Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design. 

She says, "Minimalist kitchen cabinet designs are gaining popularity for their clean lines and seamless integration into contemporary living spaces," says Nina. 

Open shelving is another key element in Ina's kitchen that makes the room look large and airy. “By removing traditional cabinet doors and opting for exposed shelving, kitchens can appear larger, more spacious, and visually lighter,” says Nina. 

Ina's floor to ceiling open shelving also make use of all vertical space available, which is one of our most functional small kitchen ideas

"Ina's kitchen is so bright and beautiful while still keeping it simple," says content editor, Danielle Valente. "The light colors really brighten up the room and give it the popular aesthetic of coastal kitchens."

How to recreate Ina Garten's cabinets

Nailing the look of Ina's kitchen starts with the right color palette. The key to this clean look is sticking to light colors that will open up the room and brighten up a small kitchen.

For a cohesive look, stick with white kitchen ideas that will match just about anything. This will make the room look more uniform and put together and extend it to your kitchen island with a matching "waterfall" feature.

But Ina doesn't limit herself to just white. Her freshly-zhuzhed kitchen also incorporates soft pastels and greige colors (beige + gray) such as the matt beige paint from Lick. Pro tip: there's no need to hire a professional if you're trying to save on costs, painting kitchen cabinets is pretty easy to DIY and much cheaper.

Once your color palette and paint is secure, you'll need to install floating shelves to replicate Ina's open design. You can grab a set of three shelves from Amazon to store anything from cookware to dishes and glasses. 

You can alternatively install a simple shelving unit without doors on the front, or thrift a secondhand unit and upcycle it with a lick of paint, and if you're feeling bold, or wanting something a little different, attached some scalloped trim.

To finish off your shelving, all you need is a few decor elements to pull everything together. Make a statement glass vase centerpiece with some willow branches, alongside pillar candles, which add a romantic touch. A bouquet of colorful flowers such as tulips will add a nice contrast to any neutral kitchen and are cheap to boot, too.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets can really makeover the look of the whole room and Ina's are a great source of inspiration. Leave those outdated kitchen cabinet trends behind and embrace timeless designs with neutral colors and clean lines. You'll be looking like you're in the Hamptons in no time. 

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