How to organize kitchen cabinets: 5 tips to declutter your cupboards

Our guide to how to organize kitchen cabinets will have you living your Home Edit dreams...

How to organize kitchen cabinets
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Want to learn how to organize kitchen cabinets like a pro? Good, you are in the right place. We all want to open up our kitchen cabinets and be wowed by our organizational skills right? With a little help from our ideas, yours can be spick and span in no time! 

Firstly, you need to have a clear out - all those bits and bobs that you haven’t used for years, and the spaghetti that’s two years out of date, all need throwing out. Be ruthless, you’ll be amazed to see how much room you can make simply by seeing what you haven’t used for a while. Then, invest in some great organizational pieces that will help you with your cupboards - dividers, shelf risers, put dry goods in storage jars and use baskets. 

Keep scrolling to be inspired to have a declutter this weekend, and head to our kitchen storage ideas feature for more.

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1. Make the most of the cupboards under the sink

Kitchen cupboards

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The space under our sinks is always awkward, we have those pipes to deal with and the smaller storage area due to the depth of the basin. Putting an extra shelf in can work wonders, this is easily achieved if you buy some runners and a cabinet liner from your local DIY store and it will immediately give you two sections to keep washing powder, cleaning products, pegs and a dustpan and brush all neat and tidy. 

2. Organize extra kitchenware into display cabinets 

Kitchen cupboards

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If your kitchen cabinets are already full (with many useful things of course) then you could overspill into a display cabinet. Whilst looking gorgeous and stylish, they also, quite rightly offer some fab storage and if you choose one with clear glass you can easily see your tableware, vases and glasses – and a great reason to keep them tidy too! We love this design as it has sliding doors instead of the trad pull out option, making it perfect for smaller spaces. 

3. Make use of kitchen drawers

Kitchen cupboards

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One can never have too many drawers. These beautifully crafted drawers will store all manner of kitchen paraphernalia, from the kid's snacks to napkins, linens, table mats and cooking items. The different depths is useful, and always worth opting for if you can during the design process. And the three shelves at the top mean you can put those items you don’t want eaten straight away out of the way of hungry hands!

4. Imagine the insides of your cupboards

Kitchen cupboards

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We all yearn for this kind of joy don’t we, to open up our cupboard and find everything in its place, perfectly arranged. Well, you can have this too! All you need is the right tools for the job so to speak – shelving, storage jars, small hanging racks and a desire to keep things neat and tidy. Then, spend an afternoon reorganizing and getting your cupboards in order, it will be worth it! 

5. Create a stylish cluttered look (that's still organized)

Kitchen cupboards

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Although you can close the doors on these cabinets, the tableware and jugs have been stylishly arranged so that they look beautiful when on show. This can be a clever option, as if you do want your pieces to be on display, then you will need to keep them organised - bit of a win win, and they look great contrasting against the navy painted units. 

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