7 kitchen counter decor ideas that will make your surfaces look seriously stylish

Our designers share their top kitchen counter decor ideas

Three kitchen counter decor ideas. Left is white kitchen counter with large wooden cylinders, tall black vase and potted succulents on windowsill, middle is tiled marble kitchen island with an antique bowl filled with carrots, artichokes, and swedes, right is wooden chopping boards on black counter against white subway tiled backsplash
(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography and Interiors By Kay)

Kitchen counter decor ideas are quick ways to add vibrancy and personality to your cooking space.

We've asked interior designers for their favorite ways they use this space creatively. From bringing in vintage finds to adding useful culinary touches, there are many ways to utilize space whilst still adding style. These are all renter-friendly too.

If you're looking for kitchen design ideas and want to add beautiful finishing touches, decorating your countertops is a brilliant way to do just that.

Chic kitchen counter decor ideas

Even for those in need of small kitchen ideas, counters are worth keeping in mind when decorating this room.

Our pros have recommended dreamy decor throughout and our in-house shoppers have curated matching buys to help you get the look.

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1. Layer cutting boards

A kitchen with white cabinets, white subway splashback with four chopping boards leaning against it, dark gray countertops, a black sink and faucet to the left, and white cabinets with drawers and an oven below

(Image credit: Interiors By Kay)

Chances are you’re going to be using these surfaces to chop up veggies for your meals, so it makes sense to choose chopping boards as kitchen counter decor.

“I love layered cutting boards of various shapes and sizes to add a little interest with expansive backsplashes,” explains Kayla Smith, principal designer and owner of Interiors by Kay.

She continues, “This is great because you can grab them right off the counter, do your prep work, wash and put them right back.”

You could always go for a uniform set for a sleek finish, such as the highly-rated Royal Craft Wood Cutting Boards from Walmart.

2. Bring in greenery

A white kitchen countertop with three glass jars of air plants on it and two leafy plants behind it, a gray brick wall, two white cabinets on top and below it with brushed gold handles, and a dark brown pillar

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

One of the easiest ways to brighten a small kitchen or a large one is to add color in the form of the best indoor plants to suit your space.

Kayla explains, “Everything looks better with a little greenery! Herbs in different size planters add so much life to the space. I like using pots that are a little aged for some extra charm and character, then add in some herbs with staggered heights for visual interest.” 

Terracotta pots look even more lovely when aged. You can try this trick with the D'Vine Terracotta Pots on Amazon.

You can also choose air-purifying plants to freshen up your kitchen. “Choosing plants such as peace lilies in your kitchen will create a healthier, more vibrant environment for culinary adventures,” adds Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

3. Choose vintage bowls

A kitchen with a marble kitchen island with an antique bowl filled with carrots, artichokes, and swedes, with a kitchen with black and white circle splashback behind it with a hood, silver oven, and black cabinets

(Image credit: Interiors By Kay)

Whether you’re displaying fresh fruit or pastries straight from the bakery, bowls can make a big impact on your kitchen counter decor.

“I love having antique bowls out on display holding fruits and vegetables or even leaning up against the backsplash acting as art,” Kayla explains. “It's practical, especially for the avid cook to be able to quickly grab what they need for cooking while also adding warmth to the space,” she adds.

You could scout these out at secondhand furniture stores or even dive onto a site like Etsy to find pretty vintage pieces (the SandstoneAndSage Antique Wooden Bowl from Etsy is very farmhouse chic).

4. Go for stylish organizers

A white kitchen countertop with three different sized wooden canisters, a wooden box with kitchen utensils, a wine bottle with flowers in it, and a white window with four succulents on it

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

The best kitchen storage ideas are as sleek as they are practical. Instead of hiding them away in your cupboards, have them on display as kitchen counter decor instead.

“Opt for stylish canisters, jars, and baskets to corral cooking essentials such as utensils, spices, and oils, seamlessly integrating form and function while adding a touch of visual interest," Nina suggests.

We recommend picking canisters like Nina has for a sophisticated finish. We like this versatile Camwood Collection Canister from Target which comes in multiple different sizes.

5. Style with a tray

A white kitchen with a countertop with a wooden tray of artichokes and beetroot, a white tray with bread on it, a white basket with artichokes in it, a bottle of white wine and a glass of it, with a rattan pendant light above it and a black window beyond it

(Image credit: Arteriors)

Instead of having all your beautiful bottles scattered around, keep them contained on a tray as a stylish kitchen counter decor idea.

“Getting creative with your kitchen countertops while simultaneously keeping them clutter-free and functional can be a challenge,” says Tina Martindelcampo, interior designer at Soul & Lane.

“My favorite way to showcase items on countertops, like olive oils and seasonings, is displaying them on a stylish tray,” she explains.

Tina suggests going for ones with either antique brass or gorgeous marble finishes (we've got the Tahit Noble Natural Marble Tray from Amazon in our baskets), especially if you’re looking for modern kitchen ideas.

6. Choose statement appliances

A kitchen counter with a purple vase of branches, a brushed gold sink and faucet, a black coffee maker, and a bottle of wine, with a white kitchen cabinet above it filled with jars, glassware, and bottles of wine and white cabinets with gold handles beneath it

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

While it’s important to keep practicality in mind when choosing the best coffee makers and electric kettles, picking ones with style will add to your kitchen counter decor.

Nina explains, “Elevate your kitchen aesthetic with sleek, statement appliances that marry style and functionality. Whether it's a gleaming espresso machine, a retro-inspired toaster, or a vibrant stand mixer, these eye-catching essentials serve as both practical tools and eye-catching accents."

Our dream mixer has to be the KitchenAid Mixer from Amazon, which comes in a glorious cherry red shade.

7. Finish with seasonal flourishes

A white kitchen counter with a dark green vase of colorful flowers, with a counter with wooden canisters, a black vase, a gray brick wall with a large white window and white wall cabinet behind it

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

Mixing up your kitchen counter decor with the seasons will make your kitchen feel fabulous no matter what time of year it is.

“I love incorporating seasonal flourishes and decor accents into kitchen counter displays,” Nina says.

She continues, “From vibrant citrus fruits and blooming flowers in spring to the coziest best candles (our content editor Danielle Valente loves Paddywax's John Steinbeck Candle) and gourds in autumn, these ever-changing elements will add extra charm.”

Display these decor pieces as a vignette (grouping them together in an aesthetically pleasing way) to create a clear focal point on your counter.

Keep both style and functionality in mind when picking kitchen counter decor, especially if you're living in a small space where every square inch matters.

“This will allow you to create a space that not only inspires culinary creativity but also delights the senses,” Nina finishes by saying.

For those with a large kitchen island to style, kitchen island style ideas may also come in useful for you.

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