Interior designer explains why we should be embracing the fridgescaping trend

Here's why fridgescaping isn't a pointless TikTok trend but a sustainable habit that's good for our bank balance

modern kitchen with island and large steel refrigerator
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Last month there was a huge spike in search for 'fridgescaping' – think color-coordinated groceries stored in labeled, transparent containers and yogurt drinks lined up in a row.

This uber-organized TikTok trend takes the concept of how to organize a refrigerator to heady new heights. IF you're thinking it's a bit OTT, we get it. But it's not just about looks, as interior designer Stacy Lewis explains. 

inside of a large refrigerator

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Fridgescaping trend

Stacy Lewis, Interior Designer at Eternity Modern, believes fridgescaping is 'one of the better trends' social media has given us. 'It’s more than just the aesthetic of having an organized fridge filled with your favorite snacks,' she tells us. 

'A good fridgescaping helps you keep an inventory of your stock. In other words, you know what you have, what you need, and what needs to be thrown out. 

'This changes the game on how we handle food waste,' says Stacey. Bearing in mind that the US discards around 40 million tons of food waste a year. Follow Stacey's fridgescaping acronym, FIFO (first in, first out), and you can't go far wrong, and you'll know you're helping the planet.

food arranged inside transparent plastic boxes in fridge

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Online electricals retailer has also noted the burgeoning trend, after noticing an increase in popularity in its best refrigerators, such as American fridge freezers and multi-door fridges. Sophie Beckett-Smith, large appliance expert at said, 'Fridgescaping is a fairly new trend – where the premise is to optimize space and organization while being nice to look at.' 

She describes aesthetically pleasing refrigerators with eggs in dedicated holders and bright fruit and vegetables. Sparked by more time spent at home, people are loving home organization ideas like fridgescaping. 

'Restocking and organizing the fridge videos have taken off on social media, with millions of clips using the hashtags #fridgerestock (677.7m views) and #fridgeorganization (1bn views) on TikTok,' adds Sophie. 

However, one big impact of the trend is we're also seeking larger refrigerators: Google Trends shows the search for “double fridge freezer” has increased 250% in the last month.

fridge with plastic transparent containers with fresh food inside

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First, there was 'tablescaping' (going all out when laying the table even if you're just eating beans on toast). Then we moved into the living room with 'mantelscaping,' and now we have a version that's great for the planet and our pockets. 

Hungry for more organization tips? Read up on how to organize a freezer and check out the rotating Lazy Susan turntables, at Amazon. They're great if you're short on space. 

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