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Stepping into a messy kitchen is the worst way to start and end your day. Look, you're an adult now, which means it's adulting time. And that's not so bad. Sure, bills, taxes, and working like every day can drag, but there's plenty of fun to be had when it comes to adult life — especially in the kitchen. Forget your typical dorm life antics or roommate slobbery; today, we're getting our act together. Look, I won't pretend I was always the cleanest roommate — we all have our faults — but now, I run a tight ship (my secret is a few handy AF small kitchen organizers, FYI). That, and my most recent obsession — kitchen storage containers.

After first getting on board with this endlessly satisfying trend for delightful kitchen organization ideas that have taken Pinterest by storm, I decided I wanted in. Scouring the web for the ones that shoppers rate the highest, I picked out a tight roster of plastic, glass, and contemporary designs that I know you'll love. Selected to suit the budgets of dorm dwellers and first-time buyers alike, it's got something for every nook and cranny of your cooking station. Oh, and rest assured, they're all chic. So, without further ado, these are the best kitchen storage containers to make your kitchen better in more ways than one.

9 cute and functional kitchen storage containers you never knew you needed

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How do you store containers in a small kitchen?

Good question. Organizational containers, like kitchen storage containers, are always a wise option to bring order and space to your home. However, there are a few things to consider before stocking up your pantry. I spoke to organizational buff and founder of Chaos to Order, Monica Friel, for some insight. “In a small kitchen, space is at a premium, so you need to weigh out the advantages of the containers,” she says. This might mean buying one or two small ones at a time and seeing how they fare or simply making smarter use of your space. “Look to vertical space on the wall for storage. Also, make optimal use of every inch of cabinet space by eliminating what you’re not using and not buying in bulk,” adds Friel.

Is plastic or glass better for food storage?

This depends. For organizational maven, Monica Friel, who runs Chaos to Order, it's a quick answer: "Glass is a better option for food storage." 

"Now, you can find more glass storage options out there. Using square containers as opposed to round can also be space saving." It's handy advice, but it is worth noting that glass isn't suitable for everyone, particularly the clumsier types, like myself. So, do be sure to consider your own needs. 

For example, I mix and match, opting for a few glass containers for more occasional use and plastic or silicone ones for consistent use.

How we chose these kitchen storage containers

When it came to picking the products, our criteria were simple — if they genuinely improve customers' lives and look great, then we're on board. While we haven't been able to individually review each one, we paid meticulous attention to the reviews, only sharing containers that shoppers praised and rated. Indeed, if it scored lower than four stars and didn't summon gushing words, we weren't interested.

Where to buy kitchen storage containers

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